How Creativity Works with Katie Soy

Hey there, thanks for checking out this episode of the Positioning to Profit podcast. It’s Episode 89. Oh my gosh, we’re getting so close to the magical 100! And this episode, my fellow friends, amazing author, consultant, story wizard, and adventurer Katie Soy is joining me. Oh my gosh, she’s amazing. So one of the things that she’s so gifted at is storytelling. It is what she quotes here as “storytelling is the constant thread in my resume tapestry that’s taught me how to help students, people, corporations and entrepreneurs craft all kinds of different stories and weave them into their work”. So she has a master’s degree, she came from the corporate side, and she’s an author that’s published, and it’s so fun. She’s so incredible.
Okay, so here’s the deal. She just came out with a very special creation, which is actually what we’re talking about. It’s called “The Firefly and the Storm”. It’s a beautiful story about an orphan Firefly and so this is truly, truly a treasure. Why? Because it really came as a seed of inspiration. And on this episode, we talk about that whole process that she went through to create this story and what it means to her and where the opportunities lie in here. And so the theme of this episode is how creativity works. We talk about the highs and lows of what it means to have that creative spark and delaying it and then honoring that, and then what happens and the energy behind it. And it’s just so much fun, because we know as entrepreneurs, we all have these just incredible ideas that come to us and some of them we put on the backburner, and other ideas we put into action. This is what we’re talking about is how creativity works. So congratulations to Katie Soy for her beautiful creation of “The Firefly and the Storm”. You can find it at
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