Patty: Hey there my legacy leader. This is Patty Dominguez. Goes with her legacy Podcast Episode number 19 featuring Ciji Siddons. Now Ciji I’ve known now for a while. She’s a network marketing professional when any professional and legitimately a professional. Her results have just been outstanding. What she has earned the way that she showed up in then the consistency and when she’s operated is very admirable.

So if you’ve ever participated in this type of a business model definitely listen closely and even if you haven’t been in network marketing there are very specific mindsets perspectives, interpretations that she has in the way that she operates which is absolutely something to take on for her stuff and really ask yourself, Hey wow she’s getting these amazing results.

Can I get those same results as well? Absolutely and if you ask her she’ll say 100 percent. So definitely take a listen you’re going to enjoy the show tremendously and of course that this is quite one if you haven’t already done so. And I hope you enjoy this episode my friend Ciji Siddons.

Patty: Ciji Siddons thank you so much for being on her legacy podcast it is such a pleasure to have you here.

Ciji: I want to thank you for having me. I absolutely adore you so I know you asked me to do I’m always a Yes.

Patty: Thank you. Thank you. Yes. We’re going to be talking about personality traits specifically where you come to mind for certain things.

But let me just say you know I’ll leave that as an open item. So I want to get braggy as I do with all my guests that come on. What do you believe your superpower is?

Ciji: I believe my superpower is it’s the ability to die on the treadmill. So if you’ve ever heard of the Wilson quote where he says you might be smarter than me you might be better looking than me might have me in 10 out of 10 categories the one place you’re not going to beat me is that we get on a treadmill together two days and a half and you’re going to get up or I’m going to die like my superpower is the ability to die on the treadmill.

Patty:  So aka tenacity?

Ciji: Tenacity persistence and how are you going to say it.

Patty: Absolutely. And so here is what I mean by that I just want to emphasize that one quality that you have because you are one of the people that come to mind where anytime I. Am almost always says well I’m pretty solid yes. Right. And if it’s a no it’s for a specific reason and I can count on one hand the times I’ve said no to you.

But anytime that I do say no I’m always like holy shit I have to say no. This is why because Ciji Siddons and this is such a part of her success and this is why I’m bringing it up. She’s relentless. She does not take note easily and by easily I mean while no is a complete sentence no is just no not right now.

And what I mean by that is Ciji. Is network marketing professional and has had an amazing trajectory of success in this particular career. So before we get to the highlights this gets to the story where did you start out before network marketing.

Ciji: That was awesome. The thing is that it makes me really happy that you don’t like to have to tell me No because I don’t want to tell me nowhither I know.

Patty: I know you don’t.

Ciji: So I started out I guess in my journey. I was waitressing and bartending on the Jersey Shore. So I always hated my claim to fame. If you watched the show on MTV that’s actually exactly where I bartend it. And at the time I was not thrilled with the direction my life was going quite honestly. But I didn’t even realize that network marketing was huge and I was looking for. I was introduced to network marketing through product experience because of a girl I. happen to Work with behind the bar and it was through that explosion that I started to slowly educate myself about the profession of network marketing. I started to find mentors and trainers and when I got into it I was. Not really.

The ideal candidate. I don’t think that anybody would be looking for when they were looking to build a network marketing business. I was introverted I was quiet. I wasn’t a big personality. I didn’t have a lot of faith or belief in myself because when I had an urge like that a little bit as I have a really amazing ability. To commit and see things through and the more I started to learn about network marketing and understand and understand the position that I was in with that.

The more committed I became to figure it out no matter how bad I was in the beginning. And truth you told that I was not good in the beginning but it was it was just a series of really learning the skills or habits the mindset and going through the process of it and it’s been seven years since I started building this business. I’ve been all-time in it for the last five and I mean it’s given me everything I could have ever wanted in life and where I always say I feel like my life is one that would’ve only existed in movies but it’s better because I get to do it where my friends are my family and the people I mean the most. And I just need people like you and you are actually really important in my journey and I don’t know that you always remember this.

We had a conversation very early on. You said something to me. I mean you said a lot to me that has really stuck with me. One of the things you said to me was. Ciji You doesn’t realize how lucky you are to be where you are in the company or in the position you’re in right now.

