Patty:  Hey there, legacy leader. Welcome to Episode six of Her Legacy Podcast. Thank You so much for being here today. Joining me first and foremost a big Happy New Year. This episode I’m talking about how I’m getting ready for 2019 and I’m sharing a little bit with you. And a nugget or two I don’t do resolutions. Why I suck at certain things and how I’m saying no to more. So here we go.

Hey there. Thank you so much for joining me. Happy New Year again. Happy 2019 I hope you enjoy your holidays tremendously. You got to spend it with people that matter to you in your life and you really enjoyed it. And now it’s 2019 and you’re back with the enthusiasm and the newness. Just like when you were in school when you open up that textbook or the new notebook it was fresh and cleans with new pens and just the joy of starting a new school year. Hopefully that was the case for you. It was for me. I loved school and I just always see the beginning of a new year as lots of new stuff. Now I don’t do resolutions primarily because I think it’s just a far us to say I’m going to lose 50 pounds. And this is it. And then it’s the initial jump of the enthusiasm of the idea but then execution is where I fall short. I have certainly been guilty of that and I just realized that doing resolutions don’t really work because I wasn’t being the type of person that. Had the habits that were required to make those changes.

I’ll be talking about that more in other shows but this is an idea that I’ve really come to understand that makes a difference. So in this episode I do want to share time getting ready for 2019. What does it mean to create a vivid vision and that is really where I want to start having a vivid vision for what it is that you want in 2019. You do not have to bring your 2018 if it was a nightmare or if it was a horror. You don’t need to bring any of that into 2019 it doesn’t define who you are so if you had some setbacks or if you had a really phenomenal year you can do more of the phenomenal stuff and make it even better make it even more fruitful. Whatever the case may be.

Just know that you do have a fresh start in any moment and so one of the things that I do is I wasn’t doing a lot of reflection at the end of 2018 thinking about what it is that I want to create in 2019. How do I take my business and make it even more of the good stuff more joyful more the feelings that I want to feel. And that’s really what I want to share with you. There’s a great book by Neville Goddard It’s called Feeling is a Secret. You can also get it on Audible and basically it’s a quick little read but he talks about this concept of feeling is really the secret. So when I create a vivid vision I think about what life looks like. December of 2019. As a matter of fact I was talking to a client of mine a dear friend of mine and she was saying she’s like hey we’re going to be meeting up. And I think it would be a really good idea is if we celebrate the end of the year as if all the things that we want to focused on already happen. Oh my gosh just so great. And I have heard of that people like Jack Canfield the mastermind that he has. I’ve heard that he has a big gala an event for the Coaching that he does and what he does as has a big gala event. People are dressed up and people are celebrating and they’re celebrating their year and win. So it is definitely something that works. Why? Because I’m going now back to this concept of feeling is a secret. You’re creating the feelings of what it would be like to achieve the things that you want and there is so much power in that.

And so creating a vivid vision I’m highly visual person by creating a vivid vision I’m imagining what are the things that I want to create. It’s December of 2019. Where is it that I want to look back and say…?

Wow. That was awesome. I completed the amount of podcasts that I wanted to complete. I had great people on my show. I spoke on that stage. I wrote the book that I want to write and how do I want to feel like what would it be like to complete that and what are the feelings that I would feel and really want to put myself in that space so that it starts to create this amazing feeling of possibility. And then I just write in my journal stream of consciousness Stroud’s free flow write. Don’t give it any thought. Don’t judge what it is that you’re writing.  Just put pen to paper and start to get the downloads of what you’re going to be feeling like what are you thinking about what is your subconscious telling you. What are the things that you really want to connect with what is life look like. What would bring you joy. What would make you happy? That’s really about creating a vivid vision. So what is life look like? So I challenge you to create that for yourself to just open up that space to make that happen. And just free flow write. Let it come to you whatever it is there’s nothing absurd. Don’t judge when you’re doing that just let it roll competitor paper and really create what it is that you want what that looks like and what it feels like. So that’s the first part. The second thing that I do is I focus on three words that are the theme for what I want to create in my year.

So the three themes for this year and this is what I really wanted to share. More than anything is what did the three words that you’re going to be focused on. Mine are simplicity. Focus and flow. So what do I mean by that. For simplicity I really want to focus on keeping my business simple. In 2018 I found myself in a couple of instances working on things that didn’t really make me happy necessarily. I was being a little bit too reactive to what my clients were asking me for. And I really was an honoring what made me happy. Right. I was compromising the feelings I was compromising the feelings that I want to feel. Instead it was like all right yeah yeah sure I’ll do it this and that and just wasn’t bringing you Joy. So by keeping it simple I want to keep my offerings to content creation coaching and consulting and that’s it. Content creation is by podcast really becomes the hub of the wheel so to speak of how I want to get the word out how I want to broadcast out what I do who I serve and why they want to connect with me. For those that do so. Keeping it simple that way without broadcasting Method broadcasting and amplifying the message to the people that are going to be attracted those ideal people and then consulting.

The consulting that I do for small business owners is very specific what I’m going to be offering as was the group coaching the one on one is not, of course, is scalable. And I was finding myself doing way too many hours at work.

I really wasn’t consolidating my time it was just all over the place a little bit too much in 2018 and it’s so funny because I started out the year with the intention more. These are the days I’m coaching. This is what I’m doing and I get off the rails. I started getting more and more business which is a great thing. Don’t get me wrong I love having a busy calendar a fruitful calendar I should say. What was happening I was being a little bit too reactive? So this year I want to keep it simple. I want to keep it simple as my message of what I do who I serve why I serve them and then also keeping it simple with the offerings that I have very specifically. And the second word is focus now for focus. Hopefully, this helps you too because part of what was happening in 2018 and me being reactive is I was scheduling my calendar all over the place it was really full. I had some gaps sometimes but for the most part I didn’t have a consolidated focus so one of the primary goals was to have focus days of the week.

