Patty:  Hey, hey, Welcome to Her Legacy Podcast thank you so much for joining me today for this episode with Dr. Lavonne Pineda. She is a chiropractor by trade she has been in the health industry just closing in on 30 years and we’re talking about her latest project which is a passion project.

Her book her movement around pelvic pain and just how you take a very curious situation in her case she was suffering with pelvic pain and really took it upon herself to figure it out figure out what solutions were feasible not willing to just stand by and listen to other people say oh it’s just in your had or this is as much as you’re going to be able to do.

So she basically went on this mission synthesized all this information that she learned from various modalities and techniques and health practitioners and created her own way. And for that, I admire her so much. So is where you can find her latest book which is called Decoding Pelvic pain by Dr. Lavonne Pineda an incredible woman who is forging ahead. And she believes that healing is possible. So with that here we go.

Patty: Thanks Dr. Lavonne for being On Her Legacy Podcast as always I appreciate you and what you share and really what you’re doing to help spread the word.

You have a saying you say “healing is possible”. We’re going to talk more about that on the show today but I always like to start out my guests. With the. Let’s get braggy. So what is your superpower do you believe?

Dr. Lavonne:  Thank you. Thank you for having me. So my superpower with decoding pelvic pain certainly that I have gone through is everything that I write about has been my experience of one going through it with my own body and then finding the solutions then sharing it so I can really identify with what people have gone through or going through with chronic pelvic pain.

Patty: OK. So the question for you. So as we’re talking I know you have this incredible ability to grab a concept or get on a topic and then you deep dive and you completely immerse yourself so that you’re really learning and standing and integrity.

Do you think that that is one of the reasons that you’re successful and you really make it a mission to set yourself apart?

Dr. Lavonne: Absolutely. When I get excited about a topic certainly with my own body of having pain I don’t know how excited I was. That was a little rough but I like to dive deep deep deep in not only like all of the books that we can get with the research in what different practitioners have found a completely different light from OPG Y ends to MD C PT chiropractors like everybody and then dig into the research to really like that’s where the book was so awesome with decoding to really figure out a topic the how’s and the why’s in.

I enjoy it. I enjoy that kind of research. And certainly when it was my own body there was a different motivation because I was so desperate but absolutely I would say that one of them, I do that in practice you know with patients who come in with something that I haven’t seen before I really dive in deep to find the answers with CBD with everything that I do with new topics.

I dive in and find the answers because you know as you know Patty with you and me you don’t want to be referring something or giving advice if you don’t have that core knowledge of it. So it is very important to me to learn as much as I can about subjects.

Patty: Yeah make sense. And here’s where you’ve been in the health care industry collectively are the cumulative timeline is 30 years you said we’re one of the videos that I watch with you and one of the things that I find that you’re very open to because we work together was the concept of originally talking about well how do you set yourself apart.

So as someone who has a chiropractor who has been a chiropractor in your career, We did a pivot and so really this show is talking about how to own a specific niche and it can get kind of scary because you may think counter-intuitively like wow that’s really limiting let’s say for example.

But in your case how did you feel about this whole idea when we were talking about creating a niche for yourself in pelvic pain. So you’d been traditionally a chiropractor was there any fear with doing that or what were some apprehensions excuse me as you were thinking about where to take your career to the next level.

Dr. Lavonne:  So there was it really wasn’t a fear with that because in my situation I was in such a desperate place that I didn’t know if I would be able to continue with chiropractic as the way I adjust is a very physical adjustment and physically I couldn’t do it and I didn’t want to compromise with how I believe my chiropractic is into a different technique.

So I had to figure out I had to pivot right with what do I want to do with chiropractic but then as being a chiropractor or a practitioner. And so it was really easy for me to pivot into pelvic pain into like a pelvic pain program because it fit. It fit really well with where I was in my life. So the pivoting was actually it was quite easy once I got to the other end of that but to get to the herd to get to the end of the tunnel there was a lot of you know I was going to hopelessness like what am I going to do it because honestly as a chiropractor if I don’t do chiropractic what else can I do.

I mean that’s my passion that’s my love. So figuring out the answers with this and pivoting into pelvic pain was awesome. It was really a nice way to continue with what I’m doing and be able to help a whole different niche. It was exciting to me to get to that. The process was a little tough because I had pain during this but the more I researched the stuff it was quite easy to pivot.

Patty: And I think it was both and learning new skill sets certain learning new modalities are making the awareness really well rounded but then also getting into a completely different field which is in the marketing side of things. So we started working together.

