Patty: Hey there my legacy leader This is Patty Domínguez with Episode 29 of Her Legacy Podcast Reinventing yourself and your Business with the amazing Kelly Howard, Kelly has had an amazing run at entrepreneurship. Being a business boss she has started and built and sold business number four. So in this episode we’re talking about how to know when it’s time to sell how she knew literally what was holding her back from selling.

And then just the overall mindset of what it takes to get into this frame of mind and do it knowing setting the intention that on the other side of it you’re going to be fine. We know that being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart.

And so I deeply appreciate these kind of conversations with women who just have that fortitude and the knowingness and setting the intention and seeing it through. I particularly admire women like that so I’m super excited to share Kelly’s story with you here on Her Legacy Podcast. And please do hit the subscribe button if you haven’t done so. And of course let me know what you’re thinking about this episode. What other topics do you want to see? Because I’m always looking for new guests to bring to you my legacy leader. So this episode is a special one with Kelly Howard. Please do enjoy. And here we go.

Patty: All right Kelly Howard thank you so much for being on Her Legacy Podcast. It is such a pleasure. And it was actually commenting and how fresh-faced she is today. She’s putting me to shame you. And because this is not a video podcast Thank God then just wondering knowledge with you. OK. And welcome

Kelly: Thank you. I’m super excited to be here and I told Patty that the reason I was so fresh-faced was I actually showered this morning which of course when you’re online you have to do that right.

Patty: The secret of owning your own business you know getting to decide whether you want a shower or not. I wanted to just say we met in person at a mastermind a week ago and it’s such a joy to connect.

And I got to tell you I did a show talking about just how important connecting in person is. I mean you can have group code you have an online presence and doing that kind of thing but there’s nothing like being physically in front of a group of people and connecting at that level.

So I just want you know I’m so glad I got a chance because we were laughing so much and having so much fun and learning and immersing ourselves and just new depths of opportunity and it just been fantastic so far.

Kelly: Yeah it was very brilliant.

Patty: Yeah it was awesome. All right. So I’d like to get braggy with all my guests and I want to know what do you believe your superpower is.

Kelly: Oh my superpower. OK. My superpower is a weird one. I have the ability for good or for bad to not remember something that wasn’t good. So yeah. So this is the way that works. Like I’m just going to make something up. Let’s say that someone did a really bad review on me.

Patty: Yeah.

Kelly: Right. I like Oh Bad review. And then that would be it. I would never remember it again. And if I saw that person I wouldn’t remember that it didn’t happen like there were times when my partner would say you can’t do business with that company again. Don’t you remember what happened I’m like No.?

So my team part of their job is to keep track of things like this. I don’t know if it’s a superpower but it really makes my life easy

Patty: Oh my God. Well, we know that the cause of our suffering is an attachment. As the Buddha says and that your ability to be removed from the outcome is exceptional and that is literally what causes all suffering

Kelly: Yeah, I guess that’s a great way of looking at it. Thank you.

Patty: Yes. I mean I literally get chills because how many I remember in my first podcast that I had this was in 2015 I think we got one bad review and it was completely ridiculous it didn’t have anything to do with anything with the podcast. I was literally sick about it.

I was like how could somebody not appreciate it and we just take it so hard or if somebody comments on your work I mean how often has that happened. Or something as not well received. We look at the bad and bypassed the good and we just get mired in the bad.

Kelly: Yeah. It doesn’t help I know that like at one point I used to check and see why people unsubscribe. Like if they unsubscribe from email list. Well because Kelly Howard is a bitch cried a lot so hard And after that it’s surreal I don’t I would look at my own tabs anymore.

Patty: Oh my gosh.

Kelly: I remember it. But it struck me as a rather funny actually. So yeah yeah I guess it’s just holding on those things just doesn’t help much.

Patty: It doesn’t. It doesn’t. That is truly a superpower. The one thing that I say is just as a total aside I have been so amazing about, I want people to unsubscribe like don’t waste my e-mail service provider people’s space type of thing. If you’re not interested. Yeah. And I think it was Lisa Carpenter last year she talked about doing a massive cleanup just kind of a recon doing her e-mail list.

Kelly: Sure.

