Patty: Hey there Legacy Leaders this is Patty Dominguez at Her Legacy Podcast this is Episode 10 with Sara Drury. She is a coach, beauty expert, influencer, entrepreneur, author, speaker and self-love activist and Sara specialty is helping you find your self-love. She started out as a makeup artist developed her skill set over the past at least 10 years because we were talking about how long she’s been an entrepreneur. But what happened was she was confronted with this pivoting moment of how to evolve her brands her business. And that is what we’re talking about today. This concept of pivoting and what happens when different opportunities present themselves and what to do about them, how to forge ahead. How do you know if this is the right direction? Sarah and I talk about that on today’s episode. Here we go.

Patty: Hey there my luminary Patty Dominguez here, Welcome to episode 10 of Her Legacy Podcast this episode I’m calling it How to know when it’s time to Reinvent Yourself. And in this episode I have my very special guest a fellow coach Sara Drury who has built a career in the beauty industry. She is a makeup artist and was doing some tutorials on online training and as with anything as you progress as you are looking for the next steps as you are evolving in your career would open up just different opportunities. Has that ever happened to you quivery? Will this episode we’re going to be talking about that her mission opening up the space to really allow yourself to pivot if you have to right to transition into something new to reinvent yourself to open up new opportunities and that’s what this episode is all about. So again how to know when it’s time to reinvent yourself and this episode of Sara Drury. Here we go.

Patty: Thank you and welcome to the show. SARA DRURY I’m so excited I said that right because I haven’t gotten it this Drury and Sarah. I am so excited for so many reasons to have you on her legacy podcast show because we have crossed paths through the amazing Jim Fortun who is our coach and mentor and we both happened to be coaches little braggy moment , just with him and we were just talking about no way let’s hit the record button.

And just what, this year kind of looking back what it’s meant to you. Here’s the deal. We’re going to be talking about pivoting and I feel like this is happening to you a lot right?

Sara: Oh yeah. I feel like it’s kind of like a theme in my life really pivoting and just constantly stepping into like the next version of yourself and of myself. So yeah sure.

Patty: That’s great. So what has this year presented you with in terms of opportunities? Because one of the little segue we talked about was as entrepreneurs we are faced with many different opportunities and I work with a lot of clients and they get red shiny objects and drum and I know this is almost chronic and it sounds like you grab those opportunities and make something with it. So what are you known for currently so let’s get braggy? What do you know for currently and what do you think is the evolution of what’s happening in your career?

Sara: Yes so for the last 10 years the last decade of my life I have been really focused on our beauty. I’m a hairstylist I’m a makeup artist. I work high in the chair and I know my own business where I do get ready and all that kind of stuff. And so I started a YouTube channel and I was teaching makeup tricks I’ve been doing that for the last 10 years and it’s been great. It’s been a really successful business but at some point I decided I will first of all I was a little bit shoved into a new version myself. It’s been about four years now.

When my husband was suddenly fired from his very comfortable job that really supported us and my income was kind of separate it was kind of the money. And so I was sort of forced into becoming the next version of myself. But it’s amazing and like looking back on that now I’m like wow what a blessing that it you know has led me here. So I’ve really been just focused on outer beauty but then through that process it led me to realize that. None of this has ever really been about that outer beauty that it’s all really bad about the inner beauty and finding yourself and finding who you are on the inside how beautiful you can be on the inside. It’s like shining on the outside and to me they kind of go together.

But leading up to now where I’m really taking the focus off the outer beauty and boasting more on the inner beauty and again sprinkle a little bit of both in there because it is my background something that sets you apart makes it different from other people teaching confidence and self-esteem and all these things. It’s fun. I like it right. I love makeup. The good kind of segue into it’s something easy. But I just see the importance of. Really only who you are on the inside versus focused on the outer beauty.

So it’s been that process of pivoting and growing into that next version of myself and giving myself permission to step into that next role. And you mentioned Jim Forten and I think you know through working with him it was a huge permission slip I guess like working with him gave me the permission to say OK that version of me is great. And it got to this point. But it’s not going to get into the next place that I want to go. And so I have to do my own internal work to be the next version of myself. And again it starts with sort of that permission to do it.

Patty: So OK so much there so much there.

Sara: Do I get up on a tangent?

Patty: Oh my God no not a tangent but the people are macro level as to what your journey has been in your career. And so I want to get to that point so it’s really serving the listener. I want to get to that point where you were doing the makeup work and you were having good talks like that call the action just step into the adventure of being an entrepreneur and then you were focusing on the outer beauty but then what happened like how did you come to the realization like wait a minute there’s more. So did this organically happen where you were saying wait a minute like this is inner beauty work that you’re were maybe having conversations or having those opportunities with your clients that you saw while there’s a need here.

There is a need because I really commend you where your business is going in talking about outer beauty inner beauty that really gives you a nice distinction differentiation. I can’t help myself. I got to talk about the marketing aspect of it. I think its super smart. And so how did you come to that. You just come in naturally was it natural and graceful or were you like wait a minute can I really do this. What was going on?