One of the things that are very common in this is that like you’re alone in this one as well what kind of marketing you are doing in your label aside from maybe a print article or something opportunistically. We’re you doing a talk this whole world about my marketing is really daunting potentially right.

So one of the things that we thought of collectively was like well let’s take that superpower. You have invincibility to deep dive very very diligently completely immersing yourself in topics and writing a book how easy or how difficult. What was your comfort level in terms of this idea of writing a book?

Dr. Lavonne: So writing a book was very difficult because I loved to research I look to read. I love to write notes figure things out create programs for patients were sitting down and writing it down in a natural order is not my thing. It’s not something I really enjoy.

So to sit down and write a book it was tough to collaborate to get it to where the consumer could understand it and not you know talk in my language which you know Chiropractic we can get so deep deep that nobody knows what I’m talking about. So that part was difficult but as it started going and I had an artist who drew all these amazing pictures for it as I started seeing it, it got more exciting and a lot easier. So, in the beginning, it was difficult.

But you know halfway through it started to come alive in Wow to tell you the truth. I didn’t intend to write a book. It was supposed to be a six or seven-page e-book. Right.

And that was my beginning writing an e-book. But the more research in the more I wrote it just kept getting bigger and bigger and I got to put this in there I’ve got to put this in there I can’t just give them a piece of the pie. They need the whole plot. So the book became more of a mission.

Patty: Yeah.

Dr. Lavonne: The more people I can help the better. So in once I took my chiropractic philosophy and put it into the book it became easy.

Patty: Alright. Well, and I thought was really cause exactly that the transition between writing an e-book and I remember having that discussion around were like well if you thinking you want to include this this and that you should definitely think about writing a book you’ll like what you what are you talking about.

And sometimes it takes somebody else to just show you that there is possibility and something that you didn’t even perhaps consider what-what was really cool is that we went through this transition and even where you can get really nerdy and I can too, you you can get really nerdy in your space and then was pulling back a little bit and say okay make it conversational. How is it that you’re relating to your end patient or end customer?

So I go back on that one really really key tip is that we always want to position things as if we’re speaking to our best friend across the table from you. And I think that when you do it that way it’s a safe way to present new ideas in a way that’s really approachable and so I think decoding public pain is just that’s an approachable book I think it’s really interesting how people are someone told you that it’s like a coffee table book you read the way it’s laid out. Yeah.

Dr. Lavonne: That was fantastic because once I started going into it it has to be right. You know it has to be perfect for me. And so I had an artist who drew some amazing pictures and swords and coloring. I mean I put everything into it and it’s definitely that was a huge compliment with his patient who’s had his coffee table book.

Patty: Yeah yeah for sure.

Patty:  Let’s continue with the show and then how do you feel about the online marketing component of putting this all together and then just diving into doing videos and things that are out of your comfort zone.

So one of the discussions that we also had was the importance of really putting yourself out there and I know initially you were maybe really uncomfortable on video and now you look at it and say I could do this video back it out. Tell me about the beginning of that whole adventure. What was going out there?

Dr. Lavonne: Well I swore at you a lot.

Patty: You did. And that’s Ok, I can handle it.

Dr. Lavonne: To Your face. And it was even worse not to your face. So I’m a huge introvert. But you would never know if you came into my office I’m alive, I’m up online. You know it’s very easy for me. But outside I’m quiet and I like to be behind the scenes that’s really my comfort zone. So, in the beginning, getting in front of the camera.

You know I did it right out the gate. I was finishing the book and then we did five videos. And it was very difficult. I was very monotone. As soon as you turned that camera on my personality. I don’t know it’s like you know a pin in a balloon. There goes my personality.

So the beginning was very difficult. It was very kind of a comfort zone. I mean I was getting through it. I was pushing myself. But after a while. Yeah, it’s getting easier and easier. I can’t tell you how many videos I’ve done on my own which is one after another after another after another just to get better and get more comfortable. And now it’s more like I only have two minutes. Let me get this done.

Patty: Yeah it’s awesome.

Dr. Lavonne:  Oh it’s getting easier and I imagine in a year from now it’s going to be really easy. Right now it’s a lot easier. And I just don’t have time to be messing around with you know being perfect anymore.

Patty: I love that that is super important to hear.

Dr. Lavonne:  The key right as Ziggy is slipping up you know you fumble over a word or you just keep moving. And I swear these kids nowadays they are growing up doing selfies and it’s just so easy for them and so natural because they’re just themselves on the camera.

So it’s a new skill and it’s definitely getting easier from the beginning and I’ll just you know like if you told me to do a video right now. How many minutes do you want I’ll send it to you. That’s right to the last time I’ll send it to you in ten minutes I’ll get you the video.

