Patty: Hey, hey leaders, Patty Dominguez here with Episode 14 with Dr. Christine Kaczmar. I know I say this lot. But this is truly one of my favorite shows. Why? Because Dr. Christina so awesome.

So here’s a little bit about Dr. Christine Kaczmar. She is known all over the world as a Digestion Doc.She practices currently and she’ll be township Michigan and she’s a functional medicine doctor who specializes in enzyme nutrition. She also owns her own supplement company. She’s the CEO of Omega Digestion and Dr. Christine has really developed and created five products for her filler free magnesium steroid free smart digestion supplement line you’re going to hear Dr. Christine say only nutrition normalizes function and restoring function is what she is all about.

She’s extremely passionate about what she does about educating the masses about how seeking solutions vs. chasing symptoms is at the top of her list. And her goal is to save 5 million lives from the broken medical model. In particular, she focused on those suffering for the most challenging cases of Crohn’s colitis and chronic constipation. That’s why she’s the digestion she’s a bestselling author of the book Gut Check How the Broken Medical Model is creating more sickness and why timeless healing principles are needed now.

Her purpose is to help provide freedom. Freedom is your sacred value. And Dr. Christine is on a mission to help as many people as possible regain their freedom to so an incredible woman. You absolutely have to hear her story about how she’s taken her business from an offline venue and to online. Oh, she’s been in the game for a while. So I thought she’d be an incredible guests to have on if you’re in the same boat, where you’re thinking, how am I going to move my business from offline to online from brick and mortar into an online space? How does that happen? Is it possible and I’m here to tell you. Yes, it is. So listen closely to this episode with Dr. Christine Kaczmar. Here we go.

Christine Kaczmar, Dr. Christine Kaczmar, thank you so much for being on our show Her Legacy Podcast. It is quite an honor to have you for many reasons, because I know we’ve tried in the past and we’re finally here. So thank you, first and foremost for being on my show. I’m so excited to have you.

Christine: Patty. How are you doing? Buddy, it’s really good to finally be on your show and what you’re doing with the Legacy Podcast, it’s an honor truly and I mean it I love you girl

Patty :Thank you so much so alright well we’ll go into how we know each other but the gist of it is that we met completely by divine design is what I call it at a conference where in the sea of I don’t know we’re doing like 300 people easily at that cocktail party easily, easily 300 people and it was almost like we were meant to connect about like completely and we just met in that moment and spent that evening laughing our asses off so much fun for a good five hours.

Christine: You know, the thing of it is, is I don’t know how immature I can get with you and your audience here but the thing about being Patty is that so we met at that event and you came walking down or the stairs I feel like you’re walking down stairs and I was watching the whole thing is really weird. I don’t think that’s how it happened.

Patty: No, I’ve left it.

Christine: You walked up and we struck up a conversation. And both of us were in San Diego, but yet we’re both from the Midwest. I’m from the Detroit area, obviously, your Chicago and we talked all night. And then the next day, we were making jokes with each other at the conference so hard that we were crying and being very immature and silly, and we were in the front row. So we had to like something different points. That’s when you know, you found a lifelong friend when you could laugh. That heart

Patty: Literally tears coming out of our eyes. And that’s when 2014 I’m like, oh my god. Did we just become best friends? Like in stepbrothers, you know when they have that moment. Exactly, that’s exactly how it happened. So it is so cool to finally have you on the podcast. So and we the one thing that we have in common is that you are a healthcare professional, and I’m a marketer, but I feel that and this is what we’re going to be talking about.

You have a deep rooted passion for marketing as well. So you’re one of my very few friends that I can go deep on the marketing side of things. And so this is really relevant to where we’re going in this episode talking about how you can move your brick and mortar business online, and you’ve done it so well. And big, it was super lean. Like, you are just amazing. So, all right, but first, let’s get on track. So I want to get braggy with you. What’s your superpower?

Christine:  Ooh. So in terms of business, or personal,

Patty: However you want to interpret it,

Christine:  I think my superpower in general is I’m very forgiving. And I don’t like to hold grudges. And it doesn’t get in my way. So I think that, you know, it’s just nice to have nice fresh air all the time. And that’s, that’s not how life is. But I really think that is my superpower Patty is that I’m very forgiving. And I like to be happy.

