Patty: Hey my legacy leader, this is Patty Dominguez with Episode 27. I hope you are doing fantastic and this is finding your well and thriving in 2019 as we finished our first quarter of the year isn’t amazing like how fast it’s going by already.

So in this episode, just this hour show me having a conversation with you talking about a big question to ask yourself. Whenever you’re starting something new in your business and why bring this up is because I had a really lovely conversation with a prospective client and he’s in Australia. And his wife is Australia and they’re starting a new venture was just really interesting because no matter what industry I work in with or inside the corporate side or Solopreneurs small business this is the one thing that is the one question

I should say that’s really important and the reason I’m bringing his story up is because sometimes people will come into a perspective conversation to work with me and they’ll have in mind one thing that they want. I mean perhaps they’re looking at how to add a funnel why they need a funnel or what kind of new webinar they can do. And what’s the latest tactic you know to help them for league generation et cetera.

And so whenever I start a potential engagement I really want to get an understanding seeking to understand where that entrepreneur wants to go. Where is it that they want to go and so it’s almost starting and so it’s like have a visual of this being an upstream type of question? So they’re in their project they’re working on say the implementation of automation. Right.

And then I’ll say okay let’s pull back let’s go really macro high level upstream from inception and when the start and give me an understanding of where you want to go where do you want to go. So why are you doing this?

This the other question I ask and it’s always relatively surprising to people because most people rely on tactics and they’re focused only on the tactics in that point in time of what they want to do and so they need a funnel or maybe they to need that automation but what they really need before any of that is the fundamental question to answer in my opinion is the only one that matters right because your future depends on your ability to trust that one question. The question again is where you want to go.

Because without this it doesn’t matter what strategy you deploy you won’t achieve success. The fact of the matter is so as you think about deploying new strategies in your business or perhaps you have a strategy that is shifting and you’re looking at different tools different tactics as a result of that plan just do a poster for yourself and ask yourself that one question we have. Where do I want to go with this right? Where am I committed to going in my business?

Because I personally go through that myself and really be specific about how I want to grow my business the types of things I want to do. And for me, it’s about who I want to work with. What are the business owners doing that I’m working with? Is this work that matters? Is it fulfilling? Is it meaningful? Can I add value? Can I create positive change?

Does my contribution matter here. And those are just some of the questions because the vision that I’m built for the business that I’m building is very specific. However, we change change. I want to be a part of. They’re their vision in terms of helping to drive their vision forward and being a part of that and in a number of different ways. So my question back to you is where are you now where you want to go with your business what you’re doing and what you really want to do.

And so we define that scope. When you look at it this year in two years in three years with up vision you have that vision for where we want to grow this and because that will help define where you see yourself scaling or how you’re going to scale. And of course why does this matter. Because when you have a vision for where you want to go you can share it with others in your business and your team whether it’s your mentors or maybe people that you’re in group coaching with no masterminds with your team.

You know how to screen what you want to work on and just staying staying true to that for yourself. And that is supremely important to have that clarity. Because once you have that you can really start to back into making it happen. So again whatever you’re thinking of a new concept. Go macro level. I always use that terminology on my go macro with this.

Let’s start from the beginning. Where do you want to go and why do you want to do this. What is the reason and when you have clarity on that positive change can happen and you’re really giving yourself the permission to explore possibility and the cool thing about that is that what it’s really creating for yourself as a vision and that vision that you have is something that is so important for you to share with the people that work with.

I mean when I hire and I bring new people on my team I’m very patient about hiring the right type of team people with the people on my team because I want to make sure that the resonance is there and the clarity is there and what it is that they do.

And is this hitting a chord the type of people that I’m working with et cetera? I hope this is a guide for you. I just wanted to share that one insight because when I had that conversation with this prospective client he was like was really cool. This was a different conversation than I thought was going to be half and I get really excited about that because it isn’t about the tool.

It isn’t about the fancy funnel or the new tactic you can use for the webinar. It’s about pulling back going macro and really asking yourself what is it that we’re doing here right. Where do you want to go? And that it may even use this analogy that I use often when in Alice in Wonderland is walking down the path range it comes through a fork in the road and the Cheshire cat is there and the Cheshire cat says :

“Hey, Alice Where are you going? And she said well it was the Cheshire cat-like do you want to go left you didn’t want to go right.” And Alice says I’m not really sure the Cheshire cat says well then it doesn’t matter. You can go left or right it doesn’t matter. You don’t have a plan you don’t have a vision Alice so it’s the same question for you when you see yourself in the fork in the road and asking a new business idea or maybe it’s something entirely new. Just ask yourself to make sure to do that and have that conversation where do I want to go.

Why do I want to do this and create that vision for yourself and it just has a snowball effect on all the other things that come thereafter right when I have had the news or bad timing and the strategy and then ultimately the tactics behind that.

The execution of that vision and holding true at. All right so there you have it. That was my download for the week because I have different conversations with my clients or prospective clients and I always find something that gives me an aha moment when I see somebody else having an aha moment and then I feel compelled to share with you. So thank you so much for being here as you’re thinking through this real talk episode. Make sure to send me an email if you’d like.

You can catch my contact information. The show notes make sure to hit the subscribe button and of course, I love your feedback and things that you want to know to help you grow your business because of your legacy matters. So I’ll catch you next time next week with a new show and make it a great week. Thank you.


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