Patty:  Raeeka Yahgmai welcome to Her Legacy Podcast I always just know yours Raeeka. We are both in a mastermind together as well as having participated in group coaching and all that stuff and you, you’re just Raeeka

To me it’s kind of like when somebody asks about like a famous celebrity there is only one Raeeka in my world. That’s why I go we get I’m like. I don’t think I’ve ever said your last name but regardless welcome to Her Legacy Podcast.

Raeeka: Thank you. Thank you. I do feel like a celebrity.

Patty: Well okay so the cool thing is in this episode we’re going to get a two for one. And by that I mean one of the passions of Raeeka is known for and is just an expert at is dating. Dating for single women. And at the same time, we’re also going to be diving into her business.

This whole thing about being a dating coach and how to set yourself apart. So really meaty great conversation chock full of wonderful things that you can take away. So my first question is I like to get braggy with my guests. What do you believe Raeeka is your superpower?

Raeeka: My superpower. I’m Raeeka. No, I’m kidding.

Patty:  You’re so funny.

Raeeka: Well I mean my superpower is that I. Really “Love what I do” I. I just I mean I it lights me up what I do is I don’t have to think twice about did I make the right decision.

You know. And I think that. What sets me apart is the fact that I. Is that what you mean by superpower? Like what sets me apart or what.

Patty: Yeah we have to leave this one space that you know that you’re damn good at.

Raeeka: I’m damn good at helping. Women. Empowering them and attracting quality men in their lives.

Patty: Perfect.

Raeeka: That’s where I. That’s where I shine.

Patty: That’s amazing. So how do.

Raeeka: You know I’m good at being on stage because I’m an opera singer.

Patty: I know I see that oh my gosh which is a total segue we have to get into but for this right now. How did you get started in this line of work of being a coach in this space?

Raeeka: It had actually a lot to do with me being a very tortured performer for many years and because the world of classical music is very you know 1400’s. It’s stuck in the past. And so it’s very. It is.

I mean at least at the time that I went to school had nothing to do with mindfulness and consciousness and nothing like that was very you know patriarchy very you know you do what I tell you or get out kind of bang. And. So that and also 11 relationships that didn’t work out that the guys cheated on me.

And I finally after my fiancé left it kind of with a text message for Sex and the city I realized I am the common denominator between all these 11 guys. So you know the combination of like getting my confidence totally why nobody can break your confidence of being in an environment where my confidence was not being built in the opera world and constantly walking on eggshells and then having the situation with men.

I was just like you know what I’ve got to figure out what’s going on with me. And I got into really working on me. I really that was a big aha moment when I realized I’m the common denominator.

Patty: That is a very humbling moment as well to be accountable for the fact that looking path past in terms of other relationships that you had and why they did it work and so switching because most people wouldn’t have the wherewithal to think Oh it’s me.

You know most people would say oh it was him. And then he did this and then the other one did that. And really placing the blame and so for you to look inside and to really realize like wow this has something to do with me. That’s really amazing.

So how did you? Because it sounds like being an opera singer a trained opera singer had you in a place of as I’m interpreting you correctly. A lot of fear.

Raeeka: In that world is still backward.

Patty: And so. Do you think that fear was also a part of the way that you felt in the relationships that you had?

Raeeka: Hundred percent hundred percent and almost half my of my partners were actually opera singers. So you know and there is there’s this huge difference between I mean talk about equality that it just doesn’t exist. And you know women still get paid less than men in that war. It is just it’s ridiculous. But yes it had a lot to do.

And you know there’s something I want to I want to add into this because I don’t want your listeners to be like well you know we’re not all as enlightened as Raeeka is you know to hear that all of a sudden you don’t realize where the common denominator. This was work in progress.

I mean you know I got really you know like finding the love you know being and being an opera singer required me to audition you know hundreds of auditions you know I mean and being rejected all the time like any business woman or any business. You know a smart business savvy person who puts herself out there and the sells you know some people get your product and some don’t. I. Fell into a big depression before this.

You know enlightenment came over so it was work in progress. And you know I always had two mentors. Jim was our coach is one of them Jim’s Fortun and then you know when my voice teacher Jane Randolph who was and they start with Jane are you crazy they initiate she is my mentor and she’s really she’s the one who got me started on looking inside and trying to figure out what’s going on.

