Patty Hey hey my legacy LEADER This is Episode 30 we are on Episode 30. Can you believe it of her legacy podcast? Today’s episode is Sandy Vo . She is one of the most grounded people I have ever met. I’ll give you the official she is a New York based meditation teacher self-care practitioner soul centered marketing whiz podcaster in a big believer in humans. And to say that she’s probably one of the most grounded people I’ve ever met is an understatement.

We connected through an introduction with Tara Romano. The rest is history. I absolutely adore her and why is because she’s so real so authentic you will see right from the start of this episode. You see she is all about being online and showing up in the way that she’s showing up. She’s also super excited to introduce her ladies aligned event. You can fly that. April 26-28 in Saratoga Springs New York.

If you’re in that area or interested in some deep connections with other women they’re going to be talking about how to take that aligned perspective on life and they’re covering the three pillars of living aligned with self-care money mindset and a roadmap to success. Again you could find that out but for this episode we’re talking about taking aligned action with Sandy Vo hope you enjoy the episode let me know what you think. I’m on social media Instagram Facebook even LinkedIn and of course at Here is the show.

Patty Sandy welcome to her legacy podcast. I’m so honored to have a fellow podcaster on so you know it’s going to be a good show. And before I hit the record but we started talking talking about everything you have I mean it’s an exciting year for you. So I want to hear more and Welcome to the show.

Sandy Thank you so much. I am so honored to be here. Patty we had such an amazing conversation prior to even recording on the podcast show and just the first time that we talked. We talked for a little over an hour within 30 minutes. We were like you’re my sister.

Patty So cool it was so close we are connected via the amazing Tara Romano from Tone and tease and she just thought, Hey you too should connect. I was like OK. I’m always willing and ready because there are no mistakes. Right. So everything is divinely set up and it was a phenomenal conversation and afterward I caught up with Tara Romano and I said Oh My Good she is amazing.

And she said actually Patty she’s like she’s in her 20s and I’m like oh my gosh she’s so grounded. Like I literally was, not a basket case but legitimately finding my way in the dark. Like how are you so grounded? Let’s start there.

Sandy Oh my gosh I feel like you come to the place that you’re up because of where you’ve been. And so I mean when I was 12 years old 13 years old in the seventh grade I was already doing ecstasy and smoking marijuana and drinking Heineken and literally skipping school still got great grades and everything but I just started so young. I mean even when I came to like my menstrual cycle I had it when I was 8 years old was when I first had my period.

So I don’t know. I often hear that I am an old soul and I don’t know if my life in this like physical reality is just like catching up really quickly but yeah definitely been through some really wild times in my life. And by the time that I was 21 years old I was ready to just discover my soul and know who it is that I am and ask myself those deep deep profound questions that sometimes it takes us until we’re in our seventies to ask ourselves like who the hell am I. Why am I here?

Nowhere did I come from. Where am I supposed to go? What am I to do? Those are the five essential questions of life and you know all of that led me to my meditation teacher and then developing a meditation practice and then now becoming a teacher. Being a teacher and being able to work with a lot of women entrepreneurs and helping them to tap into their unique gifts so that they can really live a life of purpose. So it’s definitely a journey.

Patty I say, so I guess going back to that point where you said at 21 you had that realization. What was the epiphany that brought you to that crossroads where you own need to do something different?

I was in a conversation you had something you witness. What was because it’s always some events a moment the catalyst for that call to adventure to a new adventure?

Sandy Well yeah I love that question and I think it’s always a series of things that actually lead up to that pivotal moment it’s never just like this moment comes up and you suddenly decided to change your life. It’s a series of all these events. And you know I had always thought that my story had stems from a period in my life where I had dealt with really deep depression.

So my dad had just left our families so I’m the oldest of two younger siblings and then my mom and my dad and they are both immigrants from Vietnam and we had this really like happy childhood like we had a really happy family and everything but you know my mom was again Bucolic. And I think that really drove a lot of arguments between my parents and then it got to a point where my dad just couldn’t handle it anymore and then he left like he just left. And that was so hard for me because I’m so close to my father. Definitely a daddy’s girl.