Patty: Yeah which is really cool? And here’s the thing is that at the beginning some of the videos that you did you were it’s funny how we get in our heads and what’s really interesting is that the person on the receiving end could see that there’s only energetic about that versus now you’re like come on let’s take a tour of my office.

It only means you just do those types of videos when you crank them out. And I think the key lesson here is that know that at the beginning of when you’re doing anything you’re going to suck. You know that’s just the way it is and then you suck less and then less until eventually, you get better and then you get really good at it where it’s like conscious confidence you just like crank out like nobody’s business.

So I think that that was really key. And I just want to commend you because through it all even if you’re taking it you know like you’re like where you mess that But she did it but she did it and so that’s a really important lesson that if you really want to stand apart one of these things is that you absolutely have to get out of your comfort zone. So tell me about decoding pelvic pain if somebody was listening and is experiencing pelvic pain. What is the decoding pelvic pain and how is it different?

Dr. Lavonne:  So it’s very different. So the first thing I want is if there is somebody who’s listening to this know that you are not alone. Because what I found with my own experience with a lot of the ladies that I’ve helped with in some men also I’ve helped men is that when you’re going either you know the practitioners don’t understand it or you feel like you’re alone in so the first thing I want people to know is they are not alone.

This is very very common in the decoding pelvic pain. So the beginning of the book is more of my story because I really wanted people to be able to identify that I’m not just some doctor coming out with this. You know here’s this protocol. Try this try that. And I actually experienced it and it is excruciating it’s terrible. And I hope that people don’t have to experience it but if they do there’s a solution. So the beginning of the book really talks about my experience as well as the How’s and the why’s which I think is very very important for somebody to understand one why they have it or how did they get it.

Because it’s such a mystery mine just came up all of a sudden but it didn’t. It was insidious it was happening over time and then when I couldn’t get rid of the symptoms with the adjustments that’s when I started to really identify that there’s an issue here. So at the beginning of the book is set up that way. And then we get right into the solution because no one wants to be reading all kinds of physiology and anatomy and the neurology all of that when they’re in pain. I mean they’re just going to toss the book because I can tell you why because I have several books that I’ve tossed. I tried to read books to help myself.

I can’t tell you how many books I’ve ordered that I just couldn’t do it. You can sit and read this stuff so I get right into solution and what I’ve found is that with the physiology neurology of knowing that as a chiropractor there are common threads with how people heal. And so it doesn’t matter what it’s caused from because there can be a bladder issue or menopause or endometriosis you know some might have IBS. That’s all the core view of what the solutions are very very similar.

There are just some things like somebody who has IBS we want to identify their diet or somebody else. You know there are things that you can do specifically for these things but dealing with the core muscles in the pelvic floor itself getting that relaxed and then the stabilization straightening out areas so you can get better in your life and not have as many flare-ups.

That’s all very similar. So the book is laid out like that like we identify all of those different things that people will be experiencing and they might not identify with one part of it but they’ll definitely identify with like the flare up. So I put a list of all different things that can create flare-ups and they might identify with five of those but I’ll tell you those five are gold because the worst thing about having pelvic pain is getting a flare-up.

Yeah you might be on vacation you get a flare up and you’re out for the rest of the vacation in pain. So we want to avoid those. I mean it was just so exciting to do the book and to think of this area was going to help this person. This area is going to help this person.

Patty: You know it’s really cool is that after you were done with a book you even said I’m thinking of another book.

Dr. Lavonne:  I Do I have another one.

Patty:  Yeah. I mean the saying goes everyone’s got a book in them and then once you open that door you get inspired to write another book and talk about another topic within that realm or whatever which is really a lot of fun. So tell me where do you see your business going let’s say in the next three years.

Dr. Lavonne: I just it is so wide open now. That’s what’s exciting about this is one you know of course I want to help patients I get energized from getting my hands on people and helping them and getting that interpersonal that connection loves it with that. This has just expanded my view so much about this is now global.

This is something that I can help people on a global level online you know with walking them through. I just did a pilot program with a bunch of women which was fantastic. They were all around the country. And I walked them through the book.

They had some questions and they had some like I do this exercise and I heard and I was able to quickly identify why and then keep them moving through the progress. So that was fantastic. And then the other thing is is that I don’t have to be their chiropractor I have for these people to different practitioners in their area for dry needling I just get right on the Web during these calls and I find somebody in their area.