I’ve never been exposed to anything but where I was at that moment and that was what really made me wake up to kind of look at the profession as a whole and then compensation plans and understanding structures and understanding companies and really go to appreciate everything I had at my fingertips and I honestly just landed in because one of the things you actually said Were people spend their entire life looking for what you actually just felt into. That’s why I savor it.

Patty: Wow I didn’t even realize I think I remember saying that but I did. I did the fact that you would have brought that up here and now so that’s awesome that you heard that because it’s absolutely true. And why I wanted to have you on my show was more than anything just to distill to. I almost think it’s like such a mystery to people because most people that has exposure to network marketing it’s because of it kind of falls in their lap. It’s says something that people are looking for necessarily because you don’t know what you don’t know. Right. And so for me when I was exposed to it

I was like wow that’s a really interesting business model other people come at it from oh it’s one of those pyramid things right. So people may come in not knowing anything at all. Other people may come in with this stigma attached to it. But what I know is that.

You have the tenacity to have stuck with it. And I think one of the important things that I’d like to highlight if you don’t mind is a transparent moment because when I met you we met through a coach. We were both coaching with at the time. And it was in December of 2011 and we were both there for our own reasons. But really the gist of it was to improve to get that breakthrough to help move the needle forward in what we were pursuing at the time. Right.

And so you know within the network marketing space and I was witness to what is now gone down in history as like this insane the breakthrough that you had in front of everybody and it was so glorious and whatever. And one of the things that I really want to highlight is people see the fabulous Ciji Siddons on stage and all these accolades and all this immense success. But what people don’t really understand is what it took to get there.

And that’s what I really want to highlight is yes tenacity yes consistency yes perseverance but the work that you’ve done on your mindset has been absolutely pivotal because can you give just a little bit of an overview of where you were what that space was in your head in December of 2011 when I met you.

Ciji:  Yeah absolutely and I still remember that. It goes like it was yesterday and it feels like it was lifetimes going I’m sure you’d almost agree in that sense. But the place I was in I was something when I was earning 500 dollars a month and my network marketing business. I had been waitressing and bartending on the Jersey Shore. So I’m hit by Hurricane Sandy and I wasn’t very clear if I was going to have a job.

We didn’t even know actually the building that I work in was still standing. Post-hurricane and then on top of that I had just finished grad school where hoping to get a degree that would qualify me essentially for nothing but I actually found my comprehensive exam. So now I was going to have all of the staff generally not even get a degree and my life wasn’t really going and any certain direction and I certainly wasn’t like I sent someone a book at that point earning 500 dollars a month to my network marketing business and building it. At that point for about a year.

And I was really struggling and I. Don’t know that I’ve ever had a real rock bottom moment. But if I had to choose one it was probably around that time where I met you where I mean my belief in myself was so low my belief in the profession was absolutely there. But it was really I think I only struggle with my belief in myself and really believing that I could. Does something like this because I wasn’t an outgoing personality I wasn’t most likely to succeed or you know. greatest. Anything in high school and they give those superlatives. I was just someone who hadn’t got by but I was also always someone who

When I could commit to somebody I have. I think a really amazing ability to connect and once I see something I can’t unsee it. And I don’t know if it’s integrity or what it is but I can’t put my head on the pillow at night knowing I walked away from something that was proven to work. And so it was one of those things where I was watching people I knew had success and I absolutely had the conversation in my mind about if it could be for me if I could do it if I got so far into this thing that I was like so far in over my head all that went through my mind but I just kept going back to.

I’ll be damned if I walk away from this thing that I know works and have to look back in five years and say I wish I really stuck with it and that was really the driving force behind it. And I don’t like to suck at things. So why doesn’t necessarily even a financial goal? I was going after it was more I just wanted to prove to myself that I can do it.

Patty: Yeah. Well here’s the part that I love because I remember reading once and I will remember even where it was but it stuck with me as like anything in life you have to suck at it really bad at first until you suck less and then there’s a turning point in which you’re like oh I’m actually really good at this you know.

And then it just becomes an unconscious competence. But in order to get there, it’s like people think that you’re like I’m just really bad that I’m going to give up. You know what I mean. People don’t understand that there’s a whole cycle to that point where you’re like oh my god I was really bad at that. And that’s why I completely bombed that particular conversation or whatever it is.

And I absolutely agree. It’s just you just do it and do it and do it and get through the however 10000 hours that people talk about or have any conversations and all that in order to finally be good at it. So that’s awesome. Such a great perspective.