So this was this was coming you know about four years before this realization and thank God for that realization because that’s how I became you know I built this business.

Patty: Exactly. So the whole purpose of kind of drying on that the fear the self-doubt what you brought in from your business your career side into your personal life it all kind of it blends together because inevitably you can’t separate them clearly and so I’m bringing this back to the listener who is maybe in a situation where you’re working extremely hard and we know that that doesn’t necessarily give you the net results that you’re looking for.

And I know that the performance arena. You are you all are true athletes. I mean some of the hardest working people I’ve ever seen because I have a son who is in this space and so I just know incredible diligence and so when you do that it’s at the sacrifice potentially of really building a relationship that is meaningful.

And having the heart to cultivate that. So tell me because I think this is so perfect like. Entrepreneurs or people that are self-employed or building their own business. They’re doing it potentially at the sacrifice of the relationships.

Raeeka: Oh yeah. And this is why I love working with you know high achieving and ambitious women because those are the women who time and again say I don’t have time for a relationship. I don’t want to waste my time on a relationship and many times the fear of. If I am with a man he’s going to take away everything that I’ve built in his.

You know this fear of losing their freedom losing their life that they feared to lose their authority where they are. And all of that is just as you say you know as you and I know. It’s an interpretation. Right. And I hope I realize I grew up because I’ve been doing this for 25 years as a professional presenter.

I grew up in an environment where as far as I can remember when I was like you know 22 or 23 I was told that hush-hush if you have a boyfriend, don’t talk about it. I have friends who got who lost the role that they were given because they were pregnant.

Patty: Oh my Gosh.

Raeeka: Oh yeah I’m not kidding. This is a fruit. I mean again I asked if things have changed. Right. I mean as we know the conductor of the Metropolitan Opera was fired because of the #MeToo Movement.

Things are changing in the classical world but it always behind is off. I get it. When a woman you know or when as you know very focused work oriented woman. Says I don’t have time. For a relationship.

Patty: So you’ve identified that moment in which they say and they could be a moment that lives with them consistently. Oh, I just don’t have time for that. So tell us what are the things that keep. These women single.

Is it just because it’s comfortable being single and keeps doing what they’re doing or like what it is like what keeps them are they are for ok fear.

Raeeka: Fear. 100 percent is fear and. And you know and. It’s it’s basically here’s the thing. You know and this is something I want to give credit to Jim because that’s really where I I I was able to put words to what I was feeling.

You know we either can think in a vertical way or we can think in a horizontal way. Right. And when we get stuck in horizontal thinking and there’s just that seed of fear that says what you don’t get in the relationship. A man is going to come and change your life. And then-then the horizontal thinking. Another thought is made and another thought is made and another thought is. And before we know it we’re stuck in this chain of. Really interpret nothing but interpretations.

Nothing but what we made up in a matter of seconds for ourselves. And then because smart people who get are people who have their own business. They’re smart they are ambitious they are opinionated right. You have to be right because you believe in yourself. You have worked on your confidence. But here’s the thing. When you. Have that’s.

The quote-unquote I’m doing air quotes smarts. You also think that you’re saving yourself or holding yourself back from getting into a mistake. Right. So what do you do? You want to protect yourself. So you started having these thoughts to protect yourself and what you don’t really realize is you’re actually sabotaging your productivity or sabotaging your success because human beings and I don’t care what what of a relationship you know.

You know if you’re gay if you’re straight if you’re whatever you are we are made to be in pairs. We are made to have partners. It’s just it’s an instinct it’s its science it’s not it’s not a matter of Raeka’s opinion. So when. We go against that. It’s against our nature it’s against the flow. It’s against what actually makes us derive. In what we’re doing.

Patty: So I’m sure you’ve coached just you know so many people through this of what is in your opinion that as a savvy single lady. What are some thought-provoking? You know to stop you stopped to get thinking and say wait a minute. Is this me in my operating on fear. So that you do have some tips like a call to action for them to recognize.

Listen its time. To focus on what’s really going on here. Right. The fact that you are not in a relationship maybe you don’t want to be in a relationship but ask yourself this question a deeper question how would you how would you get them to stop in their tracks and realize if there is.