And we also share the same birthday. We’re both Scorpios. He is the person that I can really have this like soulful conversations with even when I was 12 years old you know just sitting in the car on the way to get groceries or something we would have these amazing talks so for him to just leave was so difficult. And then fast forward to when I became a freshman in college that was a really really one of the most challenging years and then years to come in my life because that was when the depression really hit me deep. I found out that my cousin who was really the only person that I could go to to share some of this things that I been experiencing in my life.

And you know how like we all have that one person like that one person that you can pick up the phone or you can call and you can just like share whatever it is on your heart and you know that they’re not going to judge you and they’re just going to love you. Like sometimes they give you tough love sometimes they make you cry. But anything that comes out their mouth is just like wisdom that need your soul and that’s who my cousin Lena was and he’s yours truly like my big sister.

I’ve never had. And so Lena I got diagnosed with leukemia back in 2008. And you know when my father had left it was her sickness and everything that was going on with her was a great distraction for me to not deal with that pain because I was so focused on you know I was living in New York driving down to Virginia at the time and being there by Lena’s side of the hospital and just like lifting up her vibes. So I find out when I’m about to head into my freshman year college that Lena passed away from leukemia at the age of 20 years old. And like I didn’t make it there in time and I was so hard on myself. I remember like her mom calling and saying Sandy like she doesn’t have much longer like get down here as fast as you can.

And I was literally about three hours away when I got the phone call that she that she’s gone. And so that was a very pivotal time in my life and it led me to this place of just like becoming someone that I don’t even realize who I was anymore. You know and then at the same time you know this is something that we’ve all dealt with in college. I was in a relationship for six years and my boyfriend at that time had left me as well. So I got to this place where like I’m made up these stories in my head that you know everyone that I will love in my life is just going to leave me. And I started developing this fear of abandonment and so what do we do.

What is our ego do to protect ourselves? Because it’s so smart. It starts to build up walls and then I started isolating myself. And while in front of you know if you accept everything at face value then I look like I’m a happy person you would have no idea that I was depressed. I had friends I went out to parties and all the things but when I went back home to my dorm room and I was there on my own and I just I just wanted to stay there and it got to a point where that’s exactly what happened. I remember I would walk out on Campus and people would see me and they would be like Oh my goodness I thought you transferred.

And that’s how like depressed and how isolating I became. And I had always thought that that’s where my story stems from. Eventually you know I reached this point where it was my sophomore year in college I had racked on about 50 pounds of my body. And you know how you don’t listen to pain when it’s just whispering to you. You listen to one it’s actually like viscerally something that you can feel in your body well. I felt it in my body I remember like literally like licking the crumbs off a plate in my dorm room like because this food brought me so much comfort but pain at the same time and I looked down at my body which was like you know at the time it was before I got to college I was like 115, 118 pounds and then I you know I became like 145 pounds.

And I just look down and this extra weight is really like this extra like weight of pain that I’m literally holding on in my body. And I was like this needs to change like I need help. So I didn’t talk to any friends about it I didn’t vocalize anything about it. I just brought myself to a psychologist at the school and I was like I need to get out of these. I don’t know what’s going on with me like I’m not the same like I’m usually vibrant passionate and happy and I don’t feel that way at all I just feel like I’m faking a smile on every day. And I like things feel gloomy and I don’t know how to describe it.

And I thought that I could really dive in deep with her because of her profession. But she literally had her legs crossed and then she had a clipboard on her lap and she without diving into my story or asking me any further questions she wrote me a prescription for antidepressants.

Patty OH my God.

Sandy And for so many people medication is a route that helps them to become stabilized and helps them to get to where they were. But in that moment something greater my soul was just telling me you do not need this. Like there is another way and it was a very subtle subtle whisper and I made a decision to listen to it. So I just left that prescription there and I was like No thank you. I walked away. I watched a documentary on Netflix about juicing this about intelligence.

Patty I’ll say the same I’ll probably say this one because it was really I went out and I bought a very expensive juicer

Sandy I did too. Oh yes. Yes. This was back in 2012 and then I decided I wasn’t going to stay and like the college world anymore because I had gotten sick of just drinking too much alcohol and doing too many drugs and just hanging out with you know the wrong people at that time for me.