Patty: Exactly.

Christine: I’ve preferred to be in that space versus having admired in doom and gloom but as far as business goes, I would say that my superpower is I am not at all afraid to take risk

Patty: That’s a good one and this is so relevant to what we’re talking about. Alright so let’s go there. Now tell us about your business I mean I know the background but for the listeners one of the most compelling ideas and I know as a coach and consultant, one of the things that comes across when people say to me, yeah, but I’m a brick and mortar business, me going online is not the same. Now you are a healthcare professional. And you have a brick and mortar business, in Shelby Township, Michigan.

But one of the things that right after I met you, at the end of 2014, you started exploring how to get online. So take us through kind of that journey. I mean, did you have a plan of attack? Did you kind of organically get there would love to explore that? Sure. Well, even before 2014, I was doing my part, trying to tell a story, you know, so I think that’s just a myth. People tell themselves if they do have a brick and mortar that they shouldn’t have an online presence.

I don’t agree with that. And I know you don’t, which is why we’re having a discussion but really whatever your business is, wherever your products are you there’s a story behind it, especially these days. It’s the way to attract more attention in a busy noisy world is to really stand out by sharing a story. So even back in the Vibler days, remember Vibler? Yeah. Used to do Vibler for his Wine Library. So I would do a little Vibler and I would put it up on Facebook before, Facebook had anything close to, like a periscope or Facebook Live, and so that was in 2008 or nine ish.

And also in 2008, I did a show for the Arabic channel here in Metro Detroit, which is hilarious. So I had an interpreter and I get all dolled up and makeup and all the regalia but really I started started that presence then and about my business to answer that question I’m known as the Digestion Doc and I really focus on Crohn’s, Colitis, any of the challenging, most difficult annoying digestive cases that people have and they feel frustrated. These are my favorite cases to help.

So taking my business online to talk about, hey, if you have heartburn or gas or bloating, blah, blah, blah. Here are some things that you could start implementing right away. So I just wanted to give people value from the get just because Patty, I remember when I learned all this stuff along the way? I remember being shocked myself thinking, why am I only now learning about this? You know, like, why did I know this, and a lot of us with how I was raised in that kind of thing in a traditional blue collar, Midwestern family, we had Iceberg lettuce, and the same rotating meals, or four or five things. Never had an avocado until I was in my 20s, which is, which is a travesty.

But so I just remember, once I was empowered with this knowledge, I just made a vow that I need to share this stuff because this is life changing. And then as I started to implement things with my patients and saw them, you know, come around very quickly, I’m talking within days, in some cases of their stools becoming more firms. I mean, this is what I am as the digestion doc I talk about poop all day long, but that’s when I was like I’m onto something here and I’m not going to let the foot off the gas. I’m going to keep on going on with this and sharing more and more I guess that kind of comes around to answer your question I hope let me know what I missed.

Patty: No, it totally does. Okay. So for the listener listening

Christine: I guess they would be listening terrible then.

Patty: Is you’re a brick and mortar business; you presumably have a solution to somebody’s problem. That’s discovered. And a great way to amplify that solution, as opposed to just you make immediate vicinity, is to really amplify the message once you have a solid story. So let’s talk about the story or the hook. I mean, the fact that you’re the digestion document, something that is very own able, you own it, you talk about it, and you share people’s transformations that becomes relatable, whether your online or offline. So the question becomes, if you’re offline, say the same thing online because chances are, if you come at it, from an authentic standpoint, you are going to connect with people is not true.

Christine: Absolutely. And, you know, I feel that whatever the business is, I feel that we should all be compelled, I mean, compelled, right, like 18 point bold, font compelled, compelled to share our message and really, it’s our sacred duty. I feel whether you are pizza guy or you own a limousine company, it is up to you to share that story. I mean, I think a pizza guy, for example, is such an essential integral part of our society, that they’re important people.

And I want to hear about the story behind how they pick the tomatoes or you know, why they make their cross the certain way or what temperature they cook it to, like, that kind of story invokes so much interest for me, and I know you as well that’s why businesses tick, you know, when people just want to know what that is. So I think when people have an apprehension or an aversion to going online, I think for most people, they’re afraid to get on camera and maybe making mistakes.