Ciji: It’s not that I don’t have those moments now where I wonder like am I good at this. I really do. I just end this one because I work so much and my skills and habits and my mindset really I just don’t have the tools to kind of like acknowledge the thought and then move on because I know it’s ridiculous and the end of the day and I know what’s going to help me I’m going to help me stay stock.

So I don’t think that look at me and my experience. I don’t know that having those moments ever stop. It’s just a matter of having fewer and further between and just being better able to kind of manage them.

Patty: Yes. So tell me about love. What are the key drivers for the switch that you had? Do you think it’s coaching is one of the main things that helped you.

Ciji:  In coaching mentorship. I mean would probably be like 99 percent of it for me because I was always willing to do the work right. That didn’t scare me. It was just a matter of not even knowing what work I was supposed to do. And I actually remember. Before I hired my first coach it was because I felt like I wanted to get somewhere but I felt like I just kept banging my head against the same wall and I had a moment of realizing that if you want.

Something to look different you’re going to have to do something different because you’ve tried everything at your disposal and none of it has really propelled to power. And so I’ve always kind of been a yes person. And when it comes to that genre. You were to call me and say Ciji you need to try X spicy things and I have a massive impact on you. I may yes. And I not just say yes now because of my financial situation. I was

Yes when I started this when I was really struggling and look at my bank balance because I just always believed that there was something else out there and I wasn’t afraid to invest in myself to find and finding people who at least were further along in their journey you me and really who believed in me was really really credible.

We always talk about at least in our marketing borrowing other people’s belief and I get that for a really long time. I was lucky enough to have mentors who really form belief from poor greatness into me all the time even when I wasn’t feeling myself and eventually you just throw that muscle where you can and start to look for other people.

Patty: That’s awesome. And how do you discern between a good coach and a bad coach is a just trial and error. Like if somebody is listening to this and say OK it sounds like I really need a coach to help kind of short cut time collapse whatever. How do you know what a good coach is in your opinion?

Ciji:  That’s a great question because I think I have had both and you know during over the last decade or so I think it’s on looking at their results that they produce their personal results their results for their coaching client really doing some research because I think in today’s day and age everyone and anyone can be a coach of everything and anything.

And it’s really easy to use the buzzwords and look really good in pictures and you know post on social media and. Appear to have credibility and I think it’s really important to do our homework on the people that we’re paying because at the end of the day it’s my responsibility and I feel like. I didn’t have a great experience because I didn’t look into it enough. So I think that’s important I think trusting that you know what you’re looking for trusting your gut on things.

There have been times where I’ve hired coaches are doing things and in my gut it didn’t feel right and I did it anyway and it didn’t go in the direction I would’ve wanted it to and then at the same time it waiting to desert-like not feeling comfortable with it and also realizing there was like a little bit of fear and nervous excitement around it around kind of knowing the difference between the two.

And so I think that’s a big part of it too but I really think especially now paying attention to what people have done in the past and doing your own research and not expecting someone else to find them for you.

Patty:  That’s really good. And then in terms of the company I mean I know that you’re blessed to have your first network marketing experience with a really great company. So what makes a great company in your opinion?

Ciji: I think there’s a couple factor I think one having a product that is emotional and visible so produces a visible result and is consumable is really important obviously that it’s safe and effective and it makes a difference for people so the product is important.

I think I’m learned more than anything and this is something I took for granted early on because it’s all I know having a compensation plan that really works your benefit is huge and there’s a big difference between multilevel marketing and network marketing. And so having a compensation structure that really supports humor and unlimited growth and creating real residual income versus shiny on draft on objects and getting paid really quickly upfront and maybe not having the potential to build long term well.

And I also think who’s running the show at the company is so important. Look at it. Do they have network marketing experience? Have they been successful in this profession where have they been in this for before? Do they know what it’s like to be in a field? I actually have some brand friends of friends and in every company and a lot of them had experience and struggles because the people leaving the company have never been in network marketing where they have no experience there. So then it’s hard to build on me. Never actually been exposed to before in the past.

Patty: Well that’s really good because in essence, it’s just a lack of congruency right. They’re not really being congruent. Yeah that totally makes sense. Okay so with that you’ve had really really great success.

