Patty: Hello there. Thank you so much for joining us on Her Legacy Podcast this is episode number three with Dr. Julie McLaughlin one of my favorite people in the entire planet. She has helped me so much personally with my health but more importantly the impact that she has had on so many people. It’s incredible. She came up with this process for functional medicine.

And it’s a it’s a membership that she has and she has been in practice for 30 years and developed this program called vital health protocol that where she helps other health care professionals fine tune their approach to help their patients. Now the level of help that she has the impact that she has is incredible.

I mean she’s meeting with different hospitals and different high level people in the medical field to get what she’s develop out into the world to so many other people so it is my great pleasure to have Dr. Julie MCLAUGHLIN On this episode is again. She is pretty amazing she truly is a luminary so welcome. And here we go.

Welcome to Her Legacy Podcast. Here we celebrate women in business doing more than just climbing the corporate ladder. This is about holding a space where we celebrate what it means to be a female entrepreneur. We share the good the bad the ugly of being in business for ourselves. Our vision is way bigger than just the fancy titles. It’s about amplifying the vision. Each one of us has to weave our own dent in the world. And in doing so we’re inspiring other women to do the same.

My name is Patty Domínguez and welcome to Her Legacy Podcast for legacy leaders like you .Welcome, Dr. Julie McLaughlin to Her Legacy Podcast is such an honor to have you on. You’re one of my favorite people because I believe you’re such a great servant leader for many many reasons so I’m so happy to have you on the show.

Dr. Julie: Thank you. You’re one of my favorite people too.

Patty: All right so not that I want to get braggy. Tell me what you believe your superpower is?

Dr. Julie: Oh my superpower is healing people. People who have pain people who have stuff people who have just crazy stuff going on. I have a really good superpower to figure out what’s wrong with them. Totally think outside the box and get them better.

Patty: I agree. So we’ll share a story about that in just a minute but I definitely agree. You do have that innate ability to connect at a great level. I mean you’ve had you’ve been in business for how long. For about 30 years.

Dr. Julie: 30 years. And I want to admit it. But 30 years.

Patty: And yet you look like you’re 32. I mean like we could talk about skin cremator. So what are you working on right now that you were really excited about in your business?

Dr. Julie: Oh my gosh. I’m working on so many things because you know who wants to work on one thing. Right. So I am growing my practice even those 30 years old my practice is growing. I do community events be in a band my community because I feel like educating people in health care is super super important because it empowers them.


I am working on an online platform to educate doctors. I’m working on an online platform for my patients. I’m working on Facebook lives for my patients. So we have in persons. We have an office staff a little bit of everything just because at the end of the day the more you empower people and teach them the better they can be able to take care of themselves.

Patty: Absolutely. So one of the things that you’re known for is your vital health protocols and it’s something that you came up with it’s really your I say it’s your life’s work and so I don’t know if I have that right. But it’s so special and I’ve seen both having spoken at one of your events and just seeing the impact that you had on fellow doctors nutritionists health coaches et cetera with your vital have protocols has been really significant and the the domino effect.

You know what I mean like when we talk about legacy we say OK what’s going to be here. Well beyond my time right is and I really think that a vital health protocol is a perfect example of that. So can you tell the listeners a little bit about it what makes it so unique and how did you come up with it.

Dr. Julie: Well it wasn’t on my bucket list. It wasn’t something that I decided like hey I’m going to go teach doctors functional medicine health coaches functional medicine. I’ve been in practicing function medicine for 30 years. And you know back when I started practice there wasn’t computers there wasn’t the Internet there wasn’t this connectivity.

So I just did what I knew to do whatever I learned in school I was an associate with a nurse practitioner who was also a chiropractor and she did Labs on everybody. So I did Labs and everybody no one ever told me any different any chiropractic. We have a little secret that’s called the chiropractic lifestyle that no one ever spoke about. That is correct. We would do it with our families. And it was nutrition and it was functional medicine but that word didn’t exist. And hey just always been happy treating my patients in my office.

And so I had a friend who got sick with cancer and I don’t treat cancer. I you know I don’t treat cancer I treat people. But you get sick with cancer. And he didn’t have a very good prognosis. He only had a couple of months. He’s 48 and he came and asked me to help him. And I told him I don’t treat cancer I treat people. And we went through a whole process. We you know it was a whole big long process. At the end of the day he chose to do some alternative care and he outlasted his prognosis years.

He led a big group in our profession and he helped so many other doctors in the profession with what he did. And because he couldn’t be just people anymore. Why me to teach him functional medicine. People were asking him about it and he made me promise before he died that I would teach other docs what I do and I agree because like who wouldn’t agree you know make a promise to somebody like that.