But this is where I go back to being compelled. You have a duty, a sacred duty to share whatever it is you love, and do with the world. I mean, that’s why we’re here. So that’s how I get out of my own way because listen, I don’t consider myself the most attractive person in the universe. But I think that my personality is and I’m going to share that thing you know, totally absolutely because out of the way for me anyway.

Patty: Well, and I was going to say just to echo the sentiment, it’s like the marketing icon of all time. Jay Abraham says, you have a moral responsibility when you know that you can help someone to help them. And that’s the purpose of business is like as entrepreneurs, we provide solutions to people’s problems. And when you look at it that way, it’s almost like how dare you put your own, you know, hang ups in the way of the potential to help somebody and when you reframe that, it really becomes the call to action. The call to adventure in the hero’s journey is to talk about so I think it’s super powerful. And so I’d love to hear how you started on mine. I know you started with the now is Periscope, even a thing so?

Christine: Sure is.

Patty: Okay. So I haven’t been on Periscope and forever but you started connecting with people on Periscope, you want to tell people just that journey of getting online and what happened?

Christine: Yeah, so I heard about Periscope. I’m not even sure how I heard about it, which is the interesting thing but I remember my first episodes, I was just sitting in my chair in my private office back there. And I was looking at my phone talking to my phone.

And people would come on and leave comments in real time. You know, you can’t see them live, but you can see their comments and their little, you know, icon avatar emoji type thing, and they would communicate with me. And then I would have like, five or six people listen, and then seven or 12 people listen and before you know it, I have hundreds of people listening and asking me questions and I, I was addicted.

I love the fact that in real time I could share things and really impact people that day with something going on with their health whether it’s gas or bloating, or what have you. And eventually Facebook Live caught up or Facebook caught up as you would expect them to and they released their kind of similar version Facebook Live. And so once that took place and took root, I just kind of stopped doing that the periscope because Facebook is where more of my people are in it last longer in nature really.

I mean, people can go back and reference and comment on a Facebook Live video but you couldn’t do that on a periscope you can come back and look at a replay of a periscope video. And leave a comment. So that’s why I took most of my videos or my live streaming, I should say, and moved it over to Facebook platform.


Patty: Well, I think the way that you grew in the way and the rate that you did was because you were mega consistent. I mean, let’s talk about a how often were you on Periscope?

Christine : Yeah, and the beginning I think I probably was going on five times a week, sometimes multiple times a day. And, and, you know, it was just a matter of just getting out of my own way and getting that ego out of the mix. Because that’s, I think we’re also part of it like we think oh, I don’t look right. Or Oh, my hair’s listen if I can get on Periscope or Facebook’s with my crazy mean, right?

I mean, I call myself I’m a kind of a combination listener between the Quaker Oats guy his hair, the Quaker Oats guy, and the Cowardly Lion. Combine those two hairstyles, that’s my hairdo. So if I can get on there and not really care and to be honest, I really do not care what people think about my outward appearance? I just don’t care because I know that I got a good heart and I’ve got something to offer. I don’t get bogged down by all that.

Nonsense. So for me to be consistent with what I’ve just explained to you, then you listening can as well because again, you know, you got something to share. So share it. And by the way, it’s fun, the more consistent you become it, it became more fun for me. And I began to recognize the regulars who to this day or so my close friends, you know, it’s the wildest thing the technology that we have available to us right now take advantage of it.


Patty :Well, and the cool thing about it is that I know I’ve seen you on your Facebook Lives and you’re happy and sometimes your hair is crazy, or you have a new scarf or you have your staple wardrobe. And what has starts to happen is that people really connect to you as a person. So it’s not even as a business it’s as a person and so I’ve seen you cry I’m seeing you laugh at like, you know, when things have gotten into a message that you had that’s polarizing what happens is that your tribe comes to your defense.


Christine: Yeah, that’s so nice.


Patty: That’s the most amazing thing ever. And it’s something that is only curated over time because you were so consistent so I just think that’s the most remarkable thing is that whenever you post people like they just adore you. So I think that’s so commendable and you’ve curated that level of love and appreciation where people are vibing around the same message I think is very powerful


Christine : Yeah just to your point to just follow that up you know to go online and to put yourself out there you want to be consistent like Patty you said but also you want to be genuine just be you like stop thinking you got a pretty this or that up? I mean, look at Rachel Hollis. I’ve only recently heard of Rachel Hollis I don’t know where I’ve been what rock I’ve been under.