So I went back home and bought myself the expensive juicer and I just started exploring right. I just gave myself permission to explore even if it’s not like the healthiest thing to do. But for one whole week I just juice. And it did its job for me because they cleanse my body of all these heavy toxins that were in it. For that I stopped it every single day and I started feeling really really good about myself. You know how when you like change how the habit and it feels good because it feels so good. Why would you not want to keep doing it right? Like if something is pleasant to you and it brings you pleasures then you’re going to want more of it. And that’s exactly what happened.

I suddenly stopped craving like this foods that were not good for my body. Then I started being able to really turn into my body and listen to like what it’s asking for and just doing tons of research and everything. And then I got to a place where I was like oh I love working out. It makes me feel good. It’s that really likes the feel for me to release all of this energy that’s inside of me and really at the time I had no idea.

But this anger and so I started doing bodybuilding and I did that for one year and I decided that I wanted to commit to getting on stage for an organization and this was not my idea. Someone had come up to me and saw that I was like you know really toned and like I had all but like the fit muscles and tone body and everything.

She was like Have you ever competed in a bodybuilding competition and I was like no that’s really not for me. Like what I wouldn’t do that long term or anything like that she was like oh you could just do it for a one time line just to prove something to yourself that you can make it on that stage. And that spoke to me because it’s so easy for you to give up when you’re doing something on your own.

And at that time like I had built a really large following because when I was going through this depressed period I was sharing anonymously on Instagram like this was back in 2012. And like where I still have my own personal account and then I had this like anonymous account and my anonymous account had everything to do with like that and it’s like diary and this is before fitness became really popular on Instagram and I started like having thousands of people from all around the world.

And that was crazy to me because I was just a girl in a dorm room you know following my journey. And then I was like OK well if I tell these people that I’m going to commit to being on this stage it’s called the WBFF organization in Boston on this date that it means that I have to do it. So I announced it. I was like on June 26 2013 I’m going to be like committing to making it to the stage. So I hired a coach to help me with my journey to the stage. And then. A few months later I made it there. And that day is also the same day that my cousin Lena had passed away three years ago. And it was the most beautiful day.

Patty Event. And so what happened at that event. You know did you remember her during that day. Did you feel like her presence at her guide? How did the competition though. Was it a pivotal moment for you?

Sandy Yes it was. Because you know I was telling you I had spent so long isolating myself and keeping everything inside. And I think it really helped about creating this anonymous Instagram account was that it really helped me to like verbalize how I was feeling because no one knew who I was. Eventually of course I showed my face. So what happened was by the time that I got to the stage that day you have a fitness aspect of it and then you have a fashion aspect of it.

So I bought this beautiful white gown that I don’t know how I got the money for like seven hundred dollars and I was just still in college at the time because I worked three jobs and then I wore on this white gown and I was like you know this is a commitment to me on this day to marry myself like I’m not going to get into other relationships. I’m really just going to focus on like what the heck is going on with me and really making me happy and making that commitment because I was really on the verge of just giving up. And so when I got there that day I felt her presence all around me.

It was so strong. I remember going outside in the back of the building and taking a break and I felt like the sun rays kissing my body and I’m just like breathing and this fresh air and feeling her energy all around me. And then I had this like intuitive hit of sting. So I go and I asked the host you know can I sing a song called.

There you’ll be by Faith Hill and dedicated to my cousin Lena and they were so moved by my story and they had also featured me on their website because of my story just through Instagram and everything that they said yes. So I went onstage and I sang there you’ll be. And I also shared my story and it was my first time being so so vulnerable about what I was going through. This like really deep and almost manic at the time depression and afterwards like I could just see tears like on all these people’s faces. They’re like over a hundred something people there and they were all strangers.

And after that I come out backstage and there’s a girl that comes up to me holds these gorgeous green eyes. Her name is Melissa Martin and she was like I just want to thank you so much for sharing your story. It touched me so deeply because I also lost my sister from looking at you

Patty Oh my gosh. Oh my God. I literally just got chills.

Sandy Me too, me too.

Patty That is so, no it’s not insane. It is so perfect. Wow. And if I could just because I litter I was like what. OK. First thing I have to tell you. Please write a book because I would buy your book literally immediately I’ll be the president of your fan club. I love your story. I love it.

For so many reasons is because through that depression that you went through you really found your personal power without probably even knowing that it was your personal power and then the vulnerability and the authenticity is what led to that perfect unfolding of you meeting the woman that became it is now your business partner. And to me, that am the perfect path of aligned that is so amazing.