Sara: Typically in natural and graceful art not words that describe me let’s just so totally honest here. No it was messy. But. There was an element of feeling glad to do that. But I will say so the thing that kind of like started all of that out was that I wanted more that I wanted more for myself and my business that I needed to step into that next version of myself. I didn’t know how I was stuck and scared and so pigeonholed and I just I just didn’t know what to do. So I started my own journey of kind of that personal development side and that’s where I saw the results. That’s where I saw OK this is how I can get to that next version.

Not the external stuff that I’m doing. Its how I’m thinking around it and where I’m placing my attention and all those things and really focusing on the inner journey which is what I call the inner beauty because you can’t really have the most beautiful fantastic life unless you focus internally. That’s the missing piece that people they think they can just do their way to whatever it is they want to do. And again what I’m doing was born out of me realizing that somehow it’s dumb. And so yes I look around at my clients and have conversations with them and see these amazing women I’ve worked with amazing women and they don’t see it they don’t see their magic.

And so I didn’t see my own magic for a long time. I didn’t see. What I was. And so for me once I kind of like got that glimpse sounds like oh wow what kind of amazing. I can make that happen and you know and again it’s not the actor it’s not the external it’s all the internal stuff. And so when I realize that for me like art I got to switch years and I get to shout the stuff from the mountaintops because this is where it’s oh my God.

Patty: So good. And then even. I mean even today. So we’re on this podcast and I jump on. I have no makeup on and I’m like oh my god I’m going to be talking to the makeup expert and then I was like really self-conscious and I’m like oh my God I look like crap I’m just like we’re not going to put on the video and then I’m talking like wait a minute what am I doing. You know what I mean?

And then, well stop girl stop girls stop its like because you’re so top 10 and you’re like it’s about the inside I’m like I know like I should know better. But we do. We women get so self-conscious thinking that it’s so surfaced based opinions and you’re having a deeper conversation with your clients. And it gives them permission to really check in with themselves and I mean can you give an example of a client that you work with the work that you’ve been doing now that you’re translating to your client interactions and engagements. I’m sure so much richer. So I’d love to hear a story of that because we women we go through it you know and not enough of us are having these honest conversations.

Sara: Yeah. So first of all just back to what you were saying about hopping on video. No makeup just really quickly I just want to say that that’s not really our fault. You know we’ve been so conditioned us actually as women I’m sure men have it a little bit. But women in it, that’s the thing we have to show up and be a size zero full make up… Complete up we got to do it. Oh it would be the best mom the best everything to everyone. And I’m like No. Come on. That is such B.S. And that is something that we have just been like inundated with. And it’s so not true. It’s just not true. You do not have to look or be perfect just show up. And so thank you for modeling that today.

Patty: Thank You. See I’m such a win not wearing makeup today so. That’s right.

Sara: Right? OK. So back to a story about a client I’m trying to think here. I worked with women from I think like every kind of industry especially a lot of my clients have been over the last little bit. They’ve just really been kind of like either stay at home moms or like you know working in like a corporate type of setting. And so even this is a little bit of a transition for me now too because I’m just so passionate about people who have a message to share and kind of getting out in their own way to sharing them so just so I know. But. Yeah I mean I get the best feedback from people who you know go through my stuff. It’s like wow I didn’t realize that you know X Y or Z and what I always sort of say at the end pretty much all of my courses is my job is just to help you remember to help you remember who you really are. And so I think that’s really the biggest feedback I get. It’s like OK now I’m starting to get it I’m starting to realize. Thank you for helping me realize this or let go of the little silly stuff that. You know code down in ways it’s not it just we got to let it go. So yeah.

Patty: Right total noise and I love the whole premise of it and the work that you do with inner beauty and outer beauty it allows and it gives us permission to step into a bigger role. So you said and I agree we’re in the same page with that is like I am really passionate about helping women really demonstrate amplify the message that they have. Like why they’re different and. I know the work that we do as well with Jim Forten and his group you can see that there’s different people that have those breakthroughs when they realize that even something as simple as doing a Facebook live the things that they were so fearful about it’s like.

Right. It’s not that big of a deal or not everything is going to be OK. And I have the little mantra of like every little thing is going to be all right. Yes. Yes. And it’s like as much as we tried to get all ready and there is no perfect moment it just happens when it happens. And it’s because you were daring in that moment to just say you know what screw it let’s do it let’s just do it. And that’s the thing it’s like I’m sure with the work that you’re doing you help to give people real 360 so that they give themselves permission to step into that thing that’s bothering them that they’re not doing right. That would be the case.

Sara: Totally and I think. This was really huge for me when I got this is that we’re going to be afraid of different aspects of putting ourselves out there all day long. I still get butterflies in my stomach when I hit that go live button on Facebook. It’s not about getting rid of our fear around whatever it is the way through the antidote to fear is courage. It’s just doing it and the way that you create more confidence around.

Any part of your life in any part of your business. Is. Taking that action and just showing up imperfectly and just doing it. So I think that what you said it the antidote is always that courage and it takes a lot of self-love and a lot of sometimes to do that. And I think that’s really like at the core of my message is like it’s not that you’re not going to be afraid it’s not that you’re not going to have days that you don’t you know suck out it but if you have something that is calling you forward you have to have the courage to show up.