So I’ve been able to refer other docs to them and they can still be very successful in the program. So where do I see myself in three years? I see that my network is going to expand with different doctors PT’s DC’s you know people who can do dry needling OB’s and be able to refer to them as you can tell. I’m so excited because it is wide open in this program compliments all of those cares so I mean I can really get people to a solution or help them or help guide them.

Patty:  Absolutely.

Dr. Lavonne: Though No longer am I just stuck in my office in Willow Glen California San Jose suddenly it’s expanded to global not only the U.S. but what’s to stop us. Now we have Skype and we have so many different ways of going around the world. I see expansion into you know helping so many more people.

Patty: That’s fantastic and then you have the decoding pelvic book you have an online course now which is really great. And then you also are looking at launching your supplement line.

Dr. Lavonne:  Yeah.

Patty: Which is just coming out very shortly so there’s a lot of different multifaceted ways? And of course, you can do to your point the online consulting you can do it in an office with talk about retreats. So it really expands the ability for you to impact people whether locally or line whether in your neighborhood or across the globe which is really great.

Dr. Lavonne:  Yeah it’s fantastic. There’s just no limit.

Patty: Yeah it’s really cool, so tell me I’m going to completely pivot here I’m going to switch a role in you if your life where song what is the best songs that represent your life.

Dr. Lavonne:  Oh my god I can’t even. You know I’m analytical I’m going through the Ace point now and then I’m on the 90s.

Patty: She’s so in her left brain right now everybody.

Dr. Lavonne:  I’m so deep I’m going to I you I don’t know I’m like Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven. That’s right. That’s a good one.

Patty:  That’s the version when they came to mind. So that works. Your Way to Heaven. Always a good classic. OK. The other one was a personal development or growth habit that you have.

Dr. Lavonne:  Oh there’s so much. OK. You know what it is.

Patty: I think so. But I’ll let you answer yours and then I’ll give you mine.

Dr. Lavonne: OK. So a personal development and this is I learned this from Dr. Kamada way back when. Well before I mean 30 years ago he said something that really rang true was every year he wants to be better than last year in practice.

Patty:  That’s awesome.

Dr. Lavonne: And so I took that to heart. So every year I want to be better as a doctor or better at whatever I’m doing. So every year you know on the thirty first I’m not you know partying it up I’m taking a look and reflecting and it’s like OK how can I improve this year.

So that’s in all aspects of life that in practice my relationship in my in my home and my habits whatever I could do that goal. You know I’m going to do this because I just I fail at New Year’s Resolution too.

Patty: it’s flash in a pan I mean it does it’s not real. No, what I was going to say is that you’re absolutely stellar about being consistent whether it’s the mentoring that you do in the organizations you’re a part of or are for example from a health standpoint you’ve got me into swimming which is really cool,

I know and you’re just so good you’re so good to your body you’re so good to your spirit. Like I feel like you’re very aligned in that way. And of course it’s not like you’re 100 percent Zen but you work at it. I see it very clearly. You’re very consistent with it.

Dr. Lavonne: Thank you.

Patty:  Yeah you’re really awesome about it. What is your definition of success?

Dr. Lavonne:  My definition of success is that internal happiness and peace. So you know it’s all the things, of course, all the things are awesome don’t get me wrong I want all the things but it’s your insides you know so if you’re at peace if you’re good then you’re good. No matter what you’re doing.

Patty: You got to loves it.

Dr. Lavonne:  Yeah.

Patty: And one last question. After all, is said and done what do you want your legacy to be.

Dr. Lavonne:  Well now it certainly changed before my legacy was in my office. It was I want to help people get their lives back in my office. But now my legacy is so much more than that because if I’m not around.

I mean this could still keep going if people can still be doing the program from the book and getting to the other side and just solutions. My legacy is I just want to continue to help people get to that next level.

Patty: That’s awesome I love it. All right Dr. Lavonne Pineda thank you so much for being on her legacy podcast. If you’re interested and checking out Dr. Lavonne latest book Decoding Pelvic Pains an international bestselling book you can find her on social media channels. We are everywhere you too. She is on Instagram on Facebook.

Watch her supplement. And all of these wonderful things again is where that engagement starts so you can get her book. You just pay shipping and you also get one of her online courses which is her breathing exercises which has been tested.

So Dr. Lavonne Pineda thank you so much for being on her legacy podcast and I actually want to have you again to see what the developments have been and as we keep moving forward. We are really interesting to see and also see how much of a rock star you are with your videos.

Dr. Lavonne: Yes. That’s all I get it keeps getting better.

Patty: She’s been working those videos. Let’s do it. All right thank you so much.

Dr. Lavonne: All right thank you.

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