Patty: Hey, hey Patty Dominguez here with episode number 16 of Her Legacy Podcast. Thank you so much for catching the show and I so appreciate you joining me. Maybe you are on your way to work or listening to me on Spotify because we are now on Spotify. Or catching the replay of the podcast on iTunes.

So thank you so much for checking it out. So this is Episode 16. It is a solo show where I am talking about how to love your business even when times are tough and you’re not necessarily feeling the love for your business. Now that could take a lot of different meanings meaning you’re going through a hard time maybe you’re working with a really crappy client. Maybe your just not in the mood maybe you’re feeling overworked. There’s so much here and as I think about all those things I just mentioned it’s because I have personally gone through them.

For example in the cases where I’ve been working with a crappy client that can be really training and the truth is that when it feels heavy when you are just not having fun anymore then it’s time to reassess how to make a change right. Being more specialized about or validating the types of clients that you are looking for qualifying is going to be a good fit.

Does it feel right so that when you take on a client engagement when you bring in somebody to your group coaching take on a one on one client working with somebody and maybe a partnership you realize that it is so important to be very discerning about how you screen that prospective client?

So with that make sure to have those guardrails in place make sure to set up the boundaries. This is a theme that came up in a group coaching that I’m a part of I’m a coach in it and we were talking about that very concept. The boundaries concept and just how important it is in really making sure that you’re honoring yourself first and foremost.

The theme that comes to mind we’ve had Lisa Carpenter on the show and she’s a fellow coach in this group coaching program that I mentioned. We were always talking about just pulse checking right. Hey, how’s it going with your business? Hey, what are you doing? It’s just the best at it. Which by the way big shout out to Lisa if you’re looking for somebody to help you just to be more emotionally resilient? That is her sweet spot. She’s incredibly great at it.

So we were exchanging communications the other day when we were talking about this very fact about putting up the boundaries honoring what you really want in your business making sure that you’re putting your needs first. And it is not selfish and I think we women especially are so keen to always act we us. Not always but some of us do put ourselves last and really check yourself pulse check. Are you doing more of that than you should be? Are you really honoring yourself in what it is that you need?

Are you saying no? Because that’s a complete sentence. And it’s OK to say no. Or are you just saying OK I’ll do it even though you really don’t want to? So when you start to get into those types of things you read you then experience the effects of your business feeling heavy and when the business feels heavy it’s just not fun anymore.

Maybe you’re just taking on way too much work and that’s another way a harder example of how the ripple effect of what it could mean is that you’re no longer loving your business like you used to with the same bright eyes and that you started it with because you’re just pushing at it too hard so check yourself stop and check yourself and say

Could I bring someone on to help me even part-time maybe five hours? Not a big deal. It doesn’t have to be expensive somebody just carries some low load. So you don’t have to feel alone and feel like you’re carrying the full weight of everything by yourself. Another example is if, for example, you’re not designating the right types of time. I know I’ve been very guilty of this in fact in 2018 I was burning the midnight oil quite a bit.

And your body just gives in and your body will tell you exactly what’s happening and so I stopped I assessed and I said OK this type of work is now sparking joy anymore. So I pulled back and I and I pivoted a little bit and I said OK that particular part of the work that I was doing I don’t love it. I’m good at it. But I don’t love it. So then I look at finding a way out of that and then focusing on the things that do bring me joy. Big shout out Marie Kondo where she always says: “Does it spark joy”. And that’s the same question that I would ask of you what you’re doing the work that you’re doing does it spark joy because if it does it it’s going to feel heavy.

And if it feels heavy it’s not going to be fun and if it’s not fun then you’re going to start to question wow is this really all worth it. The other side of it is really putting up the guardrails again the boundaries around setting a time limit being ok with shutting off the phone on Sundays something that I’ve done.

I completely shut my phone off on Sundays as a matter of fact it was really cool because a client of mine she contacted me on Sunday and just you know she left me a box of message and she was just kind of catching up on some stuff and then I happened to say, oh sorry I didn’t get the message that you left me because I shut my phone down completely from all social media from all interaction on Sundays.

And she said oh my God that’s so great. And see the world didn’t fall. The sky is now falling. If you just take a day off.

So those are all examples of at the very core of it. It’s honoring yourself and the root of what brings you joy and just really recognizing that you can love your business. And when you do love your business you’re being more cognizant of the love for your business is because you’re honoring yourself first.

So I thought I’d share that with you because it’s a great topic that’s been coming up lately around boundaries around just really asking yourself hey am I pushing too hard. Is this heavy? Should I be doing something different? Right. Are the people going I’m working with is it the right the right fit? Am I doing too much right? Should I be spreading the workload? Should I be taking on a specific type of work? Should I be giving myself just a digital-free day?

And when you do that you really recognize that you come at it from a fresh perspective at least at least I did on Monday when I came back to work. I enjoyed it. I got back to work and I said OK cool. I’m ready to start my week. I’m ready to put myself in the ideas that I have the creativity that I bring to the coaching calls that I have. And it’s because I’m refreshed and so I just wanted to share that with you. Today is Valentine’s Day 2019. Happy Valentine’s Day.

And if you’re catching this and it’s not Valentine’s Day 2019 doesn’t matter because all of this that I’ve covered is absolutely relevant. So the theme again is how to love your business even when the times are tough. Recognize that you are definitely not alone. Find that supports hire out even if it’s just a little bit at the beginning and increase as you go.


Believe that your business what you’re doing is important because it’s going to get tough. It’s going to go through the peaks and valleys and just recognize that it’s a passion project of yours. All the inspiration is coming through you. And just open up the channel so that is something natural and you’re not forcing it. I remember a little bit of progress is OK you don’t have to boil the ocean as I say just make sure to keep moving forward like Dory says in “Finding Nemo” which is one of my favorite movies for my kids and if I can support you at all please reach out OK.

And if you’re looking for help with what it is that you’re doing and your business definitely reach out you can find me at And I am happy to help you. There’s a contact form there. Let me know what you think about the show of course and we’ll see you on the next one.

Thank you so much for being here.





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