PATTY: Hey Hey Patty Dominguez here thank you for joining me. This episode 13 where I’m sharing. How do you know when you’re an expert? This is one of the topics that came up twice this week and what I do in this these real talk shows and these episodes is where I’m sharing things that I come across and I see the patterns.

Topics that come up conversations that I’m having and I stop and I think OK this is coming up more than one so I feel compelled to share it because it is something that is shareable. So one of the questions that came up with a dear friend of mine she said hey I’m thinking of rebranding, repositioning and we were discussing some options of what it is that she does just playing around with it calling it a coach or a master coach or what do we talk about in this way. Or should I position myself that way?

And as she was talking she had realized that she had been a coach or she has been a coach for over 20 years and then she sends me a boxer and says do you think it’s OK for me to say I’m an expert. And I stopped and I said absolutely because here’s the deal if you don’t see yourself as an expert why would anybody else see you-you as an expert. Right. So you cannot wait for anyone to anoint you the expert you have to declare it.

And I remember once upon a time I was really uncomfortable with that whole concept of me thinking that I’m an expert. Who am I? Who am I? And what I would do. And this is a self-confession here. I was obsessed with learning and learning and learning and thinking that I did know enough thinking that there was more to learn.

Now I’m not disputing that there’s always an opportunity to learn. In fact, I’m an avid reader. I have a voracious appetite for Always learning improving my craft doing what I do and bringing new concepts to the table for my clients. However, if the incessant learning is keeping you stuck meaning you are stuck in learning and not doing which is a very common thing where we are getting ready to get ready then that is going to stop you from progressing and becoming an expert that you know you are. It is when you implement..

As a matter of fact, I was thinking about this too and work on a certification right now and one of the best ways for me to forge ahead on a concept is when I implement it with a client. Now I’m held accountable. Now I’m like it’s the proof is there. Like I have to produce the proof of concept and I figure it out. I always do. It’s just something that I have been learning and trusting that I can get things done right. When I put when I put myself into massive action when I’ve learned something new and so what I’ve declared it’s been a few years now that I am an expert I’m an expert at what I do. Do I know everything?

Absolutely not. Because the deal is is that we’re always learning. If we want to be an expert school never out for the pro as the saying goes and so has the same concept that I want to share with you. What is it that you do? And are you really declaring that you’re an expert and if you’re not why is it because you truly don’t have that level of expertise? Because I always remember that movie the one with Leonardo DiCaprio and I know it’s a Broadway show as well.

Yeah ok popped in my head. Catch Me If You Can Catch Me If You Can. It was one of the movies I think he came out in the early 2000s where Leonardo DiCaprio plays the character Frank Frank Abagnale or something like that. And so it just highlights the trajectory of his life as he successfully performs a bunch of cons right He cons a lot of people.

And in that and in that whole process he pretends to be an airline pilot and a doctor and a prosecutor and he successfully calms people and so he was even teaching at a professor level and we were said Well how you did that. How were you able to con people? And he said well I just had to learn I know a little bit more than the people that I was teaching that I was talking to. And I thought that was so smart and for whatever reason, that really stuck with me. And so he saw himself as a professional. Right.

He saw himself as an expert. So why can’t you? So just my intention with this is to give you a call to action a pulse check is are you really owning the fact that you’re an expert in what you do? And if you’re not an expert then what do you have to do to close the gap if this is something that you want to declare because outside of the fact that of course, you have to back up what you do is it in you that you believe that you’re the expert and if you’re not. What is it going to take? What does it look like if you did declare yourself as an expert?

And what I say to you is that when you own and when you put yourself in that position really cool things start to happen because that positioning builds the trust in the prospect the person that is sitting across from you who was looking for the solution to their pain. And when you give yourself that that expert presents the expert or the expert confidence competence is going to happen and then magic starts to happen because people are going to trust you.

People trust your work product people are going to trust that you can help them and that in turn builds your confidence and that in turn builds your confidence. So you can see that the ripple effect is real and it all starts from the inside belief that you are in fact an expert at what it is that you do. So there you have it. That is just my thought process that came up twice and I thought I’d share it because literally both with a friend of mine as well as a client.

This concept of wool. Am I really an expert and I said I don’t know are you because you have to believe the first before anybody else can? So I hope that he’ll bring a little bit of an aha moment to you and really declarant own it. What are you going to do about it so that you two can leave your ripple effect and of course your legacy? So there you have it. That’s this quick episode of Real Talk Episode 13 head on over to iTunes.

Make sure to subscribe because I’m putting shows out every single week twice a week both with a guest as well as my real talk episodes. And in that process, I hope to connect with you. I am on Instagram and Facebook could definitely catch me there as well as my website where you can find some free downloads resources so that you can leave your legacy. We’ll see you next time.

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We’ll see you next time. Thank you so much for being here.

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