But that woman is legit you want to know why she resonates so well in my opinion is because she’s completely real you know. I mean, she just is who she is. And people love people being who they are not this fake standing in front of fancy cars or whatever people are so sick of that nonsense and people can see right through it and when you are real people will be real income to your defense when you know it’s necessary and I believe me I’ve had some polarizing moments where people in my community are coming to my defense.

And like you said, it is remarkable. And it feels so nice if people could take care of you back. You know, that’s so cool.

Patty: I’m sorry. Who’s Rachel Hollis?


Christine: You don’t know who? Rachel Hollis is. No. I live under a rock to that. I don’t feel so bad. Well, she’s kind of like no Robbins kind of in that and her husband Dave, I think worked for Disney and some high capacity. And he left his job at Disney to help further along his wife’s Rachel’s career.

And together they do a podcast about marriage and partnership and and also just self improvement, that kind of thing. And if I’m not mistaken, I think she’s the number one best selling book right now on Amazon, which I’ve been paying attention to that having written my book recently. So she’s dominating and she also has a movie out right now I just saw yesterday so yeah, so she’s a perfect example of what I mean to just be you be real and you know, she just put a picture up on our Instagram Okay, kind of sounds like I’m stalking her but I’m really not attention you know. Yeah.

And she had a picture of herself on vacation in her bikini and she’s talking about. Yeah, I got wrinkles. Yeah, I’ve got a flabby stomach. Yeah, I’ve got this or that. But blah, blah, blah. And she was just explaining about how she is who she is. And she owns that. And it was just like, good for you, girl.

Patty: Well, and that’s the whole thing. Just to kind of reiterate, for people who are hearing this is like, the BS meter is at an all time high and Oregon to step out a closer or somebody who’s just not genuine. You know what I mean? It’d be like zappers and full of shit.

Let’s go over to this channel. You know, because it’s just, it’s not enough anymore. To be touting how you did this, or the millions you have here. It’s like, who cares? How does that help me? It’s funny. I’ve talked to so many my clients and say that they’re like; I’m so done watching that nonsense. Just like you said. So I complete. I have to check out Rachel Hollis now.

Christine: Yeah, well, look at our even friendship. Our friendship started, like our friendship really took off because you made a comment about somebody kind of dissing you a little bit like you wave to them. They didn’t say hi. And you’re like blah blah blah.

Just completely ignore me. Or you said something. I laughed so hard because you know. We’re just being real and our little beginning of our friendship and I admired you so much for just saying it because sometimes people are so shy to be who they really are because they’re afraid of being judged personal life or business life It should really be the same. Just be you.

Patty: Absolutely. Well here to quote one of my mentors Jim Porton he says, Listen, people are meaning making machines that comes from landmark that he says, people judge and they’re going to judge anyway. So just do what you want to do, because they’re going to judge anyway. Right? People just inherently are so programmed to judge whether it’s good or bad, this and that up or down. It doesn’t matter. So that’s exactly right in that mode. I was like, Are you kidding me? That’s right. So how has your business changed as it’s grown as you’ve gone through the periscope era, and then Facebook Live? And so where are you at with your business?


Christine : Well, I think I have way more freedom than ever before, and I still want more freedom but what’s happened is , My business is a little bit, not a little bit a lot more on autopilot because I have people, you know, ordering my supplements or setting up a consultation. When I’m not even around in the office, I could be on vacation or whatever. So the fact that I’ve grown my community in such a way where I can rely on stepping out of the office a little bit more, and that’s kind of what this book writing this book has done, which I don’t know if you want to talk about that. But really, but I just set up a different schedule to write this dang thing.

So I’ve been working on it for years, right. So June 1 of 2018, I decided I am only going to see patients in the office on Mondays and Saturdays I’m going to still report to the office between those two days but those days are going to be devoted to me writing this book Monday and Saturday.

I’m going to have my staff in my team cluster book my patients to free up mid week for me to get some things done. Well, guess what happened? I finished the book and guess what schedule I’m still following still seeing patients on Monday and Saturday and the amazing thing is is that my business actually grew by me actually seeing patients less days my income increased.


Patty: How the heck did that happen?