Patty: It just unapologetically. She’s like you know these people are never going to do business with me because I know we have such an attachment to our list size as supposed to the quality. So just as a little aside as it comes to my mind there’s nothing wrong with that.

And I know we just put so much weight on these dumb things that don’t matter at the end of the day and you just a perfect example of the way they explained it you were you just laughed it off you know.

Kelly: Yeah.

Patty: Yeah. It’s incredible. All right. So I thought it was so fascinating when I read when you first fill out a form or just about just what you’ve been doing in this incredible background that you have had you started growing building and selling for different businesses.

Kelly: So you’re truly truly an entrepreneur.

Patty: Yeah.

Kelly: I don’t. I mean I work well with others but I don’t work out what someone tells me what to do.

Patty: Amazing. So tell me about like is this something that you always knew that you would do or did just organically happened because you’re just wired that way for something new.

Kelly: Yeah I think I am just wired that way. I couple of very young stories like you know I learned very early on that if I wanted a horse I had to clean my horse stables. I did the horses Ta da da Right. So that’s how I figured out that I got what I wanted.

So a few years later I was able to drive. I was 16 at the time and I saw a fruit stand on the side of the road. I stopped and I’m you know watching these people and people just fine all this stuff and I thought why can’t I have a food stamp. So I served fruit stand and my mother said we look like the grapes of wrath.

My little brother and my friend from down the street to work we would drive to this fruit stand every day. But it was amazing like I had no knowledge that I couldn’t do this. So I just did it and we got shut down by the Health Department they extend something back up again. Well, All right. And it was stupid just like how much money we made. It was crazy.

Patty: Wow.

Kelly: And it just kind of stuck with me after that. And then you know I don’t do well with someone telling me what to do. You know I’m just not very good at that. So it just stuck with me and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.

Patty: And out of curiosity what are your core values.

Kelly: Oh freedom is clearly the number one driver.

Patty: Yeah. Yeah. And that is just we’re really addicting. And here’s the other thing is that the fact that you just did it and didn’t even think you have this ability to remove yourself from the outcome. Did you have any fear of failure or anything?


Kelly: Oh at that time no. I will say that as I’ve gotten older and businesses have become more successful then absolutely. Like right now and I’m sure we’ll talk about it later but right now I’m in transition so I’m starting something new. Like early it’s on my desk whatever new it is. And there’s absolutely some I don’t think fear is the right word but if I paid attention to it I would be afraid. So I have to just like or remove myself from the possibility that it could flop and I might not do it. And just like focus on that outcome.

Patty: And how do you do that? How do you say OK how do you catch yourself because I know we talked right before it hit the record button this last business as you were ready to sell it you’re kind of exploring whether to sell or not. And the question of one came up and you find yourself too much in the comfort zone. How did you set by to that?

Kelly: So yeah. So I was way in the comfort zone. And I had realized that this business went on for a long time I think I was in it for about 14 years. And it was the most successful business I’ve ever had. And I was really cool was everyday money would show up in my account.

Patty: Unbelievable.

Kelly: Magic right. It just it was a membership company. So there was just always money in my bank account. And when I decided that it just my heart wasn’t there anymore. You know like energy my heart like when I woke up in the morning it was like Yeah, let’s go do this thing. It wasn’t like yeah let’s go do this thing. So it was time to change. And I definitely I guess the right word to say is that as I was closing on this business there was a little bit of a head around my throat.

Oh, what are you doing? Like really. You’re doing this. And then the other side of me is just like just don’t even think about it, Kelly. You cannot think about a bad outcome if I think about a bad outcome. Then I’m stuck. Right. So whenever I go to bad outcome I just like I guess it comes back to at superpower really just turn my brain off it’s like whatever. Let’s not think about that. We’ll think about unicorns and rainbows and Right. It’s the only thing I know to do. Like literally right.

Right now the way I structured the cell of this business because I want to do it so quickly all of while not all of it but the majority of the revenue comes at the end. So it was a serious leap of faith on this one because I mean I have bills I have ongoing you know expenses and starting a new business but I still went OK well let’s just see what happens like worst thing that can happen is I go back and I started another fruit stand or start stacking groceries right. Like.