Raeeka: Well here’s the thing I always say I’m not in the business of convincing anyone that they need to find love right. You’ve got to be it just like it just like you know we can’t convince somebody to build a business. If that’s not what they want so I can’t I can’t you know for someone to see what I’m seeing which is you know steps ahead of the situation. Obviously, like any coach that’s right. So here’s the thing. I guess.

You are if you are operating from fear I can tell you when you go to bed at night. These are some of the thoughts that you have. Is this it. Am I ever going to share this with someone? What if I am 80 years old and I’m alone.

Do I want to leave any legacy other than my job? You know you want to have kids. And if the thought of that comes to you but then the fear stops soon in your tracks and says no you shouldn’t be doing that right now. It’s not the time right now you have you know your priorities are that you have to build the business or fix your roof or you know get a car or whatever it is.

Right, all these excuses that we come up with. I mean just nothing but excuses. Because finding love is something so instinctual that there is and as Jim’s as plain and simple. There is nothing good about finding love that is against you being a successful businesswoman.

In fact, you are a and I will say this. I bet some of your audience is going to like Shrek they’re you know their shoulders or be like whatever you know and I say this again because maybe you will listen that you are sabotaging your business because when you do have to love your energy. Is going to be very different. It’s a fuel. The first person I want to talk to Patty when I enroll a client when I launch a program and its success when I nail an audition is Tim. It always is Tim. So you have found love. Of course yes.

Patty: As a dating coach you walk the talk. So what was it?

Raeeka: You know there might be a day that we might not be a match and that’s ok too.

Patty: Right. So OK so that said like what is it that people receive from your coaching that you’ve seen time and time because you say dating with confidence so.

Raeeka: Oh my goodness. The first thing that happens before they’re coaching because I work you knows with working you know as a high achieving ambitious women who are career women and their career-focused women who have focused on their career all this time and then you know they’re like shit I guess I want to be in.

You know I want to be in a relationship what happens. Right. So that’s when they realize they need help. Right. So I’m sorry what was the question or what happened to them. OK so what happens is before they find love time in again again they’ve either nailed an interview.

And they got the promotion when they many of them are like I cannot believe I finally got off my butt. And I you know changed my job. They become entrepreneurs. You know like they finally bite the you know what is it. Bite the bullet.

Patty: Or yeah that’s the expression Bite the Bullet.

Raeeka: You know I hear these things as a foreigner but I don’t know sometimes its part of the expression just doesn’t stick with it. Yeah exactly. So you know they they become on. I mean time and again that has happened. I make all of my clients read dollars fought so easily.

Patty: So there’s definitely a correlation. Between having that synchronicity or the synergy that happens when you are in love and things are flowing and you bring that and it just crosses over into your business and it just makes the business better.

Raeeka: One hundred percent because here’s the thing. Our love life is the only part of our life that is related to all parts of our life our love of life is the most intimate relationship that we have and with ingenuity. That in order to be intimate with and I help single straight women. So what this is for anybody. So with intimacy. If you want to be intimate with a man or with your partner you must know how to be vulnerable.

It’s impossible. To find that and that’s why you know. Hide shooting an ambitious career focused women have a hard time finding love. Not all of them, of course, you know those who do have a hard time because the vulnerability is missing now. As entrepreneurs, we also got to learn to be vulnerable but we don’t need to be vulnerable about every aspect of ourselves.

I mean we are bringing a partner into our lives where sharing our bank accounts with them we’re sharing our home with them. Maybe our kids with them you know we’re sharing our sexuality with them. We’re sharing our mannerisms as an as a human with them. I mean we’re sharing a bed with them.

Patty: Yeah.

Raeeka: Right. So your love life examines your financial life your career life your health live your real your communications your spirituality. All of that goes. In to question for the person who wants to find love so that normally what happens with me is they’ve they get a jump in their careers or business.

Patty: Fantastic

Raeeka: And then they they start building. Confidence Confidence. And self-esteem are two very different true selves. Confidence. Is very different than self-esteem self-esteem is when you constantly get a at school. And you’re like yeah I can do this. But confidence is really related to self-love. When you love yourself and true. When in my method the you know I teach you know I walk my women through the quality man method. Right.

