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Hey there, Patty Dominguez here. This is episode 93 of the Positioning to Profit Podcast. Thanks for being here. And maybe I’m catching you on the treadmill, or up for your walk or in the car, wherever that may be, I appreciate it greatly. And thank you so much for the comments that I’m receiving on social. It warms my heart, because you’re actually listening to the podcast, and things, and concepts that you’re applying that are making a difference in how you’re standing out uniquely. So for that, thank you, thank you. I so appreciate you.

Okay, on this episode, I am going to be sharing with you how to be more engaging. Now, I almost called it how to be more of an authority. But the reality is that it may have gotten confused with social proof, like, for example, how to build more of an authority in your brand. And that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about how to be more engaging. Because here’s the deal, let’s say that you’re in a situation where you are put into a place where you want to persuade, or you’re shifting people, or you’re connecting with people in such a way that you want to create more of a connection with them, being more engaging really is what this is all about. Right?


So the episode is going to be talking about how to apply some of these practical tips and why they matter. And I can tell you, for one, it’s a lesson I learned from my dad, as well as a very popular celebrity figure that you probably wouldn’t expect and that celebrity is RuPaul. So RuPaul is a drag queen and I just find it super fascinating how he’s so unique in his message. He is so far ahead of his time, because he’s been doing his thing, since I want to say the late 70s. And so one of the lessons I learned is something that he talked about, and wrote a song about. So I’m going to be sharing about that. And I know that sounds super random, but I just literally find it fascinating. So I’ll be sharing about that. The name of the game here is is that we want to get you to a space where you’re comfortable in your own skin, standing out uniquely. As I always say, when everybody’s zigging, you want to zag. And so this podcast episode is going to go into the very nature of how to be more engaging, how to be more charismatic, how to stand out and connect at a greater level. And so with that, check out the show.



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