Your top earner and your company really reputable company and one of the important things are what is it that drives you now to continue to produce. Right.

Because you still have the same level of excitement that you did when you were building and when you were hitting of the markers on a personal level and the rewards and the accolades and the stage presence and all that. So why do you do what you do now?

Ciji: When I did it I want to be really clear when I first started I was doing it for the money just plain and simple. I needed more money in my life when I was doing was not creating very much of a lifestyle. At this point, because I got myself to acclaim right I earn a really amazing income. Now I do it for the stories of the people on my team that I get to hear.

It’s the text messages that I wake up to in the morning and the recognition that my team is getting and seeing them excited and lit up and exposed the possibilities.

Now I’m doing it for everybody else’s for the new people and am having an impact on them and it’s showing them that it’s possible. I mean that’s the only thing at this point I think that drives me is knowing that we have something so amazing when there are so many people out there that are just like me that have never been exposed to before.

Patty: So let me offer a perspective outsider looking in. I think because it’s the same type of thing it’s compensation initially. And then it boosts contribution. And I think you’re in that contribution stage where it’s about the contribution that fulfills you I mean that’s why

I do what I I do it for contribution and then for me my part in helping people to leave a legacy and what drives me. And I think we live that in parallel because I think that it’s great to get the money but it’s even cooler to be in contribution and to have an impact on somebody’s lives. I mean can you give me an example of somebody that really was you’re like oh my god I’m going to ugly cry because it’s such a good story.

Ciji: Oh my God, I have so many. And the reason I touch on the money early on is that I think a lot of people come into network marketing thinking I just want to help all these people. And that’s full and great. That’s really what drives you. But I also think it’s OK it’s like compensation can drive you.

Patty: Absolutely.

Ciji: So probably my favorite story I shouldn’t say favorite there’s so many that I love but like I said I had waitress and bartenders at Jimbo’s Bar and Grill at Seaside Heights that’s the shameless fun for my favorite. On the planet. I worked there forever.

The people who owned it were my bosses for almost a decade and it got hit by Hurricane Sandy and even though the building was still standing. Tourism in the area was dead for a really really long time so businesses couldn’t even bring in income even if they were able to withstand a hurricane. And so about a year after Hurricane Sandy, I had a conversation with Ernie my chef and Michelle Jackson they were the owners. Of the place that I worked and also really good friends of mine. And I sat at their kitchen table and was talking about the opportunity that I had and they were actually telling me about what they had experienced over the last year.

Because of. The hurricane and what they lost in terms of finances and the debt that they were and their three kids and so much goes along with that. Your source of income essentially been frozen. Yeah. So sitting at their table and having a conversation I’ll never forget it about what they wanted to create for themselves in network marketing and the next six months 12 months two years and to see them.

And this is not typical and it doesn’t happen to everyone and they work really really hard but to see them earn a six-figure income in a six months’ time period and essentially save their family from bankruptcy saved their business so that way they could continue at this point now seven years later six years later still owning that business and now let it be thriving. But knowing that it wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for network marketing. I think that’s my favorite story.

Patty: Wow that’s amazing.

Ciji:  Yes.

Patty: That so great.

Ciji: You watch people you loved and that much go through such a challenging time. And then on the other side and we always say now.

It was almost like a perfect storm but it was such a blessing in disguise because a lot would come from going through that horrible experience, now you have two businesses that are producing six-figure incomes.

Patty: No that’s awesome. That’s great. So yes that was a great plug for Jimbo’s. In.

Ciji:  Jimbo’s Bar and Grill in Seaside Heights.

Patty: Okay they are giving a great link back. That would really good for search engine optimization. We’re turning the corner what personal development or growth habit do you have aside from Great hair?

Ciji: Yeah. I mean obviously great hair. There’s no camera for this podcast when it comes out because that may not be debatable. I plug into something every single day. It’s just become such a habit in my life so I usually wake up and I actually do the same thing because I think we got this from a mentor that we both had where I write when I’m grateful for what do I want an experience that day.

And what do I want to manifest and actual text it too? I’m we have it. And so that’s actually how I start my day and then I always listen to something whether it’s a book or a podcast or some kind of. Mindset personal development something I am I would say a seminar junkie I love live events. I love going to places where I can really feel the energy of the experience.