Patty: Absolutely and it’s the thing of when you start you’re going to suck probably. And then I tell my clients and then over time you suck less and then you get actually good at it. You know what I mean because it has to go through that lifecycle as like how obnoxious of us to think that we’re just going to step into something and be so fabulous.

And it’s ultimately kind of that awkward ness. And I’m thinking about video it just makes it so much of a richer story it’s so much more authentic and you can look back and be like oh my god I really grown you know. This has been amazing.

Sara: I have a story about that very first live video than I ever did. On Facebook. I believe it was about four years ago. So this is not like a long time ago like four years ago. Yeah I hit go live. I saw somebody like that little eye came up and I was like and I lost my train of thought I couldn’t even put a single word together I fumbled through whatever it was sentence that I was saying. And I pushed. Stop and then I deleted it as immediate as I could. And then I cry.

I stop for like say like 10 minutes and I was like I will never be good I will never be good at this I’m not good at it. I can’t do it. It’s not going to happen for me. And of course I was able to kind of get myself out of that thank God because. Now. Yeah four years later I’ve practiced the practice and done it and pushed through this year. And done it and done it and done it and now I can do it. And like I said I still get butterflies and that’s OK. That’s true. Now why would you stop and given up thinking it’s not for me my business would be gone. It would be gone.

Patty: So that’s right. And it’s much richer because your message is so much more important than the noise in your head about not doing it. And I know the one of the big things that I’ve learned is like I’m being so selfish in not putting my message out there. I’m it about mean it’s not about me as you and I both know these things are coming through us. You know what I mean. Which makes it more fantastic? So I have several questions for you. What is your most favorite part of being an entrepreneur?

Sara: You know what. It’s funny because my most favorite part of it really is how crazy it is. I really like. Yes I love the highs more than I love the lows. I’m addicted to the journey of it. It’s fun for me. I love launching. I love talking about what I do and love connecting with people. I love. Oh I love getting on my computer and just spending a day on the couch just writing and getting my thoughts together. But like I love all of it. And so it really is this roller coaster. And there have been some low lows that I wasn’t so crazy about what kind of looking back now I’m like you know what is what makes it fun.

Because you recognize how much more amazing those highs are when you experience the lows too because you can appreciate like you are saying just how far you come if I’m to look back and be like. I didn’t give up. I kept going. I’m here now because of this journey. And so to me the other thing that I think I’ve learned is that especially with entrepreneurship versus you know corporate or whatever the sky’s the limit there is everything and anything is possible. And that’s pretty cool to me. So.

Patty: Yeah that’s awesome. And so what is one key personal development habit that you have that’s helped you the most.

Sara: That’s a great question. That’s helped to me the most. I think. Probably that I get to choose my thoughts. I’m in control of what I’m thinking. Minute to minute to minute and that impacts how I show up because going back to that story about crying if I had continued to tell myself. I can’t do this. I’m not good at this. I’m not cut out for this. Got up in it game over but. Somehow then I was able to get myself out of that and I think it was probably my big message and mission calling me forward. But now like knowing. Any moment I can choose. My thoughts. That is liberating.

Patty: It’s so liberating. I love that it’s so simple and yet to your point it’s so liberating. OK so tell me what’s next for you. What do you have on the horizon? What’s in development?

Sara: yeah Girl. So we’re talking about this stuff and it really is kind of like everything that I teach. So I have a book actually coming out next year that’s all about self-love it’s literally all these sort of tools. Its 21 days to self-love and kind of reestablishing that. And the you know tagline I’m sort of using right now I don’t know. Change is kind of like being a CEO.of your last work was stepping into that role so I use these tools to step into that role in your life so that’s a big one.

And then they’re also working on a master class coming workshop that is going to be all about shining confidently on camera. It’s just going to be kind of hard it’s going to be a lot about the kind of like our stuff in the make up because that does make us feel good when we feel that on the outside we can feel that on the inside then that goes a lot deeper too. So there’s a lot more around confidence that I really want to talk about. So for me to get things.

Patty: That’s fantastic. All right as we’re turning the corner the big question is after all is said and done what you want your legacy to be?

Sara: Oh wow. Love that my legacy that I want to leave is specifically for women. But everyone I want everyone to know that they have an inner magic and brilliance to them. And I want. To be. A guide in helping people pulls that out of themselves. So that’s it.

Patty: That’s pretty big.

Sara: Just that.

Patty: No big deal. Yes. I’m just going to change the world. OK Sarah Drury thank you so much. How do people find out more about you your program how to connect with you and what you’re doing?

Sara: Yeah well first of all thank you so much for having me. This is an absolute joy to be here with you. So really my biggest place to hang out the most is on Instagram as Sarah Drury that’s my jam. And then of course my Web site which is And I would love to connect with your listeners.

Patty: Perfect thank you and all of the details on how to connect with Sarah is also going to be in the show notes. And the question for you is what are you doing to pivot and just know that it’s OK to do so. So with that Sarah thank you again so much for being on the show.

Sara: Thank you.

Patty: Thank you so much for being here.

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