Patty: Gosh you’re truly an entrepreneur like you’re like yeah what the worst thing that can happen is and if we can wrap our heads around that and say you know what. You’re still going to be OK. You’re going to be OK.

You have the ability to create money. I mean it’s like when you really recognize and coming from a place of if this doesn’t happen then there’s always something else that mentality is was going to help you stay in the frame of mind that you’re going to be OK.

And I know that makes sense but I think it makes a lot of sense and I think that people hold on like because I’ve heard this before and I even had clients like this has to work otherwise blah blah blah my bringing in such a bad energy source. And like it’s like you’re forcing it to happen and I know I literally have been there too I am notorious. I remember having a coach saying to me you are literally one of the worst hardoholics I’ve ever seen. And that shows me just my wiring. Like I’m going to work myself to death because this has to have it. And it sounds like for you. You almost say OK I’m going to forge ahead on this but I know that if that doesn’t work there’s always going to be something else.

Kelly: There will be I mean if you think about it. We live really easy lives right. Like I mean really occasionally if you look around our lives we’re all crazy. So the worst thing that could happen for me isn’t that bad right.

Like I mean there was a time in my life when things weren’t great and I would realize that even in times that weren’t great I was still better off than I ever really probably expected myself to be as a child. Right.

So I don’t even know how to say it it’s just that something else will happen. Like you know something better will come along. Things just worked out. Oh, there’s light all we end on built a fear of life right.

Patty: Yeah but you know it really is true. It was just I’ve meant before we hit the record button I was talking about how I went to dinner with some friends and they are not entrepreneurs. They work for companies and my friend was saying  just how unhappy she is and I was talking about how it has literally been seven years since I’ve been in corporate and I just cannot wrap my head around ever going back and I always say it’s because I know too much.

Not that I’m so much smarter than I know too much of what it’s like to live on the other side. And for me that sound like for you because this is what sparked this comment is that my inner peace of not having to deal with other people’s bullshit in a work situation my inner peace is more important.

And if there’s ever a situation where I’m just not making as much it’s ok. I prefer to have my inner peace I don’t need the super designer bags, so I like them absolutely. But if that means I have to forego those types of things I know that I’m going to be OK because my inner peace is lost in court.

Kelly: Yeah it is true. I mean if you don’t feel good inside then it’s just not fun.

Patty: It’s not. And I wish more people understood that. And I mean I’ve come full circle and that realization is that I just love the perspective that you naturally have that I’ve had to find out on my own and I think in a very hard way. You know verses like you’re just wired that way which is so fantastic

Kelly: I mean our society doesn’t teach that.

Patty: No.

Kelly: You know I mean it is very much like you need a nose to the grindstone you need to do things right you know if you don’t be irresponsible like don’t get rid of a business that’s working.

Patty: Great.

Kelly: You doesn’t know what’s going to happen next.

Patty: Yeah.

Kelly: that’s just kind of social.

Patty: Yeah it is just the social pressures and when you finally like all the irrational rules. Right. The really weird unwritten irrational rules that you kind of people are probably thinking you’re crazy for doing that. So how did you get over your whole imposter syndrome is it because you didn’t want to sell because you didn’t know what was next or you didn’t want to go into the West next.

Kelly: So OK the imposter syndrome this is what happened it was back in August when I really decided OK you know quit partying around like I had a broker. But I really was like you know yeah yeah. Don’t like that offer or whatever. Not interested. And I realized that I was really kind of holding on. Right.

So I was like what am I doing. I mean why I am holding on. And it’s because I had become such a big dog in a small space that it was really easy for me. Right. Like you know I was known in my space. If I spoke people listened. You know it was kind of like ego right it was just like a total ego thing.

And I was thinking well now I’m just no one right. I’m just no one again in a no one space because I don’t even know what I want to do. And in that you know it took me it was probably four months of just kind of wallowing around in that thought process because I was just like well you know who am I going to be. So then I decided I was going to be is Kelly 4.0,

Patty: Oh I love that.

Kelly: That was it. You know reincarnation here and it’s just a joke. And then when I jump I start thinking about like I still if you were to say like you know going to my head. What are you going to do? I’d be like this. I have done it well. But the truth is is that you know I know what I’m good at and I know where I can help. So it comes together.