And what do we do? We break patterns that are not working. We reprogrammed that dating operating system. And you know that the way that we’re showing up and so that we can find love when you really a goal. Into this process, you realize that. That. You’re building this. Deep Self-love for yourself and I know it’s cheesy you know love your love for you love somebody else.

Patty: Yeah But it’s true.

Raeeka: But when you do that. Finding a guy and onboarding a guy you know you know I’m talking like business language But boarding a guy. into your life is a piece of it. It happens so. Much with ease. I mean I’ve had single mothers with you know like the whole Brady Bunch happen with my clients. I’ve had you know women who are you know I’m you know picky.

You know I like to travel the world and he needs to be this that and the other find love. You know it’s it’s possible for anyone to have that. And it’s it all has to do with the way that we. Really truly. Respect ourselves and trust our self a person who truly loves herself and trusts herself will never say a guy is going to come and take my freedom away because you trust yourself that you’ll never let that happen. But at the same time, you don’t have to wear your boxing gloves so to speak and go out there in the dating world and you know showmen who you are.

You don’t have to wear pants. You can still be very feminine and you can be that feminine energy because you know I always say if we want women and men to have true equality at work there needs to come a time where we all Embrace as women we embrace our femininity. Are feminine energy the nurturing listening compassionate because that’s what’s missing in the man’s world and that’s because our natures are different whether we like it or not as much as we want to be equal. One has a setup something that the other doesn’t on their body.

So we are a difference. And you know I always say to my to women who are career-oriented look at RBG. Or RGB who RBG Ruth Bader Ginsbarg.Look at her When she was starting she always wore her skirt. She always talked softly and that if you watch the documentary she says her mother taught her to always be a lady. And what did that mean to listen? And that was her key to success because she let these guys blah blah blah talk all they want to talk.

Patty: Wait and she was supposed to take kind of a secondary seat at the table because that’s the way that she was taught and so she was like really quieting her power.

Raeeka: No she listened she let them blabber and then.

Patty: And then she came in.

Raeeka: And then she came in. No no no no. Her mom was always like her mother always told her makes sure that you are an independent. And she was a lady and if you see her talking and she was a beautiful woman. I mean talk about attraction. And she’s a very attractive woman. So she had a lot of you know that of that going on and she what do you think. Got her to be on the Supreme Court. How do you think she got there.

Patty: But it was almost like she let everybody blabber and then she made her calculated right. She put herself in a place where she was being heard after all the noise was gone.

Raeeka: Well that was her way of attracting people to listen to her. That’s right. But the person the reason she got on the Supreme Court seat. Now if I’m saying it right now is. Her husband. She had a partnership with her husband her husband believed in her. Her husband. Lobbied for her. Her husband wrote to Clinton. Wow. Her husband said. That. I ‘m looking at this woman and she has to be out there. And and he she could he could in fact like not father but he could just sit back and do nothing.

Patty: Right. That’s right.

Raeeka: That’s what. A real partnership does for your business to think twice when you think that your business or many times you know I’m remodeling my house so I don’t have time for this. Then you’re not prioritizing.

Patty: Right that was a better imperative.

Raeeka: Let’s just say it’s not about it’s never about time or money. You know that you guys are all entrepreneurs. Let’s get real. Yeah. It’s about that fear that tells you that if I do this does that mean I’m putting my you know mind on the wrong thing my energy on the wrong thing. I mean look at her life and let’s all learn. And this is a woman who is in pop culture now.

I mean she is. The other thing about it is that. She. Never forced herself she wanted to be a mom. She never went into the marriage with this fear that she is going to you know to bring this man into our lives and not be who she wants to be because she knows she wants to fight for equality and justice like that was her. Dream.

Right. Like all of us you know women entrepreneurs who are trying to leave a legacy. You know of ourselves. So. She found a man that was not the woman in the relationship but the man understood his strengths and her strength. That’s what true partnership is.

Patty: And they complement each other because of that.

Raeeka: Yes. That’s what Tim and I do. I don’t for a second. Sacrifice my business or my and I do too. You know I mean I am a love strategist right. And dating strategies for women. And I also I’m a professional singer. I have liked a Wagner concert coming up in two weeks. So it is not a joke.

