Just Ship It

Thank you so much for joining this episode of the Positioning To Profit podcast. This is Episode 87. And I will say that this is probably my signature podcast episode. It is a saying that I am known for anybody who has received any coaching from me will hear me say time and time again, “just ship it”. And this episode is explaining the concept a little bit and a very telling share that I posted in a group that I’m in, in a marketing group that I’m a coach, and we were just dying laughing at how things have changed. And I’ll explain a little bit more. The concept here around “just ship it” is how to know when it’s okay to put your product out there, to put your course out there, to put your offer out there, to put your lead magnet out there, to put your message out there, all of it. That’s what we’re going to be covering on this episode.
But before I go there, before I go into my “just ship it” rant, I want to share with you. Do not forget that I have something really special called the C.A.F.E. Call. So if you go to thecafecall.com, you’ll find the landing page on that. It is the C.A.F.E. Call, stands for Corrective Action, Faster Earnings. Cool, right? So it’s basically an acronym, and it is an AMA Ask Me Anything style call that I’m doing open. So you just have to show up, which is super exciting. And the next one that I’m doing is March 24, at 4:30pm, central time. You’re invited. And this is so good for you. If you are suffering from random acts of marketing, and aren’t sure why things aren’t working, I got you. Or maybe you are thinking okay, what am I doing here? I feel like I’m stuck, I feel like there’s a missing component to what I’m doing with my marketing, join the C.A.F.E. Call. So any of these questions we have in a hot seat style type of zoom call, where yes, it’s not just gonna be you and I, it’s gonna be you and whoever joins the call. It may be you and I, or two people, or 200. It doesn’t matter. I got you all. So join the C.A.F.E. Call. Just go to thecafecall.com for this awesome zoom Open Office Hours Ask Me Anything. I’m hosting it. It’ll be awesome. Again, March 24, 4:30pm, central time. It’ll be a riveting good time. And I look forward to seeing you there!


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