Christine: Well, here’s why. Because when I was giving myself the time to do another aspect of business that I love, which is marketing, I love marketing, as much as I love digestion, believe it or not, I’ve always love marketing. I mean, I used to work at a drugstore at a pharmacy and I would pay keen attention and awareness, have awareness to where people would position certain products next to other things. And I would start to practice and I was became like the assistant manager, then store manager and all this other kind of jazz, but I would play around with the end caps and I put different colored toilet paper on the outside and see the more I would put like a stack of wine by the pharmacy and see how that went over.

Not well, but I would see like placement and positioning and I was cutting my teeth in business and marketing because as a young kid, I worked my way up through the store for like eight years.

I was there off and on. So I guess the point I’m trying to say is when I changed my schedule around to give myself more time to do the things that I love which isn’t just working in my business around my business but loving the marketing and coming in on Tuesdays just to record podcast or on Wednesdays

I’m just going to be writing articles man that really make things click for me and it felt like even though I was here more while writing the book over the summer I felt like I was here less if that makes sense yeah totally makes sense and I remember that you mentioned you were at a pretty well to do conference that you went to over the summer were some pretty heavy hitters and not corporate executives, but very successful entrepreneurs and you happen to mention your week that it was comprised of two days and people were just blown away by that idea yeah, they were they were they were like that’s such a great idea I need to do that and and again.

it’s about taking risk you know, like I was a little scared I’ll be honest with you but I knew I had to lean into that okay I love that phrase leaning into your fear it’s so true because I knew that I would land on my feet because I always have I’m a scrappy little mofo and I knew that if something went wrong. I would, I would have judge. That was curse correct but I had to first try and so I’m glad I did.

Patty: That’s such a big last saying. The other saying just from a marketing standpoint, I would venture to guess that people have the perception of listen. She does only here two days a week, the schedules tight, grab your slot while you can, because. Right. So it’s like a sense of urgency that happens versus where people feel that they can schedule at any time. It’s just isn’t that the urgency again? For people to book? Have you found that to be the case? I’m just curious.


Christine : Well, in the beginning, there’s maybe a few three four people that were grumbling a little bit grumbling as a word yeah little bit annoyed with the whole process but you know what, for the most part people are like good for you. Good for you. Like I mean I’m here Monday all day from nine to six I’m here on Saturdays from from nine to one people can make it work and if not, you know that they’ll they’ll come around and most people did. But but yeah, for the most part. It wasn’t hard whatsoever. It was just I think the hardest thing was my mom to be quite honest. My mom runs my front desk and she was the one that gave me more heart of a hard time than anything but she is completely on board with it now.

Patty: My gosh. Alright, so as you look back on your entrepreneurial career, what is one standout that you felt was a real win for you? That’s somehow become a springboard for more?

Christine: You probably don’t. I’m going to say, right, Patty, yes. So what is it? You think it is your book? No, not not my book. My fingers supplement line? No, no. I’m going to talk about phone jack guy.

Patty: Oh, the pricing. Oh my god. That’s so good. Okay.

Christine: Okay. So one thing I just want to say to people listening is I’m saying all these things about my business. But please understand how much of an influence Patty has had my business before I get into phone that guy. I mean, when petty first got her hands on my on my business, I had a logo have a stomach with the telephone, like literally, Patty has helped me from like Neanderthal type images and logos to present day but anyway just want to shout out to for that.

Patty: Thank you buddy. That I very welcome. But guys, literally. I don’t think you have to say that. All right, go ahead.

Christine: You guys really should queue up that photo in the in the show notes of the stomach answering the telephone. Okay. So phone jack guy, all right. I always, maybe this was probably circa 2010 or 11. I’ll say no, I’m sorry, it was 2007. It was 2007 correction because that’s when I first came into this office that I’m currently in. And at the time I just for eight into my digestive focus practice and for the testing and all the stuff that I do, I was charging poultry 97 bucks for those urine tests to ship out the urine test. I mean, the urine test alone the kit cost $45, and I was charging 90 to like send it out, get the results. Ship it out, go over that. I mean, come on. Now.