Hey there religious leader. Thank you so much for checking out today’s show. We’re about halfway done but I wanted to give you the opportunity to engage further as this episode incites some creativity in you. If you’re interested in leaving your own dented the world leaving your legacy. I have a very special three-part video series for you. It’s what I call the business Trinity. An as solopreuneurs of printers we are looking to create a sustainable business. And what I have found is three distinct pillars to make it happen. So I’m sharing that with you. Absolutely complimentary. Head on over to Again Grab that three-part video series for yourself. It includes some downloadable in there and will walk away with clarity on where the opportunities are so that you can leave your legacy. Let’s continue with the show.

So for me Monday is going to be about content creation. I want to focus on writing my e-mail to my list. I’ve been grossly negligent in certain parts in 2018 so I’m rectifying match as well as podcasting is not an issue from actually really love it which is why that’s really my primary vehicle whereas you can think about for yourself what is your vehicle you want to do Facebook lives be consistent write it down. Do you want to blog be consistent write it down so what does the outreach that you want to dedicate yourself. Once. A week at a minimum to get the word out there about what it is that you do so find that vehicle.

Focus on that one thing and then make sure to just be consistent with it so that’s really talking about focus. And then Tuesday was a 30 day I take my calls whether it’s my consulting. Whether the coaching that I do but it’s really consolidated to Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and then Friday is really an open day and I do have some strategic meetings that I have on purpose where I’m looking for specific service providers in areas that would complement what it is that I do. So I have a very specific approach. The other thing is I like to have Fridays off because in the cases where I’m going to an event my mastermind meeting usually it is over the weekend. So it’s nice to have the Friday off so to speak so it doesn’t really interfere with anything else happening. So. Take your week and dedicate those slots of time with the specific activities that you want to do. The other benefit of that is that you really find yourself getting into a flow. I know when I do my podcast and I have one interview after another.

You just get into this rhythm. That’s really awesome. And things start to flow. So there is a benefit to having that singular focus on that one activity. So that’s my second word. It is focus. The last one is flow and by flow I mean quite simply if it’s not a hell yeah it’s a hell no because again reflecting on 2018 I realized that there were certain instances in my business that created friction. It created those feelings of me and really don’t want to do it but okay I’ll do it. And what started to happen is I didn’t honor the feelings I didn’t honor my gut my intuition my subconscious whatever it is that you want to call it. And whenever I do that I know better because then I’m always like in regret I’m I should’ve listened to my gut on that one right. And so if that happens to you the first thing I’ll say is when you go against your gut. It’s just going to kick you in the butt. I didn’t realize that was late. Yes, that’s a rhyme I’m trademarking it.

So get into flow right hire out for the things that are heavy right. If it feels heavy like bookkeeping oh my gosh the namer for me I hire it out my legal stuff I hired out my accounting I hired out the podcast editing and production I hire out. I have somebody that is awesome who’s helping me with my podcasts. The whole workflow of all of the steps that have to happen. It is so much easier when I do that. And so I’m starting to take inventory of more of those things that feel heavy to me.

And so what happens is you start to strip away and focus on what Gay Hendricks calls your zone of genius and when you’re focusing on that zone of genius that’s when you tap into the flow when you can do that thing all the time and it just comes to you. And when you focus on an, even more, you get better at it. So my thing is strategic planning. I love strategy I love rolling up my sleeves and going into a business and finding what I call the drill sites of where the money opportunities are fixing what is broken. Right. From a marketing standpoint etc

That’s really my zone of genius. So by doing all these other things the answer things I’m focused on it really compromises the flow. So I am a level setting again redirecting the energy and saying let me focus on the things that bring me joy flow. So again just a recap really simple. Just wanted to share with you. How are you getting ready for 2019? You know create your vivid vision and again focus on those feelings that you want to feel. In December of 2019 and look back and create just kind of that movie of the mind type of thing and like what is it going to look like then take your pen to paper stream of consciousness. Just write out your thoughts.

Whatever it is that comes to you. Don’t judge it. Just let it roll. Just let it go and then see what comes out of that that inspires you. And then the other thing is what are your three words. What are the three words you want to honor for 2019 to help keep you on track so that you’re not compromising your got your intuition etc. and you’re also honoring the way that you want your personal life to run your business life to runs? You’re not getting caught up in reactive mode.

Because that happened to me a little bit in 2018 and so this is all about self-reflection looking back course correcting when it’s appropriate. And just keep going keep going toward the things that you want to create because everything you want wants you back. And I thought I’d share that with you too. So let me know what you think about this episode. I also have a download for you. Hopefully, that helps. So it’s just a quick PDF that you can download with these ideas so that you can start to jot down what again your vivid visions. It looks like as well as your three words that are the theme for 2019. And with that thank you so much. Hey you haven’t already done so. Definitely please let me review. You can send me a message when you download and let me know what shows what inspires you most. Who’s a guest that you want you to have on. Because I’m always looking for new guests. And with that here’s to you my legacy leader. I hope you have an outstanding 2019. I’m right there with you. Talk to you soon.

So take advantage of that would love to hear you so that was really creating momentum here with what we’re doing at her legacy podcast. We’ll see you next time. Thank you so much for being here.



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