Patty: Let’s continues with the show. So this new brand that you’re working on and it very much is in the early stages is fit is freedom. Right.

Kelly: Correct.

Patty: Can you talk a little bit about your vision as it is right now because we know that you can fit it

Kelly: No absolutely. What I know. I guess I get so emotional around all of my friends who are whether they’re entrepreneurs or women who work for corporations. I hate the fact that something I hear all the time is Oh yeah yeah I know I need to take care of my health. I’ll do it tomorrow I’ll do it next week I’ll do it when this project’s done. I’ll do it after I launch you know whatever it is and it always is getting put off.


And what happens is that I see my friends like you know doing the things that they love to do they start gaining weight. You know become inflexible and they’re just not caring for themselves. And it’s what I. I got a couple of years ago I started realizing I was getting what I called Launch Hangover’s like I would do these big launches right. And then you’ve got runway up to the launch and you got to clean up after launch will this had three to four-month period. Right. And I was just like working my ass off.

Patty: Yeah.

Kelly: They were successful but I wasn’t because I wasn’t taking care of myself like you know my food. I’d start having food delivered that was just like the local Chinese food and whatever right. You know things I don’t normally do and not going to the gym.

So that’s where it all came from. I’m like OK I had to turn it around and once I turned it around I went you know this is something that’s important because how can you and everyone else and myself do the things that we need to do if we don’t sulk it.

Patty: Yeah you’re absolutely right. I know last year I was focused on work and I was sacrificing a lot of the health and that’s so easy to get into that rhythm where you say oh later I’ll do it later. And it’s just not enough. And I know like something happens after 40 where things are just not working the way that they used to.

Kelly: Well Yeah it actually starts out at about 30.

Patty: Seriously.

Kelly: Yes.

Patty: Oh my gosh.

Kelly: But it’s happening on a cellular level. And so then by 40 if you’ve been kind of you know doing the work wrapping during your 30s and by 40s it starts showing up and then if you keep doing it then in the 50s you’re like oh man can I get it back.

Patty: Everything’s hurting and it’s so much harder.

Kelly: Yeah.

Patty: Oh wow. So then what is the structure of your new business going to be doing you think is it going to be a membership as well or are you going to do more retreats.

Kelly: Well actually a great question. I will start with a simple online 10-week course with coaching a weekly coach course. People can either do it yourself or you know do the coaching monthly.

Patty: Yeah.

Kelly: That’s step one step two is a retreat because I events are in my blood like I just can’t help it. I just do events right. I’ve always done a bit. So a couple of retreats here. That’s it no more. And then the final step is a membership where people can be accountable with each other and stay there because there’s so much to be said for.

Well, it’s like you’re talking about community. Yeah. If you’re not connecting. Especially if you’re working by yourself right. Like if you’re not connecting and you’re not having fun and you’re not being accountable you’re not turn load then trimmed there when you’re all together then Life start shrinking and we don’t want life to shrink like I mean we do this for ourselves so life can expand and not so  it shrinks.

Patty: That’s so fantastic and it sounds like you have the structure in mind because you’ve done it before and it’s just going to be easy peasy once you hone in on exactly what the experience you want your people to have. And we’ve heard that before.

Kelly: Yeah yeah. I mean it’s kind of like Chibbies. Right.

Patty: You’re like piece of cake. I like this… All right. So then what’s your vision for this? It is freedom. Let’s say over the next two-three years.

Kelly: OH OK. Let me clarify that like what does the business end up looking like what is the business. Where is the business? Maybe a little.

Patty: Yeah. So for you. What do you want to look like? You personally because you’ve been in your last business you have for 14 years you anticipate holding on the same view. You want to get it to a certain level and suddenly it has that always in the back of your mind.

Kelly: Yeah that’s a great question. So I’ve never had a personal brand before. And the reason I haven’t is because the personal brand is harder to sell, right. I am kind of at the age now where I probably don’t have Kelly 5.0 in me like

You know I mean really the truth. So what I assume is that I wanted something that was very location independent everything I’ve had in the past has been tied to the city and the cities but also for me but it’s been tied very tightly that way.