And so I thought oh my gosh this is so hard. So I wrote up all my protocols and at that time the teaching doctors I have to have documented tripe got all the studies I did the whole thing. And I taught the first class and I had 20 docs there and I said you know what. That’s it. One and done. I fulfill my promise. I have to do this anymore it’s not my bucket list is not my my thing. But their response blew me away. It wasn’t what I expected.

So those doctors results like mirrored mine they they were getting unbelievable things and they were from all over the country and they were touching way more people than I could personally touch. And the stories they were coming back with were were just I just couldn’t believe it. I just I was really like taken back to them and they were like when’s your next one and when’s your next one. And I was like well I thought it was one and done. But you know so I always say when I’m doing this is my last one there’s my last one.

I’ve been doing this for three years now and I’m not having the last one anymore. I’m putting it online and I’m going to make it more accessible to more people because at the end of the day it saves lives.

Patty: It doesn’t. And here’s what I thought was really amazing about it when I spoke at your event I mean I definitely understood the significance of the transformation that people going into. I mean these health professionals going in before a two and a half day event. How long is your event today? Two days.

Dr. Julie: Two days Yeah.

Patty: Yeah. Well for like two days they walk in not knowing how to read the labs or how to conduct the process and you have such a solid proven process that after two days they can confidently go to work back on Monday let’s say and start applying what they’re learning.

Dr. Julie: Right. That’s actually it was my goal. So when I started doing this there was this one Doc that came up to me when I started like right everything up and he said I’ve never ordered a lab in my life. I’m straight up chiropractic. Do you think you can teach me?

And I said you know what I’m going to keep you in my mind as I write this to make it super super simple. Yeah scripted turnkey. This is what it is. So when you leave on Monday morning you can do it on your first patient and you can get success and you can get the results. And you know I wasn’t quite sure about that in the beginning but about 100 percent of the time everybody’s doing it.

Patty: It’s so amazing. And so here’s where just for the listeners that are out there it’s like whatever it is that you know how to do whatever your superpower is and how do you translate into something that is it that could create an impact is easy to understand because you could easily I’m assuming over intellectualizes right. The labs in the speak and the but different nomenclature that is in your space you could have over intellectualized. And instead I know being on the patient side being a patient of yours I can sit across the table and you explain things in such a way that I’m like oh I get it.

You know it’s easy to remember it’s easy to apply. So I so want to acknowledge you for having that system because both on the patients side as well as the fellow doctors that you’re teaching they get it. Something happens that’s very transformative. And so that proof is after two days that you’re not going to see that. And it’s really it has substance. It’s real. It’s not an inch deep and a mile wide.

Maybe there’s something there that is transformative so that to me that’s how you know that you have a solid winner that has a longevity and the sustainability to impact many because you have that that foundation in place. So I just love that. So tell me what were there any hurdle hurdles that you had to overcome when you were implementing this or maybe was a mindset thing or are not enough people. What were some hurdles that you went through?

Dr. Julie: Like when I started I thought you know I literally thought I only did this purely out of respect and out of keeping my promise. I mean I did not I didn’t do for any other reason. I really I thought OK I made this commitment we’re gonna do this and I’m done. And so the hurdle was that that was like in my face after words of of the results of these doctors got that I couldn’t be one and done in the end that they had they kept asking me and asked me you got to help me to do this.

I was like oh my gosh now I gotta do this I really have to do this. And so that that was my own mind set that I had to say this wasn’t my bucket list. This wasn’t where I saw my my career path at 30 years and practice going. But I had to instead embrace it and it took me time like I literally would only set one seminar next. I wouldn’t say I’m going to have this one and that one and that one and that one I don’t. OK I’m only going to do one more. I’m only going to do one more and as I did it.

The power of the group and the changes that I saw from them. That’s what motivated me. So I started out my y when I started was my friend and my promise. Right. Why now are the results that I’m seeing in patients like across the country that I would never have had any impact on in my lifetime.

Patty: That’s so amazing. And so how did you overcome in you recognize that you were making it about yourself by saying one more one more. And now you’ve just it’s almost like you surrender to wow this is a gift that I have to share with many. So did you have a lot of struggle with that whole process?

Dr. Julie: I did because I know because it would be easy for me just to sit in my little office and see my patients call it a day and go home. Now you know I go home I’m doing this I’m recording I’m answering my lunchtime and answering questions and you know so it’s a lot more work. But the reward is someone’s life there is better. I mean there’s not much there’s not a job that you could do that you get at the end of the day you could say I’m making a difference in someone’s life. You know I’m making a difference in how they feel and in their outcome their longevity their health span.