Then I got some guts and I bumped it up to 197. Now I say this kind of laughing to you because I’m sure many of you listening are the same way which is you have so much worth of value for something that you do but you’re not getting compensated properly because you have fears and you have You know, self doubt and so on and so forth. So I moved into this office 2007 I hire a guy to put phones in, right? So I didn’t have a phone jack so this is why I call it the phone jack guy story. So here comes phone jack guy. He’s in my office for all of like, 27 minutes.

Hands me the invoice and I looked down and it’s $535 , $535 and I don’t know why that particular moment it clicked with me, but I was effing pissed because I’m like, fucking phone jack guy. I wanted $35. He’s here for 27 minutes. I’m literally helping people stop shitting their pants. I’m helping people get on airplanes to see their grandkids and I’m charging $197. What the fuck. So that’s when I got mad. And for me. Everyone’s different. I’m a little bit weird. So I get really motivated when I get mad. Yeah, my face gets red and I just like to put my head down and I get it done. Yeah. So I increased my price to 597 because I at least had the top phone jack guy and then I got more and more and more confidence. And then another breakthrough happens, which is similar to this.

It was like probably a circa. Now, 2011 2012, my business had plateau and it wasn’t growing at all. I had the whole wrong chemistry running my front desk, which is a whole another topic. Anyway, long story short, business was bad, okay. And I looked at my front desk, and I said, you know what, let’s just call this person person x. I’m like, you know what? Person x, I’m going to raise my price again. And he said, what are you talking about? We’re really dead.

You shouldn’t do that. I’m like, Nope; I’m worth way more than this. And so I brought my price up from 1497, let’s say to $2500.And the very next day when I had my first patient consultation, I walk up to the front desk, I put down the payment plan and I pointed to the one that the person picked and literally pointing here in my office as if people can even see me doing this.

And I remember a person x looked up at me with this gigantic smile and said it She didn’t say anything, but she just had this big smile and I walked down the hallway as she was checking this patient I’m never forget still makes me a little teary eyed but I walked down the hallway and I’m like crying my eyes out because I’m like Finally I stepped into my worth.

Patty: That’s so powerful

Christine :Huge and I’ve never looked back I mean now it’s just a matter of continuing to do that and and continuing to elevate and raise my game but any of you listening if you think that your price point is not enough look at a considerable comparison like phone jack guy compared to what you offer the world you know, like a phone jack guy can charge that why the heck am I not charging more when I’m doing so much more high value things in my view, you know, and so that’s all it matters is that you buy into it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks you need to buy into it.


Patty: And that’s exactly it. I mean, it’s the metaphor of Well, I think a similar story was where we had a problem with our fridge it wasn’t you know, keeping the refrigerator cold and we caught somebody he came over he move some things around, Literally moved around our stuff. He was there maybe 20 minutes, he charges $200. And the lesson is, it’s not the time necessarily as much as the expertise to know what it is that you need in that moment to help solve the problem, right? So each of us has a deep rooted expertise, like you’ve been in this game for decades now, right? Decades.

And so, you know, without a shadow of a doubt, you can tell by doing you’re testing by checking in by asking questions exactly what that person needs. So it’s the value of what it is that you do that is so important because like you said, people are crapping their pants, there’s a sense urgency there.


Christine: Literally and figuratively.

Patty: If you can help they and you say this to regain their confidence to regain their freedom that is worth so much that whatever it would take to get you there. So similarly, somebody’s in pain. Just think of it for yourself if you’re thinking about your business and I always talk about don’t play the price working because there’s no competitive advantage to being in the middle.

There is a competitive advantage to putting I always say, put your balls on the table and say I’m the best, right? And just like you say, on your Facebook Lives, I’m known all over the world Digestion Doc, like literally have people fly from Australia to come to see you because you know what you’re doing. And so you have to have that level of supreme confidence because it’s not about you. It’s the fact that you can help so many people and I think that really should help to reframe things.

So you’re not so concerned about but that’s not what the market will bear. You know what I mean, I’m sure everyone knows that they here all right. That is so good. Thank you so much for sharing. Yeah, and that that I forgot, but I didn’t know that you’re going to point out but it’s so true. When you told me I’m like, Oh my God, that’s such a good story.


Christine: Can I just follow up real quick on that? Yeah, absolutely. So before you for you worry about the competence and all that kind of thing of what you want to change your pricing to, you got to do the work to learn and master, your skill, your trade, whatever that is. Yeah, so that’s so huge, is that people think they can just frivolously raise their price without having that inner confidence that they’ve got the goods.