So the fact that that happened and so now just kind of moving into your brand your brand is about alignment and you live it and you own it. And I just think that’s amazing. So now they you know or you speak or you help women with alignment. What is that alignment? That concept of alignment what does it mean to you.

Sandy Yeah. So just going back into what you were saying about my business partner when we met that day we just exchanged social media information and that was it. And then two years later remember this was in Boston. Two years later I check into a coffee shop in Hudson New York at the time and then she sends me a message was like oh you live in Hudson and I live in Hudson Falls at like an hour away from you. So I was like No way. It’s amazing and then she reaches out to me and we set a time to have a girl day to paint pottery.

And that’s when our like relationship develops in such deep ways because we realized that we were living parallel lives and we both had experienced such traumatic things in our lives and we’re both boss babes and we could connect and relate to each other so much and all of this happened through what you you’re saying Patty of living in alignment and living in alignment to me is really about uniting your outer world like what you see in front of you with your inner world. And a lot of times like we accept the reality of our outer world for what it is and we don’t question. We don’t ask the questions right it was really when I asked that question of who am I.

Did I start going on this journey to really discover like who I am? If the question came from you then can’t you also trust that the answer will also come from you? And so when we live in alignment it’s really learning to follow the intuition that will guide us to unite the things that are happening in our outer world. And when I say that I mean our actions our thoughts and then with the inner world of our wisdom which we all have. And that’s really what I call super consciousness like when you can reach that place of union or yoga right that’s what the word yoga means.

It means to yoke it means to yoke the outer worlds in the inner worlds then you are afraid this place of super consciousness and that’s where the vaults of creativity and everything amazing that you ever experienced in your life like this mac book computer that Steve Jobs came up with like that comes from the superconscious wisdom that we all have. So that’s what living in alignment means to me. And then the ways that we teach it through ladies align.

So as Patty mentioned Fast forward to seven years later Melissa and I became business partners and it’s through this path of living in alignment and we do that and we teach eliminators repeaters amount of self-care a wealth mindset and a roadmap to success. And those three pillars that really help women to recognize their own abundance and purpose and everything.

Patty Let’s continues with the show and I know we’re super excited because you have an event that’s right around the corner. Align & Rise. So are you going to be covering those three pillars or what is the intention that you’re setting for that event?

Sandy This event is so much something that originally is built through the relationship that both Melissa and I have. It’s a deep-rooted connection. So when we have our 150 women walk into this beautiful space that we’re facilitating. We want them to have a deep ribbed connection with themselves and then with the women that are in the room so that by the end of the event they walk away with their sister and the way that we facilitate this is like you said you know our Friday night is our VIP night.

And that’s really the alignment experience. We have a really special mentor of ours that’s flying all the way from the U.K. named Harriet Hill who is going to be helping us to facilitate that on Friday night it’s really about activating women into their power. We’re going to be doing a garden circle really holding hands and allowing that energy to just move through this beautiful feminine space. And then on Saturday, we’re going to have Tara you mentioned Tara Romano earlier. She is going to be opening up with her tone and tease experience a really helping women to move through those chakras and getting comfortable in their body.

And Saturday is really the self-care and the wolf mindset day. So I will start off with grounding women into that soft care talk and a little bit about my story and then it’s teachings of self-care. And then we’ll have another guest that will talk about frequency and vibration. Melissa will talk about money mindset and then money consciousness and really helping women to understand that self-care is not just about a manicure and a pedicure. It’s self-awareness. It’s something that you do. Moment to moment and a money mindset isn’t just about making a lot of money. It’s learning how to receive abundance receive abundance at a small level.

For instance, when you’re at the airport and a man is asking you would you like me to help you put that luggage you know on top of the compartment. Typically we say no you know and if we’re rejecting abundance add a really small level of someone asking us if they can help us. We reject that. Then we’re also rejecting abundance at a larger level and we wonder why we’re not able to hit you know that monetary income that we want to have and it’s so much due to what we’re able and willing to receive because it’s all energy right. So Melissa is going to talk about that and Harriet as well. And then Sunday is really the road map to success.

So a lot of times women will feel like oh I have all of these tools. Now I am so equipped myself care practice. I’m going to a place where my creativity is just going through the roof and I really understand what my gifts are. But now how do I market myself like how do I do it in a like way that is in alignment to who I am instead of getting caught up in like the paid followers and like those paid sponsors and all those things right.