The amount of time I have to practice and coach and go to voice lessons you know so it’s it’s a busy time and Tim is there for me. And likewise, he is right now changing gears he used to you know he’s a website design developer and he was working for himself and he’s the one that he likes to work. For a company he doesn’t like the management parts look he’s looking for a job and we all know looking for a job is a lot of, it’s work. So I support him.

So when I can’t I do the dishes. When he can’t he does that. There’s no like you know you have to do it or I have to do it. We come this from a place of love. It’s when you come from a place of love. Anything is possible.

Patty: So tell tell me about your business so somebody. And what do they get from hiring some of the concierge services that you provide? I supposed to say going to E Harmony or match right to say oh OK I’ll just go out like that. I want to be practical about it. What’s the difference. What’s unique about what you do.

Raeeka: Well because I’m Raeeka I’m not kidding. Just the mere fact that I’m Raeeka here’s the deal you can go on and all the apps in the world that you want but if you’re dating operating system is broken. And if you’re showing up in that area with. Fear or merely just not knowing how to do dating in the 21st century which is a very different world than where our sisters or mothers or cousins got you knows married.

And obviously, I mostly work with women in their late 30s and up. Right. That’s that’s the women I’m talking to though though I do have people in their 20s you know. I mean some some of them want to get started earlier with you know knowing how to know the ropes so and that’s fine too. But when you go into that arena what are you going to do. It’s exactly what. Einstein said.

You know you’re going to do the same thing over and over and over which is the because you haven’t changed anything. And it’s the definition of insanity. What I do. The difference is, of course, we’re going to go on the apps for soul teach your heart which apps are the better apps to go on and I’ll teach you exactly what you need to put on your online profile because the whole point of working with me is to bring in quality men not just men.

Right. So. As I said earlier I have a method called the quality man method QMM and in that I really. What I do is I show women how to break the repeated patterns of attracting the same wrong guys. Because if you were in your late 30s and your 40s and your 50s or 60s and you are not getting results then we are going to break that pattern first you don’t go out there and do the same thing again.

Patty: Right because whether you’re swiping left or right and doing all that it’s still it’s just it’s almost like that’s such an external process as opposed to I’m sure the fact that you help them get internally aligned right through.

Raeeka: Oh my goodness. Here’s the thing. Don’t waste your time. My suggestion is if you haven’t done that work please don’t waste your time. Because here’s the thing. Let me just finish how I help them. And then this is really an important point that I want to bring home before we end. So what. Even after we break that pattern then we reprogram their dating operating system. What’s your dating operating system. Our brain.

You know it’s a very brain-based approach. To Dating. Brain and Heart. Because our heart is our second brain. Or. Whatever. You know it’s it’s a part of ours. Operation. Our feelings are very related to how we think and what we believe and what we perceive around us. Right. So. So I’m going to teach you. Techniques to reprogram it. And then. Find your life partner

. Now. Dating in today’s and this is the point that I wanted to talk about is dating in today’s world has come down to milliseconds of swiping left or right. So you got to know how to. It’s like knowing how to operate your computer. Knowing. We all took some sort of class to learn how to do this.

Patty: Right.

Raeeka: This is a different time than when our parents would say oh such and such as family has a son when they want to recommend to you and you might as well. Isn’t that a time is not there.

Patty: Right.

Raeeka: Most of us don’t get set up though it’s still a very valid way of finding a life partner. But because of the individualism of our lifestyles and all of us being on our phones all the time we swipe more than we meet somebody that our parents or families or cousins set us up with. It’s just the reality of what our life is and we text with our parents nowadays.

Patty: Yeah.

Raeeka: So let’s get real. So. You have a very short window of time to show the person that you are. On the inside and outside on these dating apps to attract the quality men because a man who has worked on himself has done the work. Is going to be smart and who has that a choose online. So. You want a quality man. You’ve got to be that quality woman.

Patty: I love that.

Raeeka: the Quality woman is a woman who has balance. In all areas of her life. And I don’t necessarily like the word balance because balance means equality so harmony. Because they’re going to be times where you’re going to be focusing more on your relationship.

And less on your job because you onboard it you know 60 clients and you’re good. And then there’s going to be a time where you are launching and your relationship is going to take less of your attention and during that time you want to have a guy who gets that.