So yeah. And then also I’ve been able to make these connections with these other doctors which is really awesome because now we have a group of doctors who are healers and we all kind of brain trust together. And I never did that either. No. In our profession I’m sure a lot of professions there’s always been infighting and clashes. And it’s not that way. Everybody’s so contributing and helpful and so you know it was only it was my own mindset that I had to go get over.

Patty: Thank you so much for checking out today’s show. We’re about halfway done but I wanted to give you the opportunity to engage further as this episode incites some creativity in you if you’re interested in leaving your own dent of the world leaving your legacy. I have a very special three part video series for you.

That’s what I call the Business Trinity an as entrepreneurs. We are looking to create a sustainable business. And what I have found is three distinct pillars to make it happen so I’m sharing that with you. Absolutely complimentary. Head on over to again Grab that three part video series for yourself. It includes some downloadable in there and will walk away with clarity on where the opportunities are so that you will meet your legacy. Let’s continue with the show.

Absolutely. And isn’t that always the case right. New level new devil said with a new level new devil what is your what are you recognizing is a next series of challenges that you’re having right. What were you with that whole process?

Dr. Julie: Oh my challenge is is that I need help in my office I need to get another docken to be able to service the people who I have in front of me. So that’s one of my challenges that I need 30 years. You know it’s a physical job. I need some help with that. So that’s definitely a challenge. And I’m kind of picky because there are going to be taking care of my patients. I have to be really good in an hour doing what to do and then just transferring everything online which you have been super super helpful for me. And we learned more too.

Patty: There’s definitely more to do. But when my team I’m like God help Dr. Julie like this is really important because it’s so much to it. And I just love at the beginning if I may interrupt you even saying like I’m putting all these things on mine that’s so huge because most people have such a block about that they get immediately intimidated. And I’ve told you this personally before you have this insane ability to dive in completely like you’re immersed like when you say you’re going to do something you’re all in and there’s no you know putting the toe in the water like you’re literally cannonball it.

Patty: It’s the most remarkable thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen anybody like this so I so I just want to acknowledge you because you’re so good at harnessing change and as much as you think there’s other elements of course where we struggle with change. But this one you’re so good at it. I just wanted to acknowledge you and that.

Dr. Julie: You well you have a lot of help. You know I you know I mean I think Patty what do you think what if we did this. And what would we do. Now think of all these things but I have no idea how we’re going to do all this but I’m like you. And then you’re like oh it’s great we can do this and this and that you have like his work flow for me and you have this little funnel set. like oh my god this is amazing because you come up with the idea and I work 100 percent on it. You put classes in.

Patty: Yeah. So here’s where it just too just to kind of cement the idea behind that is it’s not the content has to have proper context. And when you have content you can have the best content in the world but if you don’t have it positioned correctly that’s where people fall short. And so what we’ve been able to do is having those write type of strategies kind of that eagle eye perspective on how to submit like what it is that you’re going to do and how do you position. And so many things like people get caught up in the tools it’s not necessary the tools that’s going to get you ahead.

Patty: It’s the strategy behind it. So I’m like so big on that and I’m so happy that you’re so receptive. Yes workflow for those of you listening is probably my favorite tool ever. I actually put it in front of my kids and they’re like Ma enough with the workflow workflow. Anything is probably the best five dollars a month I spend every month.

Dr. Julie: So yeah I love workflow.

Patty: I got you addicted didn’t I?

Dr. Julie: You did I’m addicted. You organize your thoughts so good.

Patty: Totally. So. OK. Questions for you what are some of your favorite tools that you’re using right now in your business?

Dr. Julie: Workflow.

Patty: OK. Workflow we’re getting a shout out.

Dr. Julie: I like Camba. I am. Zoom where doing. Click Funnels I do. Wick’s Cad Abby.

Patty: So comfortable your name.

Dr. Julie: Adobe Yeah illustrator design. Oh my gosh. I use a lot of different yeah.

Patty: That’s not even an issue for you to just harness the power of what the tools can do so. I acknowledge you for that. OK so pivoting a little bit what is one personal development or growth habit that you have?

Dr. Julie: Every day I write down my gratitude every single day. And they have to be different every day. You can’t have the same one every day because they get stale. You have to have a different one every day. And then when you’re feeling like. You know stressed or something likes that in my mind I think like gratitude. What is a different gratitude?