Like, I know, I’ve got the goods like, I know I’m one of the best doctors in the world. Because I’ve done the work, I listened to the body’s ability to heal. I respect the body’s innate intelligence and all the lustful things that the body is doing every day. And I rely on based on what I’ve seen in my studies and what I’ve put into application that there are results that I come to expect based on what I know and when I when I help my patients with if I were charging XYZ and not getting results. On the other end, I would feel really lousy and i don’t i don’t know how people could function that way.

So your level of competence and your level of how you’re going to charge it whatever has very much to do with you having that desire to want to be the best because you have something to offer the world whatever that is that you’ve done the learning you’ve done the research, but you’ve applied it. So it’s really important that I point that out because I was just studying my brains out about every little intricate part about the body, about the gut about digestion so that when I would come on on these Facebook Lives or whatever, and educate people, I knew what the hell I was talking about, you know, like, because it just goes back to that genuine thing. People are trying to fake stuff until they make it I understand a component of what that means.

I get that to an extent but it’s just so much more gratifying when you know that you know that you’ve got the answers and it just propels you to to share that information. You know, so I just wanted to share that little psyche solid I’m not telling people raise your prices I’m saying raise your worth and how you raise your worth is by you doing the work and being accountable to be the very best that you are whatever that is

Patty: Take that peeps take that being in integrity completely aligned, right? Come on. This is common sense in that it’s like if you’re raising your prices, but you’re not backing it up. Trust that you’re going to freaking crash and burn in the hardest way because the way you know karmas going to bite you right in the ass but if you’re aligned meaning you can back it up meaning you’re coming at it from integrity you know what you know you’re being that expert I mean you’re priming the pump like your prime for greatness in that so thank you for yeah for that clarification I’d love that raise your worth that’s the message I love it I love it buddy okay so what is a personal development or growth habit that you have that you found that’s really helped you?


Christine: Were right now present day it’s my Peloton bike I don’t know what this thing is doing to me. I mean I got a long way to go to get into my fit former self but the fact that I literally this is not even a joke as a present day of this recording. I am 30 consecutive days and on that bike 30 consecutive days ever since I got the dang thing delivered. I have not missed one day without working out so that for me, here’s what it’s done. Speaking of confidence,


Patty: Yeah,

Christine: This is the area that you know I’ve let follow short because I’ve compromised. Let’s face it. I’m accountable for what’s been happening. I’m not blaming anyone that’s just not my style with that, but it’s really amazing how much more uplifted I feel when I put on my clothes. When I’m even just walking around. I feel like I got my little Midwestern swagger going on with my quick growth hair, you know, bringing in the wind. I’ve got a little bit of a whistle. And Honest to God, I’m not even joking. I feel like I love myself so much more just because I finally got serious about that self improvement habit. So that would be what I would say to presently.

Patty: Yeah, to just incorporate the self care, right, incorporate


Christine: Cease the momentum behind the exercise because as a doctor, I feel like almost people in the health professional aspects of business, we’re probably the hardest on ourselves in some ways, because we know what we need to be doing. So when we fall short, it’s like, come on, man. You know, and there’s that goes back to that word of the integrity that you are bringing up.

Patty: Yeah, so


Christine: I guess that’s it. You know, it makes me feel more in integrity when I am taking care of that aspect and component of the health pie you know that slice exercise and movement is really key. So I would say that is my present habit.

Patty: Love it. I know you’ve been raving about the Peloton they should completely have you on some kind of address. But do you and your peloton, right?

Christine: I know they need it with my crazy hair flying all over the background promotion is great I would buy it I totally said

Patty: That so hypnotizing you gives me one of them bikes

Christine: Yeah, I’ll work on it.

Patty: Alright so what’s your definition of success?


Christine: Whoo. Definition of success. My definition of success success springing this on me. I didn’t get to practice any of this. By the way. Everybody this is real lifetime. My definition of success is loving what you do so much that you’re not afraid to give it away. To be generous.

