Positioning vs. Marketing

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Hey there, Patty Dominguez, here. Thank you so much for checking out this episode of the Positioning to Profit Podcast. It’s Episode 97, and today’s a solo show. I love doing the solo shows just as much as I love having my guests on. So today, I am going to be covering a very important inquiry that I received via email from a fellow coach who asked, “I’m interested in your expertise in positioning versus marketing, and I’m wondering if you could talk a bit about the differences between positioning and marketing”. So there’s a number of other questions there that I’m going to be tackling. I said, “Oh my gosh, great question, thanks for reaching out, you’ve inspired me to address your question, and I’m going to be covering those answers on the podcast”. And so here we are, we’re on the podcast. And I figured that these are questions that people have, and to make sure that I’m answering helping so that I can relay the utmost importance of positioning. So that’s on the show.

So before we go into the show, remember that if you’re interested in complimentary coaching, check out thecafecall.com. C.A.F.E standing for Corrective Action, Faster Earnings, to help you get past those pesky marketing challenges, and let go of the random acts of marketing by joining me for this group zoom call that’s happening on Thursday, May 20th, in the afternoon. For all the details, head on over to thecafecall.com, where I will be joining you to help you through questions. It’s always a good time. It’s what I do for ainy. It’s the Incan philosophy of the law of reciprocity, where it’s a pure give. I love doing them, it brings me joy, and in turn, I know that the universe has got my back and someone out there will say “You know what, Patty, let me see how do I work with you?”. And it’s awesome. It’s a win win. So I’m just putting the good good into motion in the universe, and as a result, it brings me joy makes people happy, so win-win. All right, and so with that, that is what I have for today, the solo show what is the difference between positioning and marketing. And with that on with the show.


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