And I love the opportunity to learn new things and I actually have this real love-hate relationship with personal development and that the more confronting that it is. The more I want to do it even though it’s sometimes so Abrante.I don’t know that answers the question.

Patty:  Yeah totally answers the question. OK. What TV character movie star recording star best would be a symbol for your life?

Ciji: That might be the hardest question anyone has ever asked me. Let me think.

Patty:  Yeah.

Ciji: That’s a really good question. All right so I’ll say this because it’s the name of my dog Madonna.

Patty:  So why Madonna.

Ciji: Because 1 she’s an icon and she only needs one name. She just goes by Madonna. And she’s a disrupter in the music industry. Everybody knows who she is or like her or dislike her or love her music or don’t really love her music.

She’s willing to take a stand for what she believes and show up exactly how she wants to without ever worrying about what anyone is thinking or what the press is saying or anything on those lines.

Patty: There is a good answer. I knew you would say that actually.

Ciji: Did you.

Patty: I did. I was I guess writer-producer. Right. Looking at her precious cup at this moment. OK so how about if your life were a song. What would the title be? Or is there a song that comes to mind.

Ciji: So when I used to bartend Yeah I don’t know I said I use to bartend at Jumbos at Seaside Height.

Patty: The show wills going to extend. Can you please go on a podcast for me I literally can’t get in a plug right now?

Ciji: That was a good laugh but I used to look at see the ocean I use to look at the ocean and there were these Jojo songs had to be like 2000 where it was. There’s got to be more to life than chasing around all of these very heights.

Patty: Oh I love it.

Ciji:  I can sing That song in my head over and over again like I always look at the ocean just thinking like there has got to be more to life than what I’m doing and I’m so always so grateful that I at least have the capacity to think because I don’t even know how some people are able to think has kind of where they currently are.

And I just always knew there had to be something else out there I didn’t know what it was and didn’t know how to get direct It was so unclear on so much of it and so much of it. I just always believed that there was something else out there for me.

Patty: Oh my god that is such. I literally got chills because it was almost like a mantra inside of you intuitively knowing that you were searching for more and it came to you it’s like you manifest it bad.

Ciji: Yeah.

Patty:  That is so cool.

Ciji: Thank You.

Patty: Yeah I know it really is right. And one more question what was your dream as a child.

Ciji: You know I’m being honest it was probably to be a hair model.

Patty: Really.

Ciji: Yeah I love a dress. And I love the hair as well. But it wasn’t really in my cards. I mean I went through like I want to be a veterinarian and I went to my first college to be a teacher which clearly that lasted eight days before I dropped out. I had a lot of dreams.

But I do remember telling my sister that when I was a child when I was older I said I want to find a job that will let me go to the gym in the morning because that’s when I feel the bus go out to lunch when I want to go out to lunch and get a tan and whatever I combined it’s going to pay me for that. I mean and she was like Yeah Good luck.

And here we are not going to get paid for those things specifically but I’ve been able to create a life where I can have as much of those things in it that I want.

Patty: That’s exactly what you experience because I’m staying at your house in La Joya when you used to live there. And I remember you had that one time when it was like Tara was there Vicky was there it was so funny that house that you had in La Jolla.

And then we got up we went to spin class and then everyone got like bowls or fruit juice and we’re just kind of wandering around that we went for sushi I’m like oh my god this is literally the best life ever. And I told you that. And then you’re like isn’t it awesome I get to live this way every day.

Ciji:  I know.

Patty:  It was just so great.

Ciji: You need to knock and visit and we’ll do it again.

Patty: I know I really do have so much fun with you. That’s for sure. Ciji Siddons and thank you so much for being on my show. One last question that’s really important and I want it like to be super fact provoking after everything is said and done.

What do you want? Your legacy to be.

Ciji: I want my legacy. To be. That I did everything I set out to do. That’s it.thats all I got.

Patty: That’s it. Love that Super sustained tan and that’s it. Yeah. And I am fairly certain that you live that way all the time and it’s just who you are. All right.

How do people get a hold of you and get to the kind I spy on your hair status. And how you drink celery juice which we need to talk about that real quick after I stopped the show. How do people get a hold of you?

Ciji: You have so much to talk about after this show you can hold on me on Facebook Instagram @cijisiddons… I’m probably the only one on the planet. So you could find me there.

Patty: Yes. All right thank you Ciji. For being on the show.

Ciji:  Love you.

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