So a lot of that is built on relationships that we have amazing women that will be coming through and they’ll be teaching business strategy and really helping these women to understand who their ideal target audience is and how they can speak to them and how they can build a loyal following that will sustain their businesses for years to come and not just get so caught up in the craze of having tons and tons of followers so that’s going to be our Sunday so it’s an implementation of this feminine and masculine energy and this energy of being and then this energy of doing and you get to have both like you get to implement both.

So there’s as harmonious action that happens and you walk away with not only the shifts in your own inner being but you also walk away with the tools and a game plan to get there.

Patty That is so comprehensive and amazing. And I want to go back to this one point that you made which I literally was like oh my god I get chills it so good is because for a long time I was guilty of this inside anybody that will just like you said they try to help you with your suitcase.

Right. Putting it in the overhead bin on the airplane. I really don’t know how I got that I got it. And it’s so true what you said is these little actions that is opening our channels of abundance that we’re cutting off or I can’t tell you how many times growing up I had this desert issue. Somebody wanted to pay for my water.

But that’s ok that’s ok. Say you’re cutting off so much of the natural flow of what is wanting to come to you. And they know that that manifests in bigger and bigger like the snowball effect of a business as deserving issues and that is why isn’t it made is this working. And why am I working so hard it is coming from such force as opposed to what you’re saying or the way that I am uprooting it is just play into the power of it.

Sandy Yes exactly. And that’s from much of what this whole alignment thing is. You almost don’t have to do anything like you just have to listen and then follow what’s coming out. Ladies aligned our company that Melissa and I forms was not our intention. It just happened and we were open to being the instruments in the vehicles to carry this action.

We literally just came up with a line and rise the idea that seven months ago in November and we were supposed to have our event in January and we had a huge snowstorm here in upstate New York.

So we got rescheduled and cold or postponed till April and now we’re able to have women from all over the world come speak at our event and then women’s flying from all over the nation to be there because we are able to move to the state. It all happens the way that it’s meant to you when you live in a climate and when you allow yourself to receive.

And I was sharing this on my my insta stories and if you guys are on Instagram please connect with me I Love like just voice memo and chatting. I am Sandy Vo on Instagram but I was just talking about how I had signed up for this new class. I was telling you about that earlier Patty Blake doing the combination of orange theory and then it’s like a length. And at the end like you do this press with these heavy sandbags. So I was doing a clean press and then I was doing shoulder presses.

And so by the end of all of that, I’m exhausted but I still have to take those heavy sandbags and I have to put it back where it was and yet the lips and I’m five two like I had to lift it up a little higher to reach that point. And meanwhile, there’s this gentleman next to me. And the old me that is fierce independent like I can do it on my own. I’m strong enough right. I would have just been like I’ll push through like I got this.

But the new me pays attention. The new me is aware of my body and also of my surroundings and I notice a guy that’s really tall has muscled is like standing there. And he had just put his sandbag up. He turns his body to me and he is ready to help me put mine out.

But then he doesn’t say anything because I’m thinking in my mind that this has probably happened to him so many times of a gym where he would offer to help a woman with putting her weights up or putting something back out for her and she’ll say no I got it like I’m good. And that has been me so many times.

So I notice this body language and I turned to him and I made eye contact with him and I was like oh this is really heavy. Do you mind helping me lift it up? And then he goes yeah like. And then he just grabs it and lifts it right up and like it was always like he like this with his hands that you can’t see me right now. But just like like wow I did that and I felt in that moment this equal energy exchange.

I feel so much like a woman like I feel like a queen for letting him do that for me. And it probably made him have this space that made him feel like such a man. And I walked away like oh like that feels good.

Patty That feels really good and I love that. It’s yeah you’re honoring that chivalrous offer. Yeah what happened to the stove through it and its like God is so good. That’s such a good lesson. Just allow it to naturally flow like whatever comes instinctively intuitively that’s the biggest thing. Intuitively just like ease into these types of things and any time that you go with intuition your gut your inner light just always doing in the right direction always.

Sandy Yes.

Patty When it starts with something as small as that and that was for me the big epiphany I and that’s why you said it’s the little things. And so we focus on intuitively big decisions is no. It’s this incremental sort of cyclical muscle that you build by the little things and the little ass and the little exchanges and be really present and grounded and trusting that that power within you is going to guide in the right direction.

