Patty: Hey there, my legacy leader Patty Dominguez here with another episode of Real Talk now. I have been traveling and it has been quite a whirlwind.


I am so very very thankful for the recent trip that I took. I am a member of a mastermind and I’m one of the coaches for my mentor Jim Forten.


And he had the most amazing mastermind events last weekend where we got to meet fellow members of the mastermind. We of course have met online via zoom calls and Facebook groups send that kind of thing but there is just absolutely nothing better than when we meet in person and he connected.


If you’re not a part of a mastermind or smaller group where it becomes a think tank if you well a really wonderful way to share your thoughts your insights the things that are going on in your business in a super safe space.


So if you are not a member of something like that I highly encourage you to do that because we in essence are a product of the people that we meet and the books that we read.


I think it was truly tremendous Jones who said that and thought it was so so stellar and I absolutely agree. Anyway I’m still flying high from that amazing mastermind. It was just so phenomenal and I’m catching up and had some some interviews but I didn’t want to not post something on Wednesday.


So here we go.


I wanted to talk to you about a really great conversation I had with a client of mine where we were talking about just how noisy things are online and social media and Gosh. Isn’t that the truth where it is so hard to stand out in a very bloody ocean in a very cluttered world in a very noisy world especially when it comes to social media? And so she is building her brand in the space of pelvic pain. So if you go to you can catch my client Dr. Lavonne Pineda in her book Decoding Public Pain. It’s absolutely stellar.


And just how different her positioning is in the way that she is not focusing on the technobabble or as others call it the curse of knowledge. Right. The curse of knowledge being the cognitive bias that we have in which. You are so in depth you are so in your knowledge and so of course we all have a zone of genius.


And so really the difference there is do you have the ability to take the content that you know to take the expertise that you know inside out upside down and share it in a way that is very simple and it is a fine line and so I was talking to her or I was talking with her today and we were talking about how her brand has stand out and the reason it’s standing out is because she’s connecting on a deeper level.


And so it’s not about the medical jargon that she uses and knows it’s not about the specific modalities and going really super nerdy into the content of what she knows so well. It is about connecting at a deeper level at an emotional level and really speaking to a different side of the brain.

It is speaking to the emotional brain it’s the limbic brain it’s the one that connects the dots on an emotional level so when you are speaking to your ideal customer Avatar you prep your ideal customer. In that way it is absolutely magical and so very important.


So she was talking about how she’s had people reach out to her and imagine that on Instagram where her simple posts and I don’t mean simple in an I’m not marginalizing what she’s doing. I mean simple post because that is very strategic play of how she’s putting herself out there and what’s happening is happening as she’s starting to engage the right kind of people. I mean I for one can tell you that when I have somebody tell me after I’ve done a presentation they come up to me and say oh my gosh it’s like girlfriends having a drink.


Right at the coffee table. I feel so like so eager to find out more about what you do and just doing it in an approachable way. And so she’s taken on this whole area of pelvic pain something she’s very passionate about pelvic pain and healing people and the messaging is so rich and so emotional. Not in a sappy way but in a way where she’s giving people hope.


So. If you are an expert what you do and take a look at the messaging that you have and we could talk about your message to market match and talk about all the jargon filled marketing speak. But what if I told you that you can take a look at your knowledge and that knowledge and essence can actually become a curse. It’s a barrier.


It’s like it creates a wall a wall between  you and your ideal customer and that’s not what you want we want to engage and connect and so level up when you’re speaking to that person’s identity and there’s more that I’ll be talking about in terms of that in terms of how to connect the dots in a really rich way. So let go of the curse of knowledge because it is going to give you struggle when you’re trying to explain something because people are not going to be able to relate to you.


And what happens is sometimes we use this extensive knowledge or the expertise that we have and we feel like we have to sound super smart. And what happens in that process is that you’re actually pushing people away. Sometimes the curse of knowledge means that you’re coming from ego you just want to be the smartest person in the room and you’re not really doing it to attract.


And what’s happening is is that ego positioning of oh I want to sound like the smartest is causing people to run away. They’re like oh god that was so complicated I don’t even wants to go there I didn’t want to find out more. Why. Because I can’t connect with someone like that.


I just imagine that as I always say if you can imagine you sitting across from your ideal customer put in real context to that and real rigor behind the way that you see this ideal customer are the ones that love you. That’s sing your praises that pay you one time and tell others it becomes something really really magical.


So my message is if you take a look at your messaging really take a look at what you’re saying in the way that you’re seeing it and make sure that you are not overcomplicating your message because you will push people away

So I know when I first started to put together courses and things like that I thought I had to through a throw everything out there. And like I got to give them more I have to do something like I have to make sure that they know everything. And it’s such a disservice to people on the receiving end because just remember they are not going to have that same level of expertise. Right.


And so that expertise that you’re bringing gives people bite size chunks and give them the wins. Because if you don’t you’re just making it harder for them to move forward. Right. And so we really want we really want to make sure that that there’s clarity we want to share that we know our stuff and relay that in the form of stories.


How did you impact someone else? What were your specific challenges? What did you have to overcome? And of course sprinkling in the vulnerability and the authenticity is absolute gold. So make sure that over time you are really checking in with yourself and making sure that you are sharing that knowledge that you have no real intuitive way not in an academic way in an intuitive way meaning what feels right.


Right. What is the way that you are going to engage and that is something substantial that people remember you for that because there’s so much noise out there as I talked about there’s so much out there that is not resonating with people? Why. Because people are talking about the bells and whistles and how it’s better and it just so boring already and it’s so crowded and noisy and it’s just not the way to go.


So don’t. So complex technical jargon because you actually make people feel stupid and that’s not what we want. They will turn away from you best believe instead. Share what you’re about who you serve how you serve them why you serve them and do it in a way that’s authentic like I can tell you.


I put my podcast out there and it’s not perfect sometimes the sound quality isn’t perfect. Sometimes I stutter throughout because guess what this shows me but I’m okay with it and I’m not going to apologize for that message that I want to share because what I believe at the very core of my being is that we all have legacy that we want to build and we do that by tapping into our personal power.


Now going to be talking more about that because that’s really where it’s at is really fine tuning and sharing your personal power from a place of serving and not of trying to do some smart trying to solve like the smart person in the room. So I hope this message resonates with you and wanted to share that little nugget because I thought it was really really timely as I start to see other things and I started to really celebrate when my kids aren’t getting wins and just checking in with yourself and making sure that you’re not giving in to that curse of knowledge feeling like you have to be the smartest person in the room instead stop ask yourself is your audience resonating with the message or are they really having a hard time figuring out what the heck it is you’re about.

Because guess what they’re not going to stop to try to figure out what the heck you’re about they’re just going to move on. And that’s what we don’t want. OK. So there you have it. Please let me know what you think about this. Catch me over on Instagram or Facebook or on LinkedIn. All of my links are going to be in the show notes. And as always please let me know how I can serve how I can support you in your business as you leave your legacy as well. I’ll catch you next time.

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