To be prosperous and to to really Want more, not an a greedy kind of way. But just to see that there’s an abundant amount of everything available to us, especially this day and age and just having that zeal to want a piece of it, you know that it’s our birthright. Like, we are intended to be wealthy and rich, whatever people’s religious beliefs are. They say, God wants you to be rich. You know, Wayne Dyer, I love when he says stuff like that, or George Clason, and from the richest man in Babylon. These are all the same types of things like we are meant to be wealthy, healthy, alive, you know, like, I mean, when I say alive, I mean just exuberant.

So I think success is really tapping into that. But more importantly, I think that I’m thinking about this probably a shorter way to say it. I think success is seeing when you fall how fast you get back up that hole that’s what more successes how the shorter period of time that you’re allowing yourself to wallow or to be in self pity, the shorter amount of time that you make that increment. That’s what successes

Patty: Yes, because yes, yes, yes. Because it’s like a lesson something you’ve learned not given to victimhood that such a waste of time to put yourself in that position. You’re absolutely right. That was awesome. All right, buddy. Last question, after all is said and done, what you want your legacy to be?

Christine: That’s such a good one. I want my legacy to be that people saw me as somebody who truly cared for each individual person that I come into contact with. And that I left my mark about how health really does come from within and how intentional we need to be about paying closer look at what’s happened with the gut. You know, like if people think of me and my as my legacy as you know what that was the Digestion Doc, she taught me about what a perfect bowel movement is.

Or she explained to me what what ends I nutrition is or she taught me how like living raw things are alive and they help us digest food and we need to get back to ancient practices like like they did centuries ago. Any of those roads in that would make me very pleased to know that I had some impact and saving the 5 million lives that I’m aiming to do from the broken model.

Patty: That’s beautiful. All right. How do people get in touch with you tell them about your book I want I want to give a shout out. Your book will have it in the show notes. But for sure, talk about your book real quick.

Christine: So yeah, my book is called Gut Check. The subtitle is how the broken medical model is creating more sickness and why timeless healing principles are needed. Now, essentially, it’s an afternoon read, its 128 pages. I’ve done that intentionally because I want you to read every single page, I want you to consume the whole thing.

And what I’ve done is I’ve taken my nearly 20 years in business and I’ve thrown it into a book that’s conversational, but also packed full of actionable steps and quotes and tips and things like that. And if people want to get it from Amazon, the quick link to get there is bit. ly/getsgutcheck,

Patty: getgutcheck at the end and you just hit number one Amazon bestseller status in three different categories. Is that right?

Christine: Not number one. I was top 10 Okay, best sellers in the three categories. And the book is really officially launching later in the month but but that was just me.

Initial going on Facebook Live talking about the book kind of sales and I was up there competing with the likes of Daniel Amen and and all these other groovy people so it’s a it’s a trip writing a book it’s something that I think people need to get out of the way because I did a long time and once I just started getting into it, it got easier and easier and easier and I had momentum on my side.

So so that’s my book, gut check. And like I said, it’s an afternoon read and I hope you guys pick it up and take a look.

Patty: Thank you. Okay, all the information on how to get in touch with the digestion doc will be posted in the show notes. Dr. Christine has more. Thank you so much for being here. I adore you. Like literally, you’re one of my closest friends ever. We nerd out. We have fun we road trip. We do it all.

Christine: Be right back. Like I said, it’s really a joy to be on your podcast. You’re doing great work with helping people to tune in to what they want to leave behind, so to speak, because we’re on that we’re not all staying here that’s for sure. We’re all going to go somewhere else. And I Love you like nobody’s business. Like I tell Patty all the time, I would break you out of Kazakhstan prison. I literally would. I would run with all kinds of weaponry to break loose buddy.

Patty: I got your back. I will pick up a hubcap a quarter mile away. When you get into a car accident never really happened.

Christine: 100% and then like, step out on the girl. Give me a hard time and be like, Listen, you’re coming out hot.

Patty: So it was like, okay, basically, there was a car accident. This girl was getting a little bit too aggressive. I brought up my Chicago side and I put her in a place really quick,

Christine: better step off.

Patty: Yeah, exactly. It was like it happened really quickly. But I got to say our road trips are epic every time.

Christine: I agree,

Patty: Buddy. Thank you so much, guys. Thank you for being on her legacy podcast. All the information will be in the show notes and I appreciate you greatly. We’ll see you next time. Thank you so much for joining us on this episode of her legacy podcast.

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