Patty: Right

Raeeka: So the fear of guys are not into supporting women that all of that. Quick let’s work on that. That’s not true. What are you doing? Patty what am I doing. Well you know.

Patty: I love the idea of harmony. I really do. I kind of it’s come to this point where balance, in general, is so vague and it doesn’t really mean anything and I think it’s an all or nothing in this situation that I’d like.

I’m fundamentally opposed to this whole balance idea because I think it’s been so misconstrued versus I love when you said harmony. Because it’s not internal harmony that is yours that is in a real-time based on where you are.

Raeeka: Yeah.

Patty: Which I think is genius though.

Raeeka: So this is I am sorry I know we’re at the end of our call but I had so much to say with my audience I think we’re you at the end. OK. So look at it here. Here is the thing that I really want to leave your audience when I know you asked this for me earlier. But you know I’m strategizing.

Patty: Yeah.

Raeeka: If  I’m sure you all you know because you’re smart women or you’re like yes they’re like oh look here’s the thing you asked me earlier what is it that these women need to ask themselves. And I said I’m not in the business of common sense. This is the question I want to review with.

Patty: Okay

Raeeka: How long are you going to go before you realize that your job is not going to love you back.

Patty: I literally just got chills because that’s exactly right.

Raeeka: And might drop.

Patty: That as it might drop. That is laid literally hashtag because I know. I know women who are single that are sacrificing rebates like they sacrifice mentality that they’re building their business. In the name of being focused on success. They think that that milestone whatever it may be is going to give them everything that they’re looking for and they’ve and they’ve left everything else by the wayside. And the sad the sad thing is is that they’re going to get there and realize like oh.

This isn’t what it was. What I thought it was going to be this didn’t give me the internal peace of fulfillment and harmony like you talked about that I felt it was going to give me and end their show further along on the timeline. But then they’re like Oh so this means I have to start from zero. Yeah. So what you’re really saying is stop. And recognize.

That you can’t. I love this whole idea of Harmony. I really do. It’s very powerful concept is really recognizing hey that not dealing with it not facing it not realizing it’s like you’re you deserve to have it all. And guess what it is. But if you’re only focused here it’s just not going to happen.

Raeeka: If you don’t work towards having it all. So the whole point of entrepreneurship and leaving your legacy is to have. The life that you want to have. And this concept you’re very I mean I love what you’ve said Patty this mentality that women have that we have to sacrifice because time and again it has been. Pushed into our dear conscious consciousness is DNA right.

And we have passed that on generation after generation that in order to be equal with men. We have to do that. Ladies time. Times up. If worse than if we’re saying hashtag Time’s up. You know equality. This is what we need to stand up for. And I always say I I am all for the hashtag MeToo movement. I am a victim of the hashtag MeeToo because of being in the industry that I was. I wore a ring. All of my undergrads you know just so that I would repel men do not come close to me. So I get it. Well here’s the thing. We are. The changesrs of our society.

Women. We are the changers we are because we’re nurturers because we’re mothers. We change the society by the way we. Teach and nurture and bring up the next generation. If we want to be the equal to men at work space then we need to equally go to work with our boxing gloves wearing our skirts not our pants being in our feminine have our kids have love have that harmony feel fulfilled and have a hashtag boss lady position at work.

That’s when we’re equal. And if we continue wearing our pants suit trying to look like a guy. Act like a guy. Being our masculine energy bossy boss energy just so that we. like. Battle of powers.

Patty: Yeah.

Raeeka: That you’re just fighting. And finding energy is a catabolic energy whether you like it or not it’s a negative destructive energy. How much energy are you’re wasting per day trying to be like a man?

Patty: It’s exhausting.

Raeeka: It’s exhausting just like these. You’re turning yourself into a pretzel. Yeah be like a man and then you don’t want a man in your life. I mean see how that how crazy that is.

Patty: It is crazy. You’re so right. It is so true. It’s time I love it. You said that like. Time’s up.

Raeeka: Time’s up.

Patty: Time’s up playing this game that we all know it’s not real anyway and it’s like and we’re doing it at the sacrifice of so much of who we are what we want to do feel that we have to parlay or or put to the side or marginalize what we really want and it’s just ridiculous.