And it could be anything. It could be big little whatever it is. But that always keeps me centered because if you have that gratitude you’re not going to be able to get off track. And then we start with like what are my goals for today. What do I want to get done?

Know I have a giant to do list but I try to keep my goals to like three to five and then I check them off I double checking them off in work. Well you can check it out at the end. So I do that every day. And then at the end of the day I look at it and I kind of do a recap of like what did I do that was good that I was happy about.

What could I change what could I have made better today. Do the goals that I wanted like I had that talk yesterday and I’m my one of my goals yesterday was I wanted five new people to come in the office asked for my talk. And I got nine.

Oh my God you’re so good, you’re such a closer. Can I just say this like I love the fact that you’re both offline and online. So you have your brick and mortar practice you connect with the community people know who you are so you’re geographically like you have that exposure but then you’re also know work on the online thing so if you have a brick and mortar this is it’s not letting go of those community connections to call in on line.

Patty: It’s literally in your case you’ve been able to leverage both and this is what you’re doing for both and I think that’s really smart because that online gives you greater scale. But then the the immediate community feels. I mean this is how you’re able to close the increase. The people they tell me tell me again what was the speech that you gave?

Dr. Julie: I don’t know. So it’s a 10 minute talk and we are had like a little wellness and my part was on the eat better and I spoke about food poisoning and speeding. So random.

Patty: But but let’s talk about the strategy there because if it was random. Yeah but you connected with people. You had a structure for how you can close them right. So how many people were in the room.

Dr. Julie: 31.

Patty: And you close nine.

Dr. Julie: I closed nine.

Patty: That is pretty damn good. That is really awesome. Right. With a 10 minute talk no less. That is absolutely exceptional. That’s amazing. OK so having a gown. What is your definition of success?

Dr. Julie: Never stop the journey it’s not a destination. Success is not a destination it’s a process. And every part of that process when you learn and you never stop learning. That’s that’s your success because when you at the end of the journey you’re dead you’re not here anymore right.

Dr. Julie: So success really is that journey that you’re on. So some people think that way when I do this I’ll be successful when I do that I’ll be successful. Your success is that ongoing commitment to the journey that you’re on to fulfill your purpose.

Patty: I love that. Oh my God. I totally agree. It is this journey the ups and downs. It drives you to learn a different lesson every time and as much as you think it sucks. I always go to the Bob Marley song every little thing is going to be alright like it always is you know as ugly as it is.

Patty: I mean that’s literally my mantra. I love it it’s like every little things gonna be alright. So question for you. Last question is, after all, is said and done because this is Her Legacy Podcast after all. What do you want your legacy to be?

Dr. Julie: That’s hard. I wanted to be that it helped people that I took really good care of them that I taught doctors how to take really good care people. They took really good care of my kids it’s gonna make me cry.

Patty: Big question.

Dr. Julie: As a big question. And at the end of the day that I left the world a better place.

Patty: I love you so much. I like to give you a hug right now. I’m just amazing I adore you. I. Ok so first before I go into my into my hole like I love fashion with Dr. Julie Special but to tell people how they can get a hold of you.

Dr. Julie: Oh you can check out my Web site. It’s And there’s no period after the has about my practice my Ph.D. it has about speaking it has about all of it.

Patty: You’re amazing. Okay, so guys if you are looking for help with functional medicine if there’s any doctor’s health care professionals I highly encourage you to check out vital health protocols. It is something that you could add to your practice. It really I love you. I mean you’ve been have a whole webinar talking about how you can absolutely supplement your income in your practice.

I mean there are so many brilliant things that you’ve done. And so this is where somebody like Dr. Julie McLaughlin 30 years in practice she is legit one of an expert in functional medicine. And she’s just a phenomenal person. I mean you just got. I always see you like your big heart and legs you’re all here. I did it. So Dr. Julie thank you so much for being on her legacy podcast. Appreciate you and again if you want more information on how to connect with Dr. Julie McLaughlin its You won’t be disappointed. She is the real deal. So thank you again for being on.

Dr. Julie: Thank you. I’ll talk to you soon.

Patty: Thank you so much for joining us on this episode of Her Legacy Podcast. Make sure to hit the snooze button if you haven’t already done so. That way you won’t miss any of the episodes. Also if you’re feeling very generous please head on over to iTunes. We have a reading and review. I love the five stars too. More importantly in her review section let me know where are you from. What are you doing? What’s your business? How are you leaving your legacy? I want to know bitter so that way I can give you a shout out on my show. So take advantage that would love to hear you say that we’re really creating momentum here with what we’re doing out here legacy podcast with see you next time. Thank you so much for being here.

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