So location independents small team. I’ve had big teams I’ve had little teams. I want a little team I want like you know at the most. There are five of us and we are just like kick ass and take names. In a very small group, less is more for me these days. My word for the year is ease. I want things to be easy.

Patty: Yeah.

Kelly: So easy to me is not a big team a simple structure. I don’t do one on one coaching because that’s not easy for me. It doesn’t light me up.

Patty: Right. Right.

Kelly: So I want things that just make me happy. And I also want a lot more playing in the next couple of years. I kind of dialed the back these last two years. And I mean I’d like to get out and backpack and kayak and things like that. So I’ve already put big chunks of time in my calendar where I’m just taking off you know.

Patty: Oh that’s so amazing. I remember hearing on somebody in the online space that is like an author speaker. He said that at the beginning of the year he and his partner they take 100 days on their calendar where they just take off.

Kelly: Wow. That’s awesome.

Patty: So yes that is number one on his calendar when he talks about goals and objectives and all this and then says one of the 100 days. And where are we going? And I thought that was so brilliant because it makes it a lot negotiable.

Kelly: Yeah.

Patty: And everything else works. Now isn’t it.

Kelly: Yeah. Now I got to go back and look at my calendar.

Patty: I know I thought that was so smart and it just reminded me and I heard him say this like literally four years ago. But it just popped into my head because of the way that you set age you’re like I want to do more of the fun and this and that and so what if you sat down on your calendar and just made it a non-negotiable. And I think that’s how it doesn’t get away from us because we have a tendency like the largest lets file that later.

Kelly: I mean I don’t you know I’ve done that and.

Patty: I just love that philosophy. And he’s all about my business works for me and my partner in the set up in the lifestyle that we want.

Kelly: Right. That is the lifestyle that we’re doing right

Patty: Oh Yummy. I was like oh my god that’s so smart. So I don’t know. I’m all for that and I think that’s something to really consider a dodge because I definitely see the value in that. I mean think about it like almost a third of your year is based on enjoyment and connection and the relationship holding for me. Tell me that you’re not going to have a richer life just by doing that.

Kelly: That’s right.

Patty: Fantastic. OK. So we’re going to turn the corner here. Think of a song that would represent your life. What song would it be?

Kelly: OK. Sure. Big fan of James Brown. I feel good.

Patty: I love it Kelly I feel good.

Kelly: I love it.

Patty: That is awesome. OK. And what is one personal development or growth habit that you have that’s worked for you?

Kelly: Woo maybe a bundle is at work. I have like a little bundle that I have every day. I can’t tell you that I knock it out of the park every day. It’s probably 70 percent that I hit it. But the bundle is I write a journal. I meditate or I do self-analysis.

I put my vitamins out like I am the worst vitamin I’m a perfect vitamin buyer. Terrible vitamin consumer right. So the vitamins go out and then the other thing is I write my goals too.

Patty: Oh wow.

Kelly: I kind of bundle that little thing into the morning.

Patty: Oh that’s brilliant. It’s a good morning bundle for sure. And then what is your definition of success.

Kelly: Wow. I think it has come back to freedom. You know I mean that really is our definition of success to me

Kelly: Yeah let’s say you have that inner peace All the inner peace boy that’s what I love it…

Patty: And then, after all, is said and done Kelly what do you want your legacy to be.

Kelly: I’m not a person who is generous with her time. Like I don’t I don’t volunteer. You won’t find me you know at the local shelter volunteering but I am generous with my money.

And I want to be able to have a legacy where I know that by what I have created I have been able to create. A better life for people who need water for animals who need homes for women who need shelter for children who need love.

Patty: I Love that is beautiful. Yeah because when we have money we have choices and more money more choices on how to create more impact.

Kelly: Yeah.

Patty: Which is really cool. And so how do people get in touch with you if they want to hear more about Fit is freedom what you’re doing which backup event this year.

Kelly: So you can find us that and that will lead you to the podcast it leads you to me at least your downloads. So once again it’s just

Patty: Brilliant so fit is freedom dot com it’ll be in the show notes and all the links will be there too. With Kelly’s social media handles and ways to connect with her. Kelly thank you so much for being on her legacy podcast.

Kelly: Oh thank you. I mean I’m so grateful. Thank you.

Patty: Likewise.


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