Raeeka: It’s ridiculous. And we call that equality there’s nothing equal there that it’s so against our nature. That’s not equality. That’s totally not being integrity

Patty: I love that. All Right. So one big question for you, after all, is said and done. What do you want your legacy to be?

Raeeka: My legacy. You know I used to say I want to be singing I’m the biggest opera houses in the world. And I have no interest in that anymore. If I go there that’s wonderful. But I am so not interested in that lifestyle. It’s still not fulfilling for me anymore.

So my legacy is that by the time I want. When there is when my memorial so service happens. I want. To have touched. 1 Million Women. And I have changed their lives to have this harmony. And love. Self-love loves all of them. PARTNER

There is nothing sweeter than that kiss that night. You know rubbing their feet and knowing that you have someone that has your back. I want to touch that I want to do that and you know really what I do at dating with confidence is empower women so if I can empower one million women to be better mothers to not just get out of this battle of sexes to not bash men to love to come to work to the world with loving energy and kick ass I’ve done my work.

I will. I am happy to leave life you know and that’s a dream that’s a go. And you know as we’re learning with our coach Jim if I were to leave today I’m still very happy because I’ve touched many lives. I know that. And I have been touched in many ways you know.

Patty: Well that is beautiful. Raeeka Yaghmai. Thank you so much for being on her legacy podcast. We want to know how did people get in touch with you and I understand that you have a little freebie of how the audience can engage with you. Tell us more about that.

Raeeka: Yes sure. So for those of you who are looking you know who listen to this and you’re like you what you are. I got to do something great. Let me do something I want to give you a really cool training that’s going to guide you find because in the arena

I’m dating. There are four types of men three of which. Four types of men that come across as relationship ready three of which are not.

Patty: Oh wow.

Raeeka: Right.

Patty: There is a 75 percent failure rate is what you’re saying. If you don’t know what you’re doing.

Raeeka: Yeah. Yeah. See. See that’s why you are the marketing lady with numbers and I’m the opera singer who likes my mind was just blown away. Now that I think about the numbers yes 75 percent. So here’s the thing.

The reason we don’t succeed in dating we’re dating becomes such a burning out process is because we haven’t educated our self. It’s like launching you know our you know the core is like wanting to launch our product without knowing how to do online marketing. It’s exactly what you educate yourself so you got to educate yourself about dating.

Patty: Right.

Raeeka: It’s like because nowhere in our education system we learn about this. So I have put. I am the Education right. So I’ve put a comprehensive handout which is called the broken picker solution. It’s a solution to a broken picker. You don’t pick the wrong guys right.

That’s how we’re going to change your dating operating system. It’s to understand men the characteristics. And it’s a really cool handout. You’re just going to download it for free and you read it on your iPhone. Right. It’s totally mobile friendly.

So you read it or you or if you’re busy and you don’t have time and you want to listen to when you’re driving then you listen to any downloading pizzeria and you listen to it.

Patty: Great.

Raeeka: Because if you go out there and you don’t know these characters. That’s why you get burnt out. You think that you’re not really listening to the guy and while he’s a player or a needy or a noncommittal or you know you know quality casual guy and that’s not some way that’s a waste of your time. So educate yourself so you don’t have to waste your time.

Patty: Perfect. So that link, as well as social media, handles website how to get in touch and connect with Raeeka Yahgmai or Raeeka She’s known all over the World.

Raeeka: R A E E K A that’s just fine.

Patty: That’s it. That’s all you need to know that all of that plus a little Opera clipper you may or may not be in the show. So Raeeka thank you so much for being here. On her legacy typecast. We appreciate you. I love the work you’re doing. It is clearly a passion project for you. So thank you again.

Raeeka: My pleasure.

Here’s a list of how you can get in touch with Raeeka Yaghmai

Email Address 🙁,


: Raeeka has created The “Broken Picker” Solution, a FREE guide that goes into detail about how to identify relationship-ready men and avoid unavailable guys starting NOW! She will you show exactly how to pick a relationship-ready man with actionable steps you can implement right away.

With this valuable FREE training you can crack the dating code with the information you can use right away – before you go on another date

FREE training link,

Social Media Handles: Facebook and IG: @DatingWithConfidence


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