Sandy Yes. Even at the little levels even when you’re at the gym even when you’re walking to the store and someone’s opening the door for you let them open the door for you. Right.

If someone wants to open your car door for you let them open your car door. If someone wants to pay for your lunch let them pay for your lunch. You’re going to give that energy back. You know somehow some way.

Patty Yeah I love it. I love it. It’s like you’re opening up the channels of abundance and you’re giving them a read that like Ok I’m open you know the vessel for the abundance and everything that’s coming to me like I’m a like I’m trusting. I’m you know seriously huge epiphany for me with what you just said literally. It was awesome. I love it. So tell me what you envisioning for your business in the last say over the next two-three years. You’re such a great trajectory.

Sandy Oh my goodness. I love this question that I’ve never been asked before. So I shared with you this in the previous conversation that we had but I really have this calling to shift to the brand that I have right now on. I have a podcast called Dear Self and Co. I’m going to make a pivot.

Call it superconscious soul so I feel so called to help a lot of these women entrepreneurs or influencers I have hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram that has a six-figure income and all those scenes you know.

But I’m seeing that there is behind the scenes of it all. There’s so much of this like emptiness and this void and this need of like wanting to achieve and achieve and do more and do more to prove their worthiness. And so superconscious soul is really going to be about helping women to tap into that superconscious wisdom that we all have in yoga. They say that all the body is in the mind but not all the mind is in the body. So there is a portion of your mind that is beyond the mind and when you can access that portion that’s when you’ll have that creative idea or downloads a call for you to really fulfill your purpose in life.

And I just also want to say that sometimes your purpose in life is not about writing a book or like doing all these big amazing things like your legacy can be and you like helping an old woman cross the street or taking her bags and keep bringing it to our car sitting down with a homeless person and just how looking him in the eye and having a conversation with him and asking him how his day was and getting him some food like.

Those are the little things that make up your legacy and it doesn’t have to be anything grand. So that’s what I want to shift my business into and definitely teach more of meditation I want to teach at least a million people meditation within the next two years and I will also be writing my book.

Patty Oh good. And feared out I will be part of YOUR LUNCH TEAM.

Sandy Yes I’ll definitely keep that in mind.

Patty Amazing. OK so a couple more questions what’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received.

Sandy I want to go to the very first one that came in my mind and it is a quote from the Upanishads and the stages say you are what your deepest driving desire is and as your deepest driving desire is so is your will and as your will is so is your deed. And as your deed is so is your intention and as your intention is so is your destiny.

Patty Oh my gosh you’re so profound. It’s amazing. It’s so beautiful. Who’s that? Who’s at by?

Sandy the Upanishads.

Patty Oh God the Upanishads I love that and dear Sandy. After all is said and done. What do you want your legacy to be?

Sandy Gosh it’s such a great question. I’m just picturing myself right now like I’m time traveling to the end of my life and I just want to be able to look back and say I was here like I came to do everything that I was called to do. I loved I lost. I had the full human experience. I honored the pain. I honor the happiness and I was able to give to people by just being present. And I was able to love and be loved. And that will be my life.

Patty So you’re totally aligned.

Sandy Yes totally aligned

Patty Sandy I find used to be just so remarkable. And I’m sending you so much love and I honor your personal power at the highest level. I know that your event is going to be a huge success. So how did people find out more about your event how to get a hold of you everything that you have going on.

Sandy Yes. So first of all as a thank you to you and the her legacy tribe. I just want to give the code aligned 10 for those of you that can still hear those podcasts in time and can make it to New York it’s in upstate New York Saratoga Springs. I  you can’t find the events and again use the code aligned 10 so that you can get 10 percent off your ticket.

Patty Brilliant and out all of the social media handles for Sandy will be in the show notes Make sure to catch that Sandy. Thank you again so much for being on the show. I absolutely invite you to come back on anytime you want. I love our conversations.

Sandy Oh we can go forever for sure

Patty Actually.

Sandy I love you and I really do appreciate you just holding the space for just to pull out the stories. It’s amazing and it’s truly a gift that you have Patty and I really appreciate you for that.

 Patty Thank you, Sandy. Alright till next time.


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