Hey hey, my Legacy Leader’s Patty Dominguez here in this episode. It’s just me with real talk. Things that I’ve come across concepts that I hear about that I want to share with you because I share with my clients and they get an aha moment and then I say woo I got to share that one it was a good topic So what I want to share is the kind of an extension of a concept that Simon Sinek talks about.

He has it the whole Golden Circle start with “Why Book” which is absolutely stellar came out quite a while ago and it is such a great concept of asking yourself as a business owner as a brand. It’s not what you do. People don’t follow what you do or how you do it but why. Why is it that you do what you do? And so when you hit the why and you share the why. It is a very powerful concept.

And he gave the analogy and I’m going to paraphrases heavily where when Martin Luther King Jr. was giving his speech people didn’t follow him because he had the exact components of his plan. They followed him because he talked about why-why he was up there what he was standing for why it mattered why this was a movement that people could get behind. And it was very powerful. So when you hit on all the right points with why in mind.

That’s what makes a difference. So as I was thinking about this I related to kinds of mine is talking about your reason for being. Now back my corporate days when there was a new product product introduction innovation I’d sent in on some of those meetings and I remember hearing where people say well tell me about the reason for being what’s the brand’s reason for being like

What is it? What. Why do they do? Why do they exist? And so I was talking about that concept with a kind of mind. And I said Well just consider it this way. Consider is what your promise is. Right. And so I figure if there’s different ways of saying things sometimes someone will hear it one way and that’s when it hits the mark and I could see the epiphany and that’s just the best. And I said what is the promise? What do you promise your ideal customer?

What is the promise that no matter what you stay? Tried and true to this concept and then that’s when they got it. And the promise is all about the promise that you’re making of what do you want your customer to know about you. What do you want them to know about your brand your business? What are the stories to support that promise? Do you want them to hear about and then it really comes down to reminding people what you want them to know about you?


Your brand your business and the brand behind it is a difference maker and that and the way that the brand establishes its equity the brand equity is when you’re telling that story over and over and over again where you’re telling your promise over and over and over again and then you’re delivering on that promise. That’s it. The promise plus the delivery of the promise helps to build the brand as easy as that now that is a question to you for you to think about.


What promise do you want to make to your customers? What do you want me? If I were an ideal customer what do you want me to know about you about your business? Maybe your story. What is it that you want to share? And then it’s just a matter of you repeating it succinctly consistently so that it resonates over and over and over again so that people then remember it and they share it with others.

And so for me my promise as I’ve evolved as a business owner it is not about the funnels that I can help to explain how to create it’s not about the traffic strategy that matters. It’s not any of that. What I share with my clients with my prospective clients once I’ve really honed in on who I wanted in my life as a client because I really consider my clients my friends and I thoroughly enjoy working with them and I’m pretty selective about it too. In other words, I really want to make sure it’s going to be a great connection because when the connection is great and the promise is mentioned and the promise is established and it’s clear in their head they making a buy decision.

They’re investing in the relationship in working with me. And so my promise is all around helping my clients to leave a legacy. That is why I have her legacy podcasts that is why I talk about the importance of legacy. And guess what. When I started sharing that promise the vision of how I am so lucky to be able to participate in helping my clients to leave their legacy.

Wow, that’s so rewarding. It’s rewarding because I get to be a part of their vision. It’s rewarding because I get to be a part of their movement and it’s rewarding because we’re seeing this goal together of helping them leave their legacy. So that is my promise to them is that whenever I get into an engagement to me don’t worry about the mechanics around any of this.

Talk to me about your vision and then it’s a matter of creating a strategy plan to help get you there. So that is my promise to them so that they can leave their legacy. So my question to you is as you are hearing this and you’re thinking about well what can I do to be different.

What can I do so that I’m standing apart? What can I do? Start with that. Start with really understanding, of course, understanding your client who’s your perfect customer because I’ll tell you as much as I used to say it until I actually sat down and did it and created a vision for who I wanted to attract. It was amazing. I wrote it down. I clipped a picture. I put it into such a way that I literally every single client on my roster is exactly my ideal customer.

So if you’ve ever thought about like Yeah yeah I’ll get around to it. I’ll go ahead and do that. I’ll get around to it. I’m telling you do it because it is extremely powerful and that’s exactly what happened when I put into very specific contacts who I wanted to work with. That was part one. And of course, I wanted to reestablish. Why. Why I was doing what I was doing right. Going back to the whole Simon Sinek start with why is it that I’m doing. And then, of course, it was important for me like how do I relay that how do I express that promise.

You know how do I build stories and how do I share that so that it’s clear and my perspective client that I’m in it with them. You know I meant it for the long haul. I mean it and I mean it to see their vision through it becomes a very powerful combination. And the really cool thing about it is that it ties into the emotion of why it’s just so important for me to help them. So my question to you is are you relaying the promise that you want to make to your customers.

Do they know that promise? Is it clear and if it’s not. Ask yourself what is it that I want them to know. What is it that I’m promising them?

And am I saying it over and over and over again so that the more they hear it the more they know it’s the real deal? OK.

So that is my challenge to you is think about the promise of what you’re going to deliver and then make good on providing that for them make good on the promise. So there you have it. That is my real talk. Those are the ideas that are brewing in my head.


And I just wanted to share with you because it’s a very powerful process when you go through that. The cool thing about it is once you have it clear in your head and you talk about it and you relay that and you express the sentiment of that promise what’s fascinating is that your quote-unquote sales quotient is going to go. You know the sales that you make will go up the stick factor the lifetime value extends. Why. Because you’ve made it so clear to them what you promise and then you deliver on it. So hope you enjoy this episode if you haven’t already done so please get the subscribe button. Because as you know every week I’m featuring another legacy leader an amazing woman that is in it to win it and sharing her story about how she’s leaving her legacy.

So catch that episode it. It airs every Wednesday and then every now and then I have an episode called Real Talk. Just like I’m having right now or I’m sharing some insights things are going on that I want to impart with you in hopes that they will create an aha moment for you too. All right. Thank you so much for joining me today wherever you are